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Wow Em I'm impressed. Your imagination and intelligence to connect all those storylines is incredible...have you thought about writing mystery stories? :P

Loved it, thrilling stuff and a superb ending. Just about makes it forgivable that you got Jack and Martha back together! :P

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Lol, well you can't please everybody :P. Considering I killed Jack in one of my other fics and completely paralysed Martha in another (but I really was just following the plan of other writers there - not my fault!!!) I figured it was about time I did something nice :P.

I was trying to make this one a bit more like the show, and on the show there's no way that they would die and Corey would get away with it scottfree... But seriously, is no one concerned that Corey was injured!? I was very distressed about that :(. I actually had Ash KILL him in the first draft, but I couldn't bring myself to do it. Not with my dear boy looking down at me from my av... .... *cries hysterically* I'm sorry Corey!!! I still love you!!! :(

And no, I haven't thought about writing mystery stories. Maybe I'll write some more mystery fics though :D

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Wow!! That was AMAZING. I can't believe how well you tied it all together, everything! The background for Corey, Sam and Ash was just amazingly well thought out. Well done! I guess you can't please everyone but I didn't like the Martha/Jack reunion but I can understand why you did it. The J/M fans did put up with a lot in this fic :P

Wow. It was just great. And very very clever. Well done!!

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