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The One after Ross finds out (i think is the actual title) about Rachel and Joey, he gets completely drunk and does that L-O-V-E talk and burns his hands on a plate he pulls out from the oven.

SSSOOOO funny - "I'm fine, at first i was like AARGHHHHHHH but now ... I'm fine" lol


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Theres too many..

Ross & Rachel "This ship has sailed"

"Well I don't need your stupid ship" [First Kiss]

Ohh... And the one where Rachels scared of swings.

"Space is filled with orbitting children."

And also the ones in London... [On E4 today]

I'm a bit addicted tbh :D

The one where Ross gets a tan always cracks me up. :lol:

The last episode was perfect but I think they should do a one off episode to say what they've all been doing since then. For example they could all meet up at Monica and Chandler's house for Thnaksgiving. That would be great. :D

They have 3 episodes airing next year... Or maybe it was 2.

I just found the link... Here.

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God, I love Friends!

I don't know the actual titles but the one where Ross gets his teeth whitened is sooo funny, the end bit always cracks me up.

The last one, very sad but great all the same!

Monica and Chandler's wedding, both parts.

I love the one with Rachels swing phobia to, especially when Ross gets smacked in the head by the little boy on the swing!

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