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And The Stalker Is....Dan Baker

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Seven released five suspects for the Summer Bay stalker back in 2005, here's my version of events when another one of those suspects is revealed to be the stalker.....Dan Baker

"You...?" Sally said, shocked and in disebelief. "But why?"

"I had you all fooled, no one suspected it was me, even though I was new in town, you are all fools. Think about it, I had the perfect reason to do it. Peter had slept with my wife I wanted to come back and make him pay. He broke up a happy family, my son lives in another continent for God sake, I wasn't going to allow Peter to get away with that. "

"But you are happily engaged to Leah now, and why did you target the rest of the town if it was just Peter you were after?" a terrified Sally said.

"It all started when an old friend of mine I knew from the city was murdered. Felix Walters, remember him? His girlfirend got in touch with me to inform me of his death.

"But Sarah killed Felix..." stammered Sally

WHACK - Sally felt the strength of Dan's hand coming crashing against her face. "She said you'd say that. Poor Sarah, did you not even think it slightly suspicious that I turned up the day after Sarah had died?"

...."But Peter was in a coma, thats why you came back..." sally interrupted.

"I came back for Sarah's funeral, then when I got here I realised Sarah and Felix would probably still be alive if it wasnt for you pathetic people. When I went to the hospital to see Peter my anger boiled over, all those painful memories of him and Amanda came flooding back. I was tempted to pull the plugs on the machine there and then but of course the nurses would have come flooding in and caught me. No, I wanted to make Peter and the rest of you pay."

"But you killed innocent people - Marc and Zoe, you made us believe Josie Russell was the stalker. I dont understand why you would do that when these people were in no way connected to Peter or Sarah. And what about your relationship with Leah? Why did you send her the tickets for the scenic flight if you loved her? You were on the flight yourself for God sake."

"I killed Marc because he just showed up at the murder mystery party and got in my way, Zoe was just too nice and fitted in so well with you people she made me sick. It was so easy to blame Josie you guys had serious issues with her you are so small minded. Jesse made a comment to me about there being unresolved sexual tension between Leah and Peter so I made a play for Leah out of spite to him, I never loved Leah, her incessant whining really irritates me so she was first choice for the plane ride. Yeah, I was on the plane myself but I was willing to die for my cause....and if not I still had plenty of other tricks up my sleeve."

"Sally, Sally, are you here?"...Peter's voice could be heard echoing through the old warehouse.

"Help me Peter, help me," sally screamed back.

Dan produced a gun from his pocket and held it up to Sally's face just as the door flung open and in comes Peter.

"G'day brother," Dan smiled as an evil smile spread accross his face..........................

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Oh my god you serious?

That was a great Chapter i cant believe DAN the Stalker :lol: I would never have thought of that, Eve always seemed like the perfect Stalker.

Is this a Oneshot or does it have more Chapters?*hope so*

Youre a fantastic Author!

Thanks.Well it was my first fan fic so I had only planned one chapter to see what the reaction would be like, so if you guys want more, I can do more!!

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