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Wed 25 Oct 06 - "Martha And The Muffins”

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, "Martha And The Muffins”

(Screened in Australia on Wed 25 Oct 06 - Episode # 4298)

Note – No opening credits (what a shock, NOT !!!)

Irene [diner] gives Martha some extra muffins for when she visit Jack. As Martha bails, she encounters Ash, and they agree to hang out later.

When Martha is gone, Ash (in uniform btw) gate a phone call.

Ash & Fitzy (mansion) ask Peter &Amanda lots of questions about the gang that robed the place. Peter & Amanda give all the details they can

At van park house, Brad way thinks the Johnny attack Rocco – but Rocco insists that it wasn’t his bro. Brad isn’t convinced – and decides to confront Johnny.

At beach, Brad indeed confronts Johnny – but Johnny insists that Brad shouldn’t make so much an enemy of him.

At the hospital, Martha visits Jack. When he enquires Martha insists there is nothing go on between her & ash.

At Leah’s, Peter s way agitated – and thinks that Drew should show Amanda some compassion over what she’s just been through.

Leah & Dan enter the room – to clam things down, whilst Peter goes into kitchen and takes some of the pills that he craves.

At van park house, Brad & Alf are way worry bout Sally now that Rocco is here.

Brad bails (to get Rachel to do a house call to check on Rocco).

After Sally tells Rocco that they ask Rachel so police not get involved, Sally goes upstairs.

Johnny arrives at back patio door – he “suggests” that Rocco will really have something to worry about if Brad doesn’t get off Johnny’s case soon.

As police search mansion, Ash comes across a necklace with a big cross. Amanda insists that it not hers/ ash is glad that they now literally have a clue.

At hospital, Ash & Fitzy bring in Aw (for a check up after what happen).

Brad (waiting for Rachel) wonders why. He is told about break in – and Fitzy shows him THAT necklace. Brad thinks he recognise.

In Jack’s room, he notices that Martha has taken her wed ring off. As she bails, Ash enters, but Fitzy call him away (because of necklace). Jack is frustrated.

Brad insists to Rachel that although he not like Johnny, that not why he tip off police.

At Leah’s, as talk of the robbery continues, Drew insists that he not surprises, as Rocco is bad news at school. Drew also comments that Rocco is just the right age/type for Amanda !!!

Dan & Leah “suggest” that Drew joins then now t9o go shopping.

Amanda thanks Peter for sticking up for her. As she does, Peter drops his pill bottle, and Amanda picks it up., she KNOWS that they are VERY strong painkillers.

At van park house, Rocco insist that t

Necklace is not Johnny’s – despite Brad & Sally urge Rocco to use this to break free.

At police station, ash & Fitzy question Johnny, but get nowhere.

As he bails, Ash comments that Johnny is VERY cocky, as he knows that they don’t have evidence against.

Amanda (Leah’s) insists that Peter needs to do something about this addiction to the painkillers, or it will “sink” him like it did to her friend Kellie.

Brad netrs the diner flat. Johnny is already there, and comments that Brad should have men’s mags on his coffee table (not one about home improvement).

Johnny threatens Brad, before he bails.

At Leah’s, Amanda insists that she will help P through this, but when Drew enters the room, he thinks that Peter has simply fallen for more of Amanda’s lies etc. Drew is a tad disgusted with Peter.

At hospital, Jack ans Ash talk about Martha. Jack gives Ash the go ahead to be with Martha.

Late at night, Brad is near diner, when he hears lots of scary noises etc.

Ash (van park house) insists to Sally etc that they will keep up constant patrols – in a bid too catch Johnny’s gang.

Ash then speak to Martha – he tells her that Jack has given their relationship is consent !!!

At hospital, Jack has taken off wed ring. He looks gutted. (end of ep)


Sounds like Luke & particularly Tilly aren’t that keen on the other morning on (to Ric & Belle) – indeed, sound like Tilly suggest to Belle that Luke only got with her for THAT 1 thing !!!

It's A Designer Label

GOLD – Leah’s white (gold lined) halter top/Red spakly skirt combo

SILVER – Amand's pink elbow lenghth top

BRONZE – Rocco's bal;clk (with greyu wavty motifs) singlet/white boardies


Johnny's black (with red writing) singlet

Martha's green V neck top

Dan's light green T shirt

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