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I've noticed that there seems to be a few fans coming out of the woodwork and I figured now was the perfect time to make a thread. Discuss, diss, appreciate and hell, even post pictures, all things WWE.

Things to discuss:

1. K-Fed vs. Cena?! WHY?!

2. What were they thinking when they hired The Miz?! :blink:

3. If the announcement for Survivor Series is true, then I think I have died and gone to heaven. Apparently there is an elimination tag match. Team DX (consisting of Michaels, HHH, Matt Hardy, Jeff Hardy & CM Punk vs. Team Rated RKO(Edge, Orton, Nitro, Knox & ???).

Jeff, Matt & Punk fighting in the same team?!!? :wub:

In the words of Farooq... Damn


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It's great to see a WWE fan here! Alright! :)

1. Vince has now completely lost it and should be insitutionzed (sp) and let people who actually know what's is the 'cool' thing around book the matches and storylines.

2. The Miz - he's the worst around, when I watch SmackDown! I'm actually in agreement with JBL with his damning comments on the Miz - go and give him the clothesline in hell!

3. Whoever came up with the match, I will drop to my knees and worship the person - CM Punk hanging out with the Hardys and DX?! That can only help Punk's career, I'm very impressed with him.

I'd love to smack whoever thought Big Dick Johnson was a good idea - the sight of a overweight man in a tight throng will forever tarnish my mind - I thought the sight of Ric's behind was until now. Man.

Farooq is a legend, if it means him appearing for a few seconds and saying damn and leaves - I'm up for it. Watch out for him on this week Raw - classic! :)

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I stopped watching WWE (not by choice) about 6 years ago and it was only two months ago that I tuned back in. I had to see Jeff Hardy make a comeback and now I am completely hooked again. I haven't seen this weeks RAW yet but I know what happens.

I really hate The Miz. There are heels that you love to hate (Orton, Edge etc...) and then there are the heels you just want to kill. JBL is so right about him and they need to get rid of him and replace him with CM Punk.

CM Punk is a fantastic wrestler. He has a kickass gimmick, the wrestling skills and is also a tattoo/piercing junkie. He shouldn't be on ECW. They should really start changing rosters.

Move The Miz to ECW, split up the Spirit Squad and let Kenny into the singles matches, bring London & Kendrick (my new favs at the moment :blush: ) to RAW and put CM on Smackdown!

People say that the whole Farooq 'damn' segment is getting old but, damn, it just gets funnier and funnier. Obviously those people do not remember his days in NOD. I screamed when he did it the first time and cried with laughter at Cena's reaction.

Oh and special mention has to go to JBL and his commentary when Little Bastard is around. Gawd, I love that midget!

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It's funny with Little Bastard, sometimes he's more popular than Finlay! He's a good one I remember a few weeks ago on SmackDown! when the Little Bastard came out and chased Sharmell around with a mouse - that was brilliant!

I agree, move The Miz to ECW so Hardcore Holly can brutually smack him around and teach him not to be so annoying. I like London & Kendrick, they're a good team. It's a shame WWE treats the tag team division as a joke.

I think it's high time to have another WWE Draft - shake up the rosters and give CM Punk a chance to further his career. Also give Kenny his chance on the big stage I've heard he's only 19 or 20 years old!

Farooq - Legend! :)

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That was hilarious! She was screaming and Little Bastard just kept on chasing her. He is definitely more popular with the fans than Finlay is. I await the moment where Batista blocks Little Bastard from escaping and takes him under his wing. Finlay doesn't like him so he should be Batista's helper or something.

It's obvious Batista likes the little guy. He smiles every time the little dude appears.

As for London & Kendrick. I'll admit that I skipped their matches right up until a few weeks ago :blush:. They caught my eye when they teamed up with Jimmy Yang Wang and London danced with him in victory. I was curious to see if they were just mocking him and was surprised to find it was genuine.

Kendrick used to be called Spanky, right? I read that he streaked before he became a more famous wrestler.

Farooq = old school. All they need to do now is bring back some of the old NOD.

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Kendrick was used to called Spanky and he 'streaked' across the arena as a dare and ended up in then-SmackDown! GM Stephanie McMahon's office and was given a job then hauled out by security officers, it was a bit crazy.

Having the Little Bastard in Batista's corner could be very useful, he could keep his eyes open for anyone who dares to run-in on Batista's matches and help dish out some punishment ;)

Tess, I'm really looking forward to seeing the Hardys re-united they was at their best back in the good old days, when I think back to the Attitude days, I'm amazed at how things change, like the old WWF name, Stone Cold and The Rock was at their best.

And back then, the orginial ECW was still around (but dying a painful death with the debts) and even amazingly WCW was still around, fast forward to 2006, ECW died and was brought back as a third brand and WCW is now just forgotten, it's just some video library that WWE now owns and is stored in a dusty warehouse down in Atlanta.

Geez, I'm going on about the old days, I was told just a few days ago that I sound like a old veteran who goes on and on about the old days - thats can't be good? lol

Bring on Survivor Series!

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I so need to get a clip of Spanky streaking :lol: !

And I am not looking forward to the Hardy Boyz reunion. I was waiting for it to happen but seeing how much Matt Hardy has lost it and Jeff has become the better of the two, I want Jeff to stay on RAW and be on his own.

Or, and I actually pray for this, HHH & HBK decide to make Jeff a new member of DX. I would scream with joy if they made CM Punk part of DX as well :blush:

As for last weeks Smackdown. I seriously enjoyed it and laughed quite a lot. The Kane/Taker team up was fantastic and instead of finding Kane's grin sinister, I found it to be quite goofy. From what some of the fans have said about Glen Jacobs (Kane), it sounds like he is like that in real life anyway. Is it true that pre-wrestling, he was going to teach lil kids? :blink:

Oh and Batista being the bodyguard for Bookah made me squee for some strange reason.

Yes, bring on Survivor Series & the ECW PPV. I'm waiting for a match with London & Kendrick to be announced for SS :ph34r:

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I believe Glen Jacobs is a qualified teacher in Literature or English, and he had plans to teach before being introduced to the wrestling business and snowrolled from there.

In real life, Kane's a well-liked guy and he's a goofy guy. He has spoken about retiring once his contract ends as he feels he's achieved everything there is to do with a world championship to his name and being in a Hollywood film.

Now there'll be a 'Legends' match at Survivor Series! Sgt. Slaughter and Dusty Rhodes will join Ric Flair and Roddy Piper to fight the Spirit Squad! It's getting crazy!

The ECW PPV should be good with the Elimination Chamber, it's quite a sight and makes the Hell in a Cell match look lame in comparsion!

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I've never seen an Elimination Chamber match so seeing the extreme one will be a riot.

Hmm... I'm guessing that Kenny may turn on the Spirit Squad at SS and maybe end up being managed by one of the oldies. It would explain why they are pitching Kenny against them. My guess is that Flair or Piper will retire from wrestling and become managers.

As for Jacobs, I did read about him retiring soon. I also read that he turned down the chance to end the Undertakers wrestlemania winning streak because he didn't want to taint his reputation.

Out of all the WWE stars, I would kill to meet Glen Jacobs. Or Jeff Hardy, since he does a lot for his fans.

You reminded me that I need to buy See No Evil when it comes out.

Oh and the more I think about it, the more I am convinced that the three on DX's team will become members of DX. Think about it for a second. HBK is leaving for an operation soon and there is no way DX will die because they make money. It seems that the Edge/Lita split is on the cards and who better to stir it than Matt Hardy. And well Jeff... would make one hell of a tag partner with HHH. Both love a little hardcore actions and can both carry bad wrestlers through matches. CM Punk moving to RAW would be awesome!

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