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In line with the new rules for fanfics we'd appreciate it if you'd take 5 minutes to fill out the following form:

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Thanks, the Librarians.

Hi! I, SfanS,(sarah) and AmyMathewsLover, (Layne) who reads, but doesn't post, are starting a fic together. Enjoy!

It's about Rachel from when she was a girl to an adult.

By the way, i thought it would be best if we told you who wrote what. Layne did the prologue, and I did the first chapter. I came up with the idea, LOL,I am so full of it!


I wish my dad wasn’t so damn cruel. Oh, how he tests my patience. I don’t know how Mum and Bubba put up with him. I know I have to treat my dad with respect, but sometimes, sometimes it’s just so hard. All I want to do is do things any other 12 year old girl would do.

But no , my dad doesn’t have the heart to let me. To let me go outside and play with my friends, to let me have fun. To let me be free. My routine is the same, day in, day out. Wake up at 6:30 am, get ready for school. Have breakfast and walk to school. My dad doesn’t even take me to school, that’s how lazy he is. Then, I walk home, to my room and do my homework, have dinner and go to bed. I don’t get to listen to music or watch TV. It’s just not fair….

Chapter 1: Because of You

It had been THE worst day ever. I swear. It started off with me running late by, like, ten seconds! When I said that to Dad, I copped it. At school, I got ONE answer wrong, because I'd forgotten to look over previous notes. My dad wasn't satisfied, although I got the highest mark in the class.

Then, try-outs for the school play. It was going to be so fun! I was so excited about trying out, but dad forbidded me to do it. So, Bubba had secretly helped me slip in my form. Today was the day of the try-outs. I gave it my best shot, and pushed my father to the back of my mind. I didn't care what dad thought.

Later that day, they announced the answers, and I got one of the mains! I took a permission slip, explaining to my parents the part I'd gottten, etc. I was so excited! Dad HAD to let me be in it. He just HAD to. Something THIS big couldn't be missed. I raced home. My father was at home, surprisingly. He isn't usually home. He's a doctor, and a workaholic, jobaholic, doctoraholic.

"Dad! Guess WHAT!!" I shouted excitingly, bursting into the room.

" Rachel, BE QUIET! Your mother's trying to sleep!" he hissed. I didn't care though.

" I got a main part in a play! Isn't that cool?" I cried

"You mean, the play i told you not to be in? And don't say ' cool' You're not a child like that. You are NOT going to be in that play. You're not an actress anyway" he told me evilly. Tears filled my eyes. " No! That's NOT fair!" I cried, running into my room in tears.

I wished I could be in the play, why couldn't he let me be happy? I tried to argue with him, and tell him I didn't care what he said, I was going to be in it. Brad defended me, like the good big brother he is, but dad sent us both to our rooms without any dessert that night, which was Mum's wonderful Chocolate fudge cake. I went to bed that night, and cried myself to sleep. It's all his fault.

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Yeah. Okay, here it is! Chapter 2:

Dad wouldn't let me be in my play. Mum tried to talk him round, but ended up getting yelled at. He threw a plate. On the floor in front of her feet, and made her clean it up. It was her favourite plate aswell. When Dad was yelling at her, she was trembling. I don't know how my Mother can be married to such a horrid man.

So they gave the part to someone else. None other then Amanda Vale. She is our schools Miss Priss. She think she's wonderful. Boy, little does she know. She and Leah Poulos, my best friend, have a long, harsh past as enemies together. They can't stand eachother. They fight over everything. They both liked the same boy once. His name is Dan. He likes Amanda though, he see's straight through her. Leah likes Vinnie now. Although her parents really don't want her liking ANYONE. She has an arranged marriage. I met the guy once. He's disgusting, and picks his nose, chews with his mouth open, the lot. I feel like I'm going to puke every time I'm near him. I feel sorry for Leah.

But she feels sorry for me, too. She hates my dad. He once had a big fight with her parents. But my Mum is nice to hers, so thankfully we're still allowed to see eachother...our Dad's are at war though. My Dad says crushes are a waste of time, so I don't have them. Not that I'd tell my Dad anyway, but I only have time to study if I want to be a doctor. That's what he says any way. The boys in my year are horrible anyway. I'll find someone eventually, who's perfect, and we'll get married and have kids. Dad tells me I have to focus on my REAL dream. But that is my real dream. I'm not dreaming about something he just tells me to. But I have to.

On Parents-career day, we all brought one parent along each to tell the class what they did. It was the most horrible experience ever. Leahs was great, because her Dad's a chef, and everyone got free, yummy greek food. But mine, no way. I wanted to take Mum, she'd be able to draw beautiful pictures, but my father insisted he come. He came alright. He rambled on about boring hospital stuff, something noone but me knew about, and then, when everyone WAS paying attention, he told them all how I was SO smart and I was going to be a doctor, and everything. Now everyone tease me, thinks I am a snob and a cow, and pushes me in the mud. I hate it. I hate it. I HATE IT!

But my Dad screwed up my life for the LAST time! I packed the most important things I own, and all the money I'd earnt. Dad never let me spend it, it was for when I was older...now, I am older. I climbed out of the window, carefully. They were going to miss me when I was gone, they were going to feel alll so guilty for treating me the way they did. I was lost in my thoughts, that I continued running across a road that I didn't even notice, and there was a car coming my way that i didn't even see...

Pleasee review!

not a very long chapter, sorry. More next time! And I wrote that one as well, Layne's been really busy lately.

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