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Mon 30 Oct 06 - "Rachel Sees Red"

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, "Rachel Sees Red"

(Screened in Australia on Mon 30 Oct 06 - Episode # 4306)

At hunter house, Lee tells Luke that her parents DIDN'T understand about her pregnancy, so she hooked up with a guy called Dane and hit the road.

When Lee appears to be in pain, Luke wants to call Rachel, but Lee urge not to – as she is on the run from police (for shoplift). Luke insists that Lee meet him halfway by let Rachel come to house (if he is go to continue to help her).

When Rachel arrives, realises that Lee is close to give birth, and when Lee tries to bail, things accentuated when her waters brake. Rachel insists that they go to hospital – police not find out thanks to patient confidentially.

Soon after arrive at hospital, Rachel seems dismayed when Lee thinks that its is great (because of the Kimmy situation) that Rachel won’t go through all the pain of pregnancy.

Meanwhile, Luke tells Kimmy that he blame himself for all this (for not keep in touch with Lee).

Lee goes into labour – and the bub is born, but when Nurse Julie enters the room a little later (with bub all clean up etc), Lee so doesn’t want to know about it. She not want to bond as she is giving it up for adoption.

Luke is way annoyed that Less’ b/f Dane isn’t here for her, esp. when Luke IS (there for her).

As Rachel & Kimmy look into the room when all the newborns are, Rachel still can’t believe that Lee could give bub up like this – but you always get feeling that Rachel has begun thoughts of perhaps adopt the bub herself !!!

Outside surf club, Brad & Sally literally ruin into each other, just as Sally rounds a cnr of the building. Brad says that he is looking fwd to come over to Sally’s place for dinner tonight, and thinks that Sally must come over to his place soon (so he can rtn the favour).

Talk turns tor Rocco – Sally thinks that he is settle in well, and hopes that Johnny has left town.

Soon after, as Brad is about to get in his car, Johnny drives menacingly past.

Sally bails, but when far enough away, she looks back longingly at Brad.

At van park house, Alf comments to Sally about Brad coming over tonight, and when Rocco enters the room, Sally & Alf wonders how much Rocco’s bruises are hurting him., Rocco gets a txt message – it’s from Johnny, but he says that it’s a warning that credit on mobile is almost gone (and needs top up).

Near beach, Rocco meets up with his bro & the gang. Johnny insists that although that BIG armed burglary will be happen REALLY soon, they need a cash top up till then (as money from Amanda robbery is gone already). Rocco isn’t keen on rob Sally, but a fierce, winding punch for Johnny convinces him.

Soon after, Rocco enters the van park house. No one is home, so he “borrows” an expensive looking necklace – and they give it to Johnny, who is way pleased that they see “eye to eye”.

Later, Rocco bails to his room after diner with Sally, Brad & Alf at van park house, when he is out of the main room, he lifts up his shirt, to see that latest bruise that his bro give him.

Sally & Brad clearly have a great meal together – and Alf comment on this when Brad bails foir the night. Indeed, just before he bails, Brad kisses Sally on the cheek.

As Brad drives home, a BIG four wheel drive comes up behind him. The other car rams into Brad’s, and he si just able to control the car. The four wheel drive hits Brad’s car a 2-nd time, but hard enough to cause Brad to spin off the road this time. Brad appears dazed when this vehicle comes to a halt. (end of ep)


Looks like Brad & Sally are going to way get together,

whilst Lee is forced to chose between her bub & her b/f

It;s A Designer Label

GOLD – Brad's white (with a sky blue diagonal stripe at the top) boardshorts

SILVER – Lee's red V neck top/purple long sleeve jacket combo

BRONZE – Rocco's dark blue Norton t shirt/white boardshorts combo


Cassie’s white (with blue dots) bikini top/yellow spaghetti strap top/white boardshorts combo

Sally's ruffled dark blue halter top

Brad's light purple button up shirt

Kimmy's brown (green monkey? motif) t shirt

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