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Topic Title: Beautiful

Topic Description: Robbie & Kim. Rating: T(SC)

Type of story: Oneshot

Rating: T

Main Characters: Robbie & Kim

Genre: Romance

Warnings: Slash...

Is Story being proof read: Yes

Summary: Robbie and Kim spend a day at the beach.


Kim bounded up the beach with his surfboard, shaking the salt water from his hair.

"You should come in," he tried to persuade his boyfriend, who was relaxing very comfortably beneath a pair of dark shades.

"No thanks," Robbie declined. "You’re the hot surfer dude; I’m the beach babe. Now get back out there so I’ve got something pretty to look at."

"Oh like you were watching me," scoffed Kim as he deliberately planted his board to block Robbie’s sun.

"Hey!" Robbie objected, "I’m tanning here!" He pointed to the paper cutout of Kim’s name that he had laid on his stomach. Kim laughed.

"So sorry," he said insincerely. "But hey, you should be thanking me – I just saved your life from skin cancer."

Robbie chose to ignore him and shuffled sideways from the surfboard’s shadow. Kim watched, amused, as Robbie made sure that the scrappy stencil was sitting correctly. "Does that even work?" he asked skeptically.

"Dunno," said Robbie, happily soaking up the sun, "Never tried it."

Kim sat down beside him.

"Well if it does," he began tracing the paper edges with a cold, wet finger, "It’ll make a good outline for a tattoo."

Robbie squinted at Kim for disturbing his perfect warmth, yet again.

"I’m kidding," Kim assured him. "Besides, if you were going to get my name tattooed onto your body, I could think of better places than you’re stomach." He bit the corner of his lip.

"Mm, me too," said Robbie cheekily, "But I’d have to be at a different kind of beach to get that tan."

The sun started going down. Robbie found himself in the shadow of Kim’s surfboard once more, but there wasn’t much point in moving now – it would be dark soon anyway.

He glanced across to Kim, lying next to him. His eyes were closed peacefully. Robbie smiled. He lifted his sunglasses and rested them on his head, wanting to see Kim as clearly as possible in the fading orange light.

Kim heard Robbie shifting, but didn’t open his eyes.

"Rob?" he asked quietly.

"Yeah?" answered Robbie, sorry to have unsettled him.

"What you said before about needing to be on a different kind of beach, you meant a nudist one, right?"

"You got that did you?" Robbie smirked.

Kim’s eyes flickered open as he grinned. "Yeah, I guess I did."

They stayed silent for a moment, caressing each other’s hands absently.

"We wouldn’t really have to go anywhere," said Kim suddenly. "We could probably get away with it here."

Robbie laughed.

"Yeah, here with all the small children and their disapproving parents. Not to mention everyone else that uses this beach – friends, family, family-friends."

"Well obviously we’d wait until they left," said Kim.

"Well what’s the point in that? It’d be night already. How am I supposed to get an obscene suntan if there’s no sun?" He prodded the stencil of Kim’s name, and then peeled it away from his skin. He was unable to tell if it had worked.

"Rob," Kim turned to him, "There are other things to do when you’re naked. Especially at night."

"You’re not serious," said Robbie, catching on.

"Why not?" asked Kim. "Come on, haven’t you ever wondered what it would be like to have sex on the beach? Imagine how romantic it’d be."

"All I’m imagining is sand where there should be no sand. That’s not exactly ‘romantic’ in my book." He pulled his sunglasses back over his eyes, even though it was completely unnecessary to do so.

"Okay," said Kim, taking the sunglasses away completely, "What about this then?" He shifted into Robbie and kissed him slowly. Robbie closed his eyes, powerless against Kim’s wily charms. Kim broke away, grinning as he felt Robbie shiver beneath him.

"You are evil," Robbie hissed in defeat.

"It’s why you love me," said Kim.

Robbie growled, frustrated at being so easily manipulated, but he wasn’t about to let that frustration go to waste. He clawed at Kim’s shoulder and dragged him into another rough kiss. Kim, a little shocked by the aggression, willingly submitted as Robbie pushed him back and rolled on top of him, pinning his shoulders to the sand.

"Hey, who said you get to be on top?" asked Kim, kneading his palms into Robbie’s collarbone.

"Who said you get a say in it?" smirked Robbie. He leaned forward into Kim’s arms. Kim let his hands slide over the back of Robbie’s shoulders, guiding him down so that Robbie’s chest rested warmly against his own.

Robbie kissed the side of Kim’s throat, feeling his lover pulse beneath him. Kim brushed his cheek against Robbie’s, nudging him gently so that they would meet face to face, mouth to mouth. They looked into each other’s eyes for a brief moment, and then sank into a deep, passionate kiss.

After a few, long seconds, they broke apart, smiling wistfully. Kim ran his fingers through Robbie’s hair, tracing the strands behind his ears. Robbie closed his eyes and nestled his head beneath Kim’s chin. It wasn’t quite dark enough yet to do what they wanted to. For now, they would have to be content with holding each other, waiting for the last flecks of gold to leave the clouds.

Robbie gazed out over the water, watching as the sun’s final rays reflected off the darkening waves.

"Beautiful, isn’t it?" he sighed serenely.

Kim glanced up at the sky, but it didn’t hold his interest for long. He continued to comb the cold grains of sand out of Robbie’s hair, feeling him rise and fall to the sound of the swell.

"Yep," he said in casual adoration, "Beautiful."

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