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Corrupted Wish

Guest Nicom

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Grrr my Head is big enough :P

Your wish has been granted! You now have everlasting Life. But you grow so old and frail and sick one day you scream I WANNA DIE!!! and your Fairy Godmother says No you cant die as you were fooled by the charm of the Corrupted wish.

I wish Zoe would come back and help me fix that blumin Fire that she caused(The Photoshop CS2 one...Oh great Im so obsessed that I think Zoe is my Fairy Godmother?!)

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LOL "!!!!

your wish has been granted zoe has come to help you put out the fire but she is angry because earlier that day peter caught up with her and ruined her plans again she takes her temper out on you and makes you blow up the diner you get arrested and get 15 years in prisonment

i wish everything was made of chocolate

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LOL So what? As long as I helped her out :P

Your wish has been blabla...but as you eat everything you see your teeth rott and Zoe will kill you off because you havnt got nice teeth like her :P

I wish I had Zoe's Curls :P (Its Zoe obsession day :P)

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pmsl so i see

your wish has been granted you wake up one morning with hair and curls indentical to zoe but tracy thompson gets jealous and sends you tick tock notes and bombs before you can escape bang

btw i sent u a tick tock on msn rofl

i wish home and away was on an hour per episodes

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your wish has been granted tracy thompson on her way to meet zoe gets squashed by alf stewart sitting on her, and you become zoes accomplice but then she has a bad day and turns on you and frames you for the wedding explosion but you dont go to jail you have to a strict army camp

i wish the best things in life were free (just like janet jackson and luther vandross did) lol

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like u or LIKE you lol erm hard to tell with zoe

anyway your wish has been granted zoe likes u and wants to be your best friend but then everyone else in the bay turns on you and gangs up in a mob and burns you at the stake

i wish home and away would actually tie up storylines in full !!!

no more cake jokes its caking the p*** and i personally doughnut-wanna go there lol

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