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Spiral: Part One (by Natasha) - comments


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Thought the title of this fic rang a bell! :P

Like I said in my other reviews, I don't actually like slash, but, apart from that, but this is a really good story. And, like you said, the slash is only mild anyway... :D

it's nice to see origional characters for a change.

And I agree with SKYKAT, it's fantastic when people actually use their imaginations in fanfics and create original character too. :D

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This is really good Natasha. I'm so glad you decided to post it, not all of us appreciate J/M you know! :P I was just reading your post about fanfics in the Dan Bennett thread and I know exactly what you meant. Glad you changed your mind though, this is a great story.

it was nice to meet someone who hadn't lived in this town for bloody ages

I laughed my head off at that, very true and very Morag!

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