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Retraced Steps

Guest Jackieleanne

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Story Title: Retraced Steps

Type of story: long fic

Main Characters: Hayley/Noah, Will/Gypsy, Lily, Irene/Barry

BTTB rating: T

Genre: Romance/Drama

Does story include spoilers: No

Any warnings: SC

Summary: Gypsy and Will return to the bay with Lily from Queensland while Hayley and Noah return from Paris

The story is going to be set in 2007 Gypsy and Will have been in Queensland and have a daughter Lily, Hayley and Noah have been in Paris after moving there when Hayley got the art offer, as you may have guessed Noah was never shot by Sarah. Both couples are returning to the Bay. First chapter will be up at somepoint in the next few hours.

Main Characters:

Gypsy: Feisty, strong willed and determined to get what she wants with Dani out of the bay who will become her new arch enermy.

Will:: Just as strong willed and determined as his wife how has their relationship stood the test of time and how will he react to Irene having a new fiance.

Lily: Now five years old she will be starting school with the other Summer Bay children. Having inherited her mothers and fathers personality how will she get on with the other children.

Hayley:Bubbly personality and full of life, her art career has taken off and she is returning to the bay to continue her work back in the town that she loved and grew up in and provides her with the inspiration she desires and also to raise hers and Noah's child in when he/she is born as she is five months pregnant with their first child.

Noah:Returning to the bay in his new position as councillor at the hospital. His and Hayley's marriage is stronger than ever and they are awaiting the birth of their first child.

Will also include a lot of Irene and Barry as well as other characters such as Sally and Leah.

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Chapter 1

Queensland – Gypsy’s P.O.V

“Lily have you got everything ready” I say walking into her room,

“Yes mummy, why do we have to leave?” she asks me as she walks over to me holding onto her favourite doll tears in her eyes,

“Oh Lily we’ve talked about this, I know you don’t want to leave right now but I promise you that you will like it down in Summer Bay you’ll make lots of new friends and get to spend more time with your Grandma Irene and Auntie Hayley and Uncle Noah remember I told you that they are moving back from Paris so you won’t be lonely and mummy and daddy will look after you” I say lifting her into my arms,

“Gypsy, Lily come on we need to leave now” I hear the voice of my husband Will shout upstairs to me,

“Coming Will just let me check that everything we need is out” I shout down to him as I check inside each room making sure that we had got everything,

“all sorted?” he asks me as he joins me at the top of the stairs I nod my head moving towards him, “come here princess” he says taking Lily from my arms,

“thanks” I say to him, she was starting to become to heavy for me to carry her around all the time now that she was five, its really weird how they grow up so quickly before I know it she will be in high school and getting married.

“Ready?” Will says to me as he sits down in the driving seat of the car as we watch the removal vans head off in front of us,

“I’m ready, are you ready Lily?” I ask her turning around to face her where she is sat in the backseat playing with her doll,

“Yeah” she says softly looking up at me before getting back to playing with her doll,

“Summer Bay here we come” Will says as he starts the engine,

“let’s hope that they are ready for the return of the Smith family” I say smiling at him.

Paris, France - Hayley’s P.O.V

“This flight is going to be a nightmare, thank god we had the cash to upgrade to first class I don’t think I could manage in economy class the way our little munchkin has been recently” I say to my husband while rubbing my protruding stomach as the baby continues to kick,

“bubs kicking again” he says resting his hand on my stomach,

“doesn’t stop” I say softly resting against him,

“Can all first class passengers of the Qantas flight to Sydney Australia please make their way forward to the gate ready to board please, thank you” the announcer says over the PA system,

“that’s us, you ready to get back home” Noah says taking my hand and helping me up,

“I’m more than ready” I say smiling as we make our way towards the gate ready to board our flight back to the place I will always call my home, to the place that me and Noah have always wanted to raise our family Summer Bay might have all its drama but you couldn’t ask for a nicer bunch of people and when your brother and sister in law are returning with your niece as well it made our decision to move back a lot easier.

Summer Bay - Irene’s P.O.V

“Irene I think you’ve done enough cleaning, the place is spotless and this is the kids that you have helped raised we are talking about kids that think of you as their mum they are not going to care if the place is a tip or if its spotless they will just be glad to see you again” Barry says from the couch as I start to hoover the living room carpet,

“I guess your right darl but I’m just so nervous I mean I haven’t seen them forever and I just want to make things perfect, you know we will have to throw a party” I say shutting down the hoover and sitting down besides my fiancé,

“yeah well maybe you should wait until the jetlag from Hayley and Noah’s flight and the long car journey for Gypsy, Will and Lily has warn off before we throw the party love” he says wrapping his arm around me,

“Yeah maybe your right” I say resting my feet across the couch as I rest against him daydreaming about seeing them all again as I try to settle the nerves in the pit of the stomach hoping that I would receive a good reaction from them about my impending marriage to Barry.

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