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Ric and Mattie

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Mattie’s POV

I will remember that day forever. The day that I told him that I felt the same way he did. I know he was glad that I told him the way I felt, I was too. I felt like this huge weight had been lifted of my shoulders.

That night, we met at the Diner at 8.00. He was there before me, as I walked through the door, I saw him glance at his watch, as I got closer, I just stopped and looked at him, I was his first friend, he was one of mine, and still till this day, we still are friends. I walked over to the booth, where he was sitting. I touched his back with my hand, he glanced around and saw me, his face lit up like a million candles at night, as I went to sit down, he stood up, and waited for me to sit before he would. Like a real gentleman. We just sat there, and looked into each other’s eyes, until he gave me a white rose. I smiled. And took the rose. He smiled as I took the rose.

Once I had put the rose down, I placed my hands next to it; he put his hands down too. We held hands as we moved our fingers slowly, letting our hands to the talking about the way we felt.

The night was over; he walked me home, our hand in each other’s. Once we reached the door, I gave him a peck on the cheek, and he left.

Ric’s POV

I had just come out of the surf, to see the girl of my dreams kneeling near my towel. I had no reason why she was there, I thought that maybe she was there to tell me that I wrecked our friendship when I told her how I felt, but as I got closer, she was smiling, and she was going to say something good. I knew it.

I was waiting at the Diner at 8 o’ clock for her to arrive. I glanced at my watch 8 fifteen, she wasn’t coming, that was when I felt a hand on my back, I glanced around, it was Matilda. I felt my face light up. She walked to sit down, as she did, I stood up and waited for her to sit down. We sat there staring into each other’s eyes, until I gave her a white rose. She smiled at me as she took the rose from me. I smiled back as she did so.

Once she had put the rose down she placed her hands next to it. I didn’t know why, but I placed my hands in front of myself too. All of a sudden we were holding hands, moving our fingers slowly to show the way that each of us felt.

The night was over, I walked Matilda home, and we held hands all the way there. We had reached her door, she gave me a peck on the cheek that made me feel great, once she had, I left.

Mattie’s POV. 10 years later.

It has now been two years, and we are going strong. I am now Mrs. Matilda Dalby. Has a nice ring to it, don’t you think? Two years ago to this day, was when I became Mrs. Matilda Dalby, all our friends and family were there. We had our wedding on a boat, which sailed down the Murray River. On that day I was carrying Ric’s unborn child, three months later, she was born. I couldn’t decide on a name, Summer or Riley, so Ric decided that her name would be, Summer Riley Dalby. I loved the name. And she is almost two. She can talk a bit too; she can say words like Mummy, Daddy, cat, car, dog. Words like that. Ric and I love her to bits. It’s so nice that we are a happy family. I never would have thought that I would find my true love at the age of sixteen.

Ric’s POV. 10 years later.

Two years to this day. Two years since I married the love of my life. Matilda. She is now Mrs. Matilda Dalby. All our friends and family were there, when we sailed down the Murray River on a boat for our wedding. On that day, Matilda was carrying my unborn child. And three months later, our beautiful baby girl was born. Matilda couldn’t decide on the names, Summer or Riley, so I did. I decided that her name would be Summer Riley Dalby. Mattie agreed. She loved the name. Now, Summer is almost two, she can talk a bit, saying words like, Daddy, Mummy, cat, dog, car. Matilda and I love her to bits. I am so glad that we are a happy family, all that I could ever wish for. I must admit that I never would have thought that I would have found the love of my life at the age of eighteen.


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