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Wishes On Stars Just Don't Come True

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Story Title: Wishes On Stars Just Don't Come True

Type of Story: Short/Medium Fic - 3 Chapters


Main Characters: Kit, Rachel, kim

Rating: G



Summary: A story based around the wedding, with everyones POV.

Rachel’s POV.

Wishes on a star....just don’t come true

Thought you felt it too....

When there was me....and you....

Well, obviously, you didn’t. I feel like saying that sometimes. I mean, you propose to me, sleep with another girl, our wedding day BAM, she turns up pregnant, and BAM, you’re gone. The story to my life.

So much for a wedding day. You knew it was my dream, you knew it..., and yet you still packed your bags and left me, to break my heart. You two losers can have each other; I don’t want you Kimberley Hyde.

Yet you just had to walk into my life, sweep me off my feet...and drop me. So much for my happy ending. It started with a crush, which you just HAD to pester me about, making me give in. We were happy for awhile, then Charlie came in. We both ignored the signs, and I ended up getting kidnapped, which wasn’t your fault, I guess...

Then, the explosion. Yes, my mother did die, yes, you did show sympathy. I can’t complain much. Then the plane crash. I thought you were dead. I honestly thought you were dead. But no, instead you had just gone and slept with another woman, but at least you were alive, correct? No.

I hated lies, you knew that. Yet, you both agreed NOT to tell me, and kept it from me, while I was too busy being happy you were home, until I found out eavesdropping on a conversation! You weren’t even going to tell me....you have NO idea how much that hurt!

Then Tara. Oh God, must I begin? I don’t know what was happening there, no communication or SOMETHING. Who cares, right? Our relationships over anyway, you can start new memories with Kit. Sigh.

What next? We found out we, sorry, you, couldn’t have children. And then, you go and hold me back from any chance we might have. Adopting baby Joe, remember? You held me back from that, which was all I wanted.

Our wedding day. We pulled through ALL of that to reach the big day. I was so excited, after all our problems, we had managed to pull through it all. This was THE day. OUR day. The day I’d been waiting for all my life. I’d made sure it was perfect, I’d been planning this my whole life. A perfect wedding was what I had dreamed of, it wasn’t what I got.

Halfway through the ceremony Kit burst in, with her baby bump, announcing in front of everyone we couldn’t get married. She embarrassed herself, Kim and me. Not many people knew what had happened in the bush, I wished it could stay like that...but no. Everyone that attended our wedding knew that Kit was pregnant, and Kim was the father. Great. Unfortunately, Kim said we couldn’t go through with the wedding. I was horrified. He said we needed to talk, he wasn’t sure if he could marry me...how could he?

Apologies, apologies, apologies. To me, to the congregation, to everyone. Kim was worried his old feelings were coming back, and they had. He and Kit were having a baby together. I was fuming. They decided to stay in the bay, and the baby was born. Their happy ending....what about mine?

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Supposed to be a oneshot, meh, oh well. Here's the next part! LOL, can't help myself!

Kits POV.

I couldn’t help loving Kim...I couldn’t help him loving me.

But when we’re around eachother, it’s just...I don’t know.

I wish it didn’t have to be like this, I wish me and Rach could be friends. I’m sorry that this all happened, it was a stupid mistake. I didn’t come here to break them up, but they need to think about the fact that someone else is having Kim’s child before they rush into it....boy, I didn’t expect this.

Kim just all of a sudden left Rachel; it was really hard to watch. And now I think Rachel may be blaming me. Oh, why is it so confusing?

And now I’m here. Lying in bed, as Kim thinks I’m asleep, making breakfast in the kitchen. I feel like he’s pushing me, he should be with Rachel. I love Kim, but I can’t figure out if it’s in that way. He seems to think that it is, but he just goes around changing girls all the time...what would he know?

He didn’t really let me have a say in it either. Just said he loved me and that he was with me now. I wish Rach and I could be friends...I wish she weren’t so angry.

Mum has told me to see it from Rachel’s point of view. I guess I’d be fuming, too. Knowing me, I’d be worse. So here I am. Sitting in bed, this huge pregnant tummy where my stomach used to be, Kim making my breakfast outside. Surely this won’t be it for the rest of my life.

At first, yes, there was chemistry. We both knew it. But that was in 2004. We were both quite young, and there was no Rachel or Hayley. It was a fun kind of relationship, teasing each other and stuff. I haven’t been in many relationships in my life, so that was probably the best one, but no one said I wanted to continue it.

I have always loved Kim, but it’s more in a best friend kind of way. But then when we were lost in the bush...we only had each other. Us against everyone else. We got our feelings confused, and gave in under the circumstances, which was near death. And that’s how we got where we are today.

I hid it from them because I knew they were getting married, they had a strong relationship, and I envied them for that. Though, as much as I envied them, I didn’t plan on breaking them up, no matter what anyone wants to say about me behind my back.

But I did. I went up and stuffed everything up, as I always do. And Rachel’s left broken-hearted, when it should be me that is left alone, not her. She belongs with Kim; it’s obvious in my eyes. They just need to see it. We can work something out. I hope.

PLease review!

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I walked into the diner this morning, hoping for a normal breakfast, so I could sit by myself and be away from everyone. Not all went to plan. I walked through the doors, and all the conversations stopped, it was dead quiet as all eyes turned to me. They stared the whole time, my voice was the only one anyone could hear as I ordered. Even worse than that, when I had finished, Leah told me I was no longer welcome there after what I did to Rachel.

See, not only did I leave her for another woman, but half the bay didn’t actually know about what happened in the bush between Kit and I, and are still getting over that, Kit being pregnant, and myself leaving Rachel at the altar. I know that I love both girls, but one thing that backs me up is children. Kit and I are having one together, very soon. Rachel and I can’t have kids, and it’s her dream, more than being a doctor. So it works for everyone this way.

Kit and I both have someone, and a child together, Which is good for us. It’s good for the child, as it doesn’t have two sets of parents, it has one set whole love and live together. And, Rachel may not know it, but it’s good for her as well. She can have someone who she can have the perfect family with, someone that’s perfect for HER. I am not that guy. I don’t think so, anyway. I pray I’m making the right decision, but by now, Rachel would never take me back.

I know she thinks I’m being a bastard, like the rest of the world does. But I have plans to leave the bay with Kit and our child, and live near Dad. When I hinted this to Kit, she didn’t like the idea. She’s been weird lately as well. Avoiding me and stuff. Then, just last night, she blew up at me. She apologized later, but I don’t think she meant it. She said all this stuff about I can’t have every girl, and I’m forcing her to do everything, and things like that. I had no idea what she was on about.

She told me she was sleeping, but I can hear her computer typing away as I write this. Distracting. It’s her online journal. She types personal things sometimes, isn’t she worried I’m going to read it? I’d kill to read it, I really need to know what’s in her head right now. I think Rachel has a journal as well. We all have been writing or typing heaps lately, getting our feelings out, There’s so much going on. I sigh. This is hard.

I recall when Rachel and I first met, and smile to myself. I even laugh as I recall all the memories, then I gasp. Yes, I am involved in another love triangle, and yes. I have made the wrong decision....yet again.


Please review :D


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