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Wed 1 Nov 06 - "Double The Fun ... NOT"

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, "Double The Fun ... NOT"

(Screened in Australia on Wed 1 Nov 06 - Episode # 4308)

Note – for whatever reason, this ep had opening credits !!!

Rachel (hospital) wants to call police that get to Lee quickly, but Luke convinces her to give him (and Belle) some time to try to find before hand.

After Luke & Belle bails, Rachel enters the Lee’s old hospital room and joyously holds that baby.

At hunter house, Luke & Belle begins to search online for Lee, and then Dane. As they search, Tilly enters. Both Luke & Tilly say that they’ve got long stores to tell each other later (about current going on).

After Tilly has bailed to her room, Belle finds a Dane in the online phone book, but this Dane is WAY old (and president of the bowling club).

Belle then decides to go a little left field – and rings Lees’ mobile phone company. Belle totally impersonates Lee (indeed, I thought it was Lee – as i had just arrived home and could hear, not see the TV at that point). They want Lee’s password – as Belle is try yo get Lee address through phone company (on suggestion of change of address). Belle & Luke suggest various words – before Luke lands the right one (hot stuff). Before that, Belle suggested that the wrong passwords were for various other things (like Lee’s video club).

Luke & Belle then bail – to give Rachel the news.

Rachel (hospital) is way bonding with the bub that she jokes to Kimmy that she has called Fred. Kimmy thinks that he is more a Joe through.

Moments later, Luke & Belle enter – and Kimmy agrees to drive that to the addy that they discovered.

When Belle etc arrive at the addy, they discover that Lee has been living in an old run down place. There’s no sign of Lee etc – but as they leave the yard, Belle sees some blood on the ground. Kimmy insists that they MUST call police, which he does.

Luke (hospital) is way worried about both Lee & the bub. Rachel assures him that everything will work itself out fine.

When Luke & Belle rtn t hunter house, Luke waaaaaaaaaaaaay beats himself up about how Lee is in this mess because of him. Belle tells him that Luke is way the sweetest, most caring gut that she knows – and reminds him that Lee turned to Luke for help when she arrives in the Bay heavily pregnant.

Luke is way heartened by what Belle had to say – and they WAAAAY kiss.

Tilly & Ric (wearing a Haxta Baby t shirt, of which Cassie wore a pink top with this logo recently) enter Noah's – and they order drinks from Beth. As they do, Tilly thinks Beth should apologize to Ric from her recent behaviour towards him. Beth kinda does – but Tilly still gives her a way bitchy (and totally Tilly – like smile).

After Tilly & Beth have yet another clash (as Ric & Tilly bails from Noah's), Tony &* Ric are respectively the voice of reason to Beth & Tilly. They try to make the 2 women see tings from the other’s point of view.

Ric then approaches Beth (of his own volition). He suggested that, at a work do tonight at Noah's, he can probe to Beth that he can protect Tilly in his more adult world. Beth insists that she wants them home by 10pm – but Ric trumps her by saying 9.30pm.

At hunter house, Tilly looks AMAZING as she is ready for her night out with Ric (hair and outsit looks awesome).

Beth agrees that Tilly looks wonderful – as does Ric when he arrive. He reiterates to Beth that he will have Tilly home by 9.30pm.

Tilly/Ric enters Noah's and as soon after approaches by the dude that only talks about cars to them at that engagement party recently.

The guy wonders why Ric isn’t REALLY drinking like the rest of them – and when order Ric a dink, he order a DOUBLE shot of whatever Ric wanted.

Later, Ric stands up as he & Tilly are about to bail, but Luke realises that he waaaaaaaaaaay feels bad. Tilly gets the impression that he might have had too much to drink, but Ric assures her that he hasn’t.

The car dude approaches – and tells Ric that he ordered him a double every tome. Ric is WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY annoyed, and there is a scuffle between the boys that leads to Tilly being him, resulting in a BLOOD NOSE !!! (end of ep)


Amanda tries to reconcile with Belle – but she wants NOTING to do with Amanda,

and what do Peter & Amanda have planned?

It’s A Designer Label

GOLD – Tilly's red sparkly spaghetti strap top

SILVER – Tilly's purple spaghetti strap top

BRONZE – Beth's orange long shirt

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