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A thousand stars, sparkling and glistening, dotted the dark sky. They must have shone down like this on lonely kids forever. Tears blurred his vision and he began a game of joining them into pictures.

Kane's tugging at the heart strings once again, just as he always does in your stories. That was beautiful description though, I felt so sorry for him, poor baby! :(

She ran in and out of the kitchen in between mouthfuls of toast and cereal and spilled orange juice all over the breakfast table because she suddenly felt she had to jump up and show Dani exactly how she scored the goal when she'd joined in the boys' game at recess.

"Ewww, Kirsty always wants to be with boring boys," said Jade, wrinkling her nose.

That is so how I imagine Kirsty and Jade being as children. You've got them exactly right, especially Kirsty. I love her already!

Dad would kill him.

Uh oh...Kirsty you need to go and save Kane now!

I see trouble ahead... :ph34r:

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Yeah, I'm imagining all this. Pooooooooooorrrrr Kane. Good thing Kirsty's weird enough to like him, LOL. He just wants a normal family, poor thing. HA!!! The Sutherland girls are so cute!! How old's Dani s'posed to be? Great writing so far!!!

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