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In Another Life

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Ok, So this story was written by me and Emma (JackandMartha4eva) It’s not about the characters of home and away but the actors. Of course, we are in it :P And so we may add other people, who are nice to us :P Lol Joke! But others may come into it later on.

The main characters are Laura(Me), Emma(JackandMartha4eva), Becky(beckyboo), Jodi(Gordon), Sharni(Vinson), Indiana(Evans), Rhys(Wakefield), Paul(O’Brien), Mark(Furze), Chris (B-something, Jodi’s Bf) and Chris(Hemsworth).

So to set the scene, We all work on Home and Away so we are all actors. I(Laura) play Martha’s long lost sister, Ellie, Emma plays Rik’s sister that he discovered a year ago Amber and Becky plays Morag’s daughter Cornelia.

It starts with Laura moving in with all the other girls, to a hip new flat. :P

AN: Laura and Rhys are together although Indiana is not happy and keeps trying to split them up.

Emma and Mark are together.

Becky and Paul are together.

Jodi and Chris B-Something are together and are expecting twins(in 3 months).

Sharni and Chris H are single, but for how long?

So on with the story………

In Another Life Chapter one.

“Laura!” shouted Rhys, “I’ve missed you so much!”

“I know, I’ve missed you too, but things should be better now that I’m moving in with the girls, and of course we’ll see each other at work” Laura replied

“Yes, when are you moving in?” Rhys asked.

“This weekend actually, so you can all come over and help me move my stuff in” Laura smirked

“I think I might be ill that day” Rhys replied laughing

“Sure, only because you don’t want to sit and listen to all of us girls talking” Laura laughed

“Oh look, there’s Emma” Rhys pointed out

“Emma over here” Laura yelled as Emma stepped out of her convertible.

“Laura” Emma said as she went over and hugged her. “Are you ready for the big move?” She asked

“Well it’s not really big” Laura joked

“True, unfortunately now I’m going to have to put up with you all day and all night” Emma said

“Very funny, you know you love me really” Laura replied

“Yer, course” Emma added sarcastically

“So what are you doing around here anyway?” Rhys finally spoke again

“Well, I came to see Laura really and see if she wanted me to take some stuff over in my car” Emma answered

“Sure that would be great, come inside and I’ll give you some stuff” Laura said before walking inside her apartment.


“Right, that’s the last box, can we sit down now?” Mark pleaded

“Aww, is Mark a little weakling?” Jodi cooed at him

“No” Mark replied quickly sitting up straight implying that he wasn’t tired at all.

“You’re such a bad liar” Sharni said

“I am not” Mark said in his defence.

“Look I can tell you’re lying because you’re fiddling with your fingers, no use trying to hide it” Sharni replied. Sure enough Mark was fiddling with his fingers.

“They are not” Mark said putting his fingers behind his back

“Can you two just stop arguing for one second” Becky raised her voice a little.

“No, they can’t” Emma and Laura said together before bursting out laughing.

“Haha, very funny you two, but we can be mature, and not argue, when we want to be” Mark replied

“Prove it” Laura said

“Make me” Mark spat out

“You see, there you go again” Emma added

“Look I can prove that I’m mature, just watch” Mark replied

“Don’t worry we’ll be proving that we’re right and you’re wrong.” Laura smirked

“Oh yer because you two are never wrong” Mark said sarcastically

“Well done, you’re learning fast Marky, have a gold star” Emma laughed

“You just wait” Mark added


Everyone was on set that day, and Mark was yet again fooling around. He was poking people on one shoulder and then walking off in the opposite direction, getting people confussed and annoyed. Mark snuck up to Laura and tapped her on the shoulder.

"Mark don't even think about doing that again, all of this is just proving that you're immature" Laura told him. Mark didn't know what to say.

"Fine" he said before walking off in a huff.

"What is his problem?" Indi said to Laura once Mark had disappeared

"He just can't take it that me and Em are right and that he is wrong" Laura joked

"Some people just don't know how to accept things do they" Indi laughed

"You got it in one" Laura laughed along.

Please R&R :D

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