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Steven Matheson

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As I have mentioned on other sections of the board, I have always been a fan of Steven Matheson.

I always go weak at the knees when he smiles. I also think he is warm and caring.

I haven't met any other fans away from the internet, so I wanted to talk to other fans.

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Steven always seemed like the most level-headed 'Fletcher kids' to me; he had an ordinary life until one night changed everything. I wasn't surprised to see him do 'normal' things like I was sometimes with the others. I could relate to Steven most in my own life so I liked him.

Sally turned out like that to but then the Fletcher's was the only family she ever really knew so her life been pretty stable (in a soap sort of a way).

It's been as an adult Steven got himself in a tangle with the teacher/student relationship with Selina but in the end even that worked out how you wanted it (if not how it ever would have done in 'real-life).

Also coming home to see your family sometimes is normal, disappearing into the soap 'black hole' as so many soap characters have is not.

Just some of the reasons I like Steven.

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