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Ash (by emmasi) - comments


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Wow! I'm hooked already Emmasi. I am so intrigued by where you are going with this story and I love how you've connected Jack and Ash's past with Emily Chambers, and also to Sam and Ash now. Can't wait to see where this is going! :)

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Someone told me to read this fic, and I'm so glad they did. Ash got shot!!

Ha ha! Die freaky-ass-boy!

I've read at least one fic by you before emmasi and I knew you were good, but you're great! Your writing is fabulous! I think one of the best I've seen on the board so far. :D

Please update soon!

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freaky-ass-boy? LMFAO!

Well I finally read your fic, Jem. Brilliant read, honestly. I like your style. I also like Sam/Jack *is scared...what are you doing to me?!*

Seriously, though. You have to write more. The connections between Emily/Jack/Ash/Sam are interesting and I could see this occuring on the actual show. Great backstory you have going on here.

:) Goes without saying - update. Pretty please?

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:o WOW!

That was seriously Amazing!

That is one seriously mixed up family :P lol

Corey is one die-hard nutter....but I still love him :wub:

A happy-ish ending. Jack and Martha re reunited. The family are back together :)

Your writing has kept me hooked from the very first word to the last. Well done for writing a brilliant fic.

You were really good at describing the scenes and how each person was feeling and you kept there characters real and fresh.

Sad that its ending.

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Aw thanks. I still love Corey too. I didn't like that ending for him, but I wanted to keep the J&M fans happy. I figured they deserved it after all I put them through :P

Yeah, I kind of feel like it had more in it, but I really couldn't think of anything else to write, lol, and I wanted to finish it so I could get back to my other fic.

I haven't edited that part yet cause it's so long and I only just finished it at 4.30am :o. But I was so excited for finihishing it that I just HAD to post it, lol. I'll clean it up and move it into the library tomorrow.

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God you're so clever! Lol.

Wow! That's great! And I love the fact that Jack and Martha are back together! I didn't see that coming to be truly honest! Lol. I seriously thought you were going to kill them!

Wow! God that was amazing. My tummy's gone a bit weird... the thought of the rock killing Jack though. Err

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