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Torn (by Claire) - comments

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Yay, two chapters to read when I switched on my PC in work this morning! :D

Reading through some of this now (I wrote it a while back) I'm not altogether happy with bits and pieces... the writing and how I describe things more than the actual direction of the story...




Nooo, the action's great! Me, I spend far too long on describing stuff and far too little on actual direction so I just ramble a lot while you've got it right.

That was a great ending to the last chapter! :D

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Wow Claire love to attention to detail, love all there mixed up emotion’s Kirsty having as she is the one who has the most to loose.

I’m so happy that they still have the feelings they had when they first went out all those years ago. It shows how deep there love is for each other. Poor old Kirsty the guilt she must be feeling at not spending enough time with Kane :huh: Stuff Rhys :P can’t wait to see if she phones Kane! :D .

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:o I can not actually believe you left it there madam :P what an action packed chapter.Will she won’t she leave Sean. Then If it could not get any worse for her she crashes her car.Will she make out it alive...

Di is counting the Days, hour’s,minutes and seconds for Claire’s return.

Edited by Di
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The thing is I love description... it adds something to the story for me...

Although I do wonder if one of the reasons I'm so critical of work I've written a while ago is due to my English A-Level being ongoing through writing and my being more advanced in my writing (without wanting to sound too... big-headed... but I read things that I know I would no longer word as I did back then... if you get me?)

One of my fave fanfics of yours (in fact, one of my fave fanfics of all time) was When Love and Hate Collide and, if I remember rightly, that was the first fic you wrote for fanfic.net so I think your writing has always been good. :D (Have to say, I hated that title tho!!! :rolleyes: )

English A level teaches you to analyse too much, I should know, took it myself. Just write how you feel - and this fic is great, trust me!. :D ...except GEAT says it has a sad ending...you're not gonna do what Di did to me...are you? :unsure: *worries*

ps Looking forward to the next update when you're back from holiday anyway! :D

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