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Jen's Artwork

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Good to see some nostalgia creeping into your icons - ie Ruby and Casey.

Thanks! However, that is more to do with me being a lazy so-and-so, rather than wanting to pay homage to some "older" characters.

Having said that, have some actual nostalgic icons for a change :).


Gorgeous icons.

If you do request can you please make me some Maddy icons?

Also! Look! I remembered! Hope these are okay. Let me know if you want anything in particular cropped, or you can just do it yourself.


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Can you please crop all the Maddy icons Jen? :)

Here you go:

maddyav40_zps3f0bf5e6.png maddyav16_zps74315c4e.png maddyav15_zpsc8ef5f8c.png maddyav13_zps594df084.png

maddyav14_zpsb69d46c0.png maddyav12_zps461db203.png maddyav17_zps05fe3c4f.png maddyav19_zpsf86e3d78.png

maddyav18_zpsabb9c6d2.png maddyav21_zps899a2f01.png maddyav20_zps2a5bc1d6.png maddyav24_zps305da7e7.png

maddyav22_zpsf64af96a.png maddyav23_zps8c8c5fad.png maddyav27_zpsda53450b.png maddyav25_zpsbd8d4490.png

maddyav26_zps572dd0b5.png maddyav28_zps8a4a82b8.png maddyav29_zpsbd9cc6e7.png maddyav30_zps85ad4ddd.png

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I love your artwork! :D Absolutely gorgeous, can I ask where do you get your images from?

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