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Mon 13 Nov 06 - "Existing, Not Living"

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, "Existing, Not Living"

(Screened in Australia on Nov 13 Oct 06 - Episode # 4316)

Kimmy (bachelor pad) lays down the law to Rachel about the adoption – he insists that thy agreed NOT to have kids this early. Rachel is overwhelmed with sadness.

Morag (diner) approaches Ash. She insists that she WILL discover truth about him.

She then goes over and talks to Rachel (with baby Joe) and Leah. Rachel insists that she thinks that Kimmy is acting out of fear (because of Noah, and chalie) not because of her agreement.

Whilst Rachel continues to tell anyone who’ll listen her about the dilemma, Kimmy sounds steadfast with her about his decisions

However, you can see that Kimmy IS in an emotional turmoil about all of this.

Indeed, when he is near the surf club, Irene approaches, and she insists that she KNOWS Kimmy’s past. She also knows that je shouldn’t loose this opportunity (to adopt Joe) because of his history. Irene insists that if Kimmy gives in to his fear, then he’s not living, he’s merely existing.

When Kimmy returns to the bachelor pad, with (I get the feeling) a changed attitude, he finds Rachel in tears. Rachel tells him that baby Joe is GONE already – as after Kimmy made his feelings QUITE known to her this morning, she called up DOCS, and insists that the take the bub earlier than their initial plan of 5pm. To say that Rachel is a mess is an understatement.

Near the surf club, Johnny deliberately rubs Brad’s nose in it that he (Brad) is currently unemployed.

At the van park house, Morag, Sally & Alf all “suggests” that Brad shouldn’t take on Johnny. Brad then talks to Sally – he suggests that perhaps they can convince Rocco that gain info from his bro. although Rocco has headphones on, it looks as though the music isn’t playing yet, so he can haer every word that Brad & Sally are saying.

Ata farm house somewhere, Johnny (complete with plans of the credit union building they plan to rob) explain the robbery plan to the rest of the gang, incl. Rocco. When the planning discussion is over, Rocco tells his bro that he is worried that Brad is SOOO determined to nail the gang, but Johnny says that he is enjoy taunting Brad.

Soon after, Brad gets into his car outside surf club – as he does, he sees the big black 4WD Ute to barged him off the road recently.

Brad follows that big ute back to the farmhouse where he observes Rocbro talk to the gang member who just arrives in the 4WD.

Brad is then able to, soon after get underneath the 4WD, and he way hears Johnny talk to the driver of the getaways car about the plan. Brad hits his head on the undercarriage of vehicle., but although Johnny searches both un the back of the 4WD, and underneath, Brad eludes him – by crouching up against the front wheel & tyre of the side of the vehicle that Johnny isn’t on.

Naturally, Brad goes to pl9oice with this info, but when Ash & the cops arrive at farm house, Johnny’s Subaru Impeza is parked where the black 4WD was when Brad has at the e farm house.

Ash questions Johnny further (police station) about Brad’s accusations – and the police once more return to the farm house to look for those credit union building (at yabbie creek) plans.

Johnny is clearly a tad nervous as he unlocks door to farmhouse – but he looks relieved when the plans arewb’t where he left them. He is also pleased that the police sound noting to incriminate the gang.

The police, Sally, Morag, Alf (and well, every man & his dog really) “suggest” to Brad that he should let the police handle this … he says that he will let this go.

Meanwhile, when Johnny returns to the gang, he wonders how the plans weren’t there. Rocco tells him that he overheard Sally on phone to Brad and raced over to farmhouse, got the plans (which he now gives back to his bro). Rocco also says that he hid all the cash & valuables in the ceiling !!! which Johnny laughs about (*that the police not look there).

However, Brad isn’t finished with yet … despite his promise to Sally etc, he approaches the farm house. The door is locked, so, as the ep ends, Brad is climbing through a window (Note - between the last scene and the preview, there was a black screen with words akin to “In Loving Memory, Belinda Emmett, 1974 – 2006 … with a further message, also against a black screen about breast cancer awareness)


Rachel ISN”T letting this adopting baby Joe ting go, whilst Morag insists that she WILL expose Ash

It's A Designer Label

GOLD – Rachel's black satin night shirt/royal blue satin night gown combo

SILVER – Rachel's bright orange blouse

BRONZE – Johnny's black (with red circle like logo) sleeveless shirt/white & grey boardshorts


Brad's light green t shirt/white boardshorts combo

Sally's brown V autumny blouse

Morag's gold & silver intricate scarf

Rocco's faded red t shirt

Sally's rich red blouse

Irene's red blouse

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