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Help on making avatars

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wow you've already had such great avatars so not really any point me doing but cause it is Indiana/ Ric and Mattie, I'll give it a go anyway if u want :)

Yeah please i want as many as possible, so feel free to make some :D

And if you want you can always try and make someting of the other pictures that i posted, the ones of Macca/Cassie and Belle/Lucas :)

Anyway thanks!

Here's some new ones I just made:



They all look so fab, i love them! The 5th one is my favorite :D


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Awwh, loobieloo and aejdude thank you soooo much 4 these great avatars!! :D

I love them all, they are all totally fab!

Im thinking of making a H&A page so i need all the avatars and icons i can get :)

I can make some banners too if you'd like... But I will need a headline for the website/text for the banner.

And by the way (totally off-topic but anyway): Two of my friends have a lot of family in Fauske, and used to go there on vacation :wink:

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