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Tracey/Zoe/Rachel (by swfc) - comments


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Wow the last bit was awesome wonder who wrote that :P

Only joking Chris..... keep it up I'm here if you need more help :P

Yeah! I agree!! :D Thanks heaps Lil!

omg! You cannot leave me with a cliff hanger!! :( I demand an update now!

I am evil! I love leaving you with a cliff hanger! You're just going to have to wait for the next update!

Thanks for your comments guys!

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Thanks heaps guys! :D

Here's a little teaser for you guys:

Rachel Armstrong had been hard at work all morning- first with the lecture and then she had to go on her rounds. To top it all off, her boss had dumped all of a colleague’s work on Rachel to do. To say that Rachel was annoyed was not even close. She was fuming mad. She was going to spend the break after her rounds later to go round to Tracey’s work place to catch up with her. Now that more crap was dumped on her shoulder, there was no chance of doing so. Rachel wanted so badly to tell her boss to stick it and that the reason why Dr. Albert Roberts was not at work was because he drunk himself silly last night and was too hung over to come in to work today. She resolved to have a word with that idiot Roberts when she sees him tomorrow. ‘Enough is enough!’ Rachel thought to herself as she exited the elevator and headed toward the wards. However, before she could step out of the elevator, her pager beeped.


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