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Corrupted Wish

Guest Nicom

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Haha. Loved reading this!

Your wish has been granted!

Morag sets Brad up, and he leaves the bay!

UNfortunately, you realise soon after something terible- you miss Brad's boringness and you kiss being able to luagh at his purple shirt and his annoyingness. THe Bay just isn't the same without him, and you HAPPEN to be friends with Rachel and Sally, who are mourning over Brad leaving, and your life is tragic.

I wish...I wish that the annoying girl at school would leave m,e and my friends ALONE!

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im assuming you mean skype as in the internet call program if not sorry

your wish has been granted your skype now works it dials random expensive numbers without your knowledge or consent you now find free internet calls are no longer free and you have a huge bill

i wish something would go right for once this year

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Your wish has been granted. Everything is going fantastic. But, you lose all your friends because you've gotten really big-headed because of all the fantastic things that have been happening to you.

I wish my crush would realise how much I like him.

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Your crush suddenly brightens up with the information of your true feelings. He has a spring in his step for the next weeks, and showers you with gifts every day to show his reciprocation of these lurrrving feelings.

But soon you get annoyed and fed up of the constant attention. You want some time by yourself but he can't see that, as he's blinded by the love. You try everything; not showering, carrying pepperspray and buying a big alsation - but nothing seems to give him the hint that you'd like some space. But don't worry, your crush soon gets the message when, in a moment of fury, you unleash the wild dog onto him and allow 'Rex' to gobble him up. You are left with no crush.

I wish I had limewire.

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Your wish is granted!

Your computer works like a dream now that all that extra stuff has gone. But then, you realise he's deleted some of your favourite music, too, because it was on his half of the drive!

I wish I could go backwards and forwards through time at will.

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