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What's In A Name?

Guest kase

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Type of story: long fiction

Rating: Generally T, but A to be safe.

Main Characters: Belle Centric, though featuring a range of characters.

Genre: A Mixture but mostly Angst/Drama

Warnings: (SC) (L) minor Drug themes

Is Story being proof read: No

Summary: This is an AU fic, about Belle set after she discovers Drew/Amanda's affair. She has left town for a while and the fic starts on her night of return. Belle attempts to find her way again, picking up her friendship with Lucas, dealing with the betrayal of Drew and Amanda, being involved in Rocco's drug hiest and staying out of trouble with the police. Amongst it all, she tries to deal with the idea of an unconventional attraction.

Chapter One

I spotted two figures up ahead as I walked closer towards them. It was dark and they were almost disguised as shadows. There was no doubt in my mind what they were doing, as the first boy exchanged his package for some notes. They both looked around worriedly, and his eye caught me approaching him. The second boy made off quick enough, as the first pretended to be standing around casually. I continued to walk closer, and I could already feel his nervousness as I approached him.

‘So,’ I said. ‘What’s that you got?’

‘Sorry?’ He replied. I scoffed.

‘Cut the crap,’ I said. ‘As if it’s not that obvious. You selling?’

‘Yeah,’ he replied, after a moment. ‘You interested?’

‘Maybe,’ I said, moving closer to him. I looked him in the eye and gave him my best puppy dog look, ‘but I don’t have any money.’

‘Whatever,’ he said, turning around before I grabbed his shoulder.

‘Wait,’ I said. I walked in front of him and brushed my hand across his crotch. ‘I can pay you in a different way.’ He looked down at me, then around the surroundings before reaching into his pockets. I smiled. Too easy.

‘What’s your name?’ He asked me.

‘Never you mind,’ I said, pouting. The moonlight just made out his face. He was cute. But way too uptight. He was definitely new to the bay. ‘You been here long?’

‘Only a couple of weeks,’ he replied. ‘You new?’

‘Not exactly,’ I said. He looked down at me, confusion plastered on his face. But I could see he was intrigued. Who could blame him? ‘So, do you have a place for us to go?’ He nodded, and I found myself following him. Another night. Another stranger. But this night was different.

As I pulled my tee over my bra, I heard him stirring on the bed. I slowly and silently grabbed my mini skirt and slipped it over my underwear, then reached for my leather jacket. It was lying on top of his pants and I noticed some money sticking out of his pocket. There were a few twenties and a couple of fifties. I silently pulled the lot out, slipping it into my skirt pocket. Smiling to myself, I reached for my bag and shoved my jacket in roughly. Too roughly, as I heard him pull his body up and lean on one arm. He looked down at me from the bed.

‘Going somewhere?’ He asked. I smiled slyly and raised an eyebrow.

‘Was I ever going to stay?’ I replied honestly. I looked around the caravan. ‘It doesn’t look like you’ve settled. Would hardly call it home.’ To be honest, besides a backpack, it looked like a completely unoccupied caravan.

‘That’s because I don’t live here,’ he said. ‘I stay up at the house, but I could hardly bring you over at this time.’ I nodded, surprised.

‘You stay with Sally?’ I asked, cocking my head.

‘Yeah,’ he said, somewhat surprised. ‘You know her?’

‘Maybe,’ I replied, shrugging and standing up. ‘I’ll see you round.’ I walked towards the door, and let out a humourless laugh. ‘Or not.’

‘So tell me,’ I hearhim say, as I turned to see him pulling his shirt over his head. ‘What is your name?’ I laughed.

‘Like I said, never you mind,’ I replied, rolling my eyes and opening the door.

‘What?’ He called out, ‘You not going to ask for mine?’

‘Why would I need to know?’ I said with a blank face, as he laughed and nodded in acceptance.

‘Where are you going anyway?’ I hear him ask as I stepped outside. I pretended not to hear him. I just walked away. Where was I going? I smiled; it was my first night back. And it was only just beginning.

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I love it Kase, it's so different. Like you said it's dark but I love dark and you do write very well about Belle. I've been wanting to read some of your work since you started reviewing my stories so I'm glad you're posting this. Great start, look forward to more.xxx

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