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Tracey/Zoe/Rachel (by swfc) - comments


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Here's the teaser you guys want. I tried to write but I couldn't do so.

Rachel hung up the phone. She didn’t know how Tracey would feel getting a phone call from her. After all, it had been 6 years that they hadn’t spoken. Rachel hoped that Tracey would ring her back. Deep down, she was afraid. Afraid that Tracey wouldn’t ring. Maybe she hadn’t arrived home yet. Maybe she’s busy. Rachel kept on trying to come up with excuses for Tracey not calling her back but to no avail. She wanted, no, she needed Tracey to ring her back. It was a matter of life and death, literally. She felt that it was time they talked. There was no way they could avoid each other anymore. Not now. Not after this. They had both lost a person dear to them.

Some things to ponder:

What will Tracey do? Will she ring Rachel? Or kill herself?

Have a good night guys! :D

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:blink: Poor Tracey! Poor Rachel! I love this. :wub:

Maybe Tracey can try to kill herself but she gets found in time or has second thoughts and calls an ambulance and gets taken to the hospital where Rachel works so she can save her?

Thanks Rabs! Omg! Are you a mind reader, Rabs? :P

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Ishhhhh scary!!!! aww no tracey :(

I'm sorry Rachel, Shan and everyone else! I am in the midst of writing the next few paragraphs. I promise you it will be on tomorrow. I am respecting someone's wishes at the moment and have decided not to post anything today. Shan and Rach you guys will understand why.

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