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Out In The Rain

Guest ~Natasha~

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Out In The Rain

“Mattie, what are you doing out of school this early?” Ric asks while noticing her walking past the garage. “Has something happened?” He asks but he could already tell by the expression on her face.

“I’m a total bitch!” She explains to Ric. “There Belle is and whatever she has done, she does not deserve this” She continues.

“What has happened to Belle?” Ric asks frantically but before Matilda could reply, Ric had already run to the school anyway.


“Belle!” Ric arrives just in time to see Belle being wheeled into the ambulance, tears in her eyes but she was no longer in pain.

“Ric! I’ve killed it… I’ve killed it, Ric” They shut the doors behind her and drove off. Ric then saw Lucas stood behind him also in tears, and walked over to him.

“What is wrong with her, Lucas?” He asks impatiently waiting for an answer.


Cassie then sees Ric and Lucas talking in the distance, she could tell Lucas was telling him what happened and explaining their actions. Ric looked angry and Lucas looked guilty so she could tell what they were talking about.

She then started to run up to them but when she stopped for breath she saw Ric punch Lucas really hard. So she rushed over to them, but by the time she had reached them Ric had stormed off and Lucas was covered in blood and lay on the floor. She was going to run after Ric but Lucas looked like he was about to fall unconscious so she helped him up and held him tightly by hugging him.

“Everything will turn out okay” She says while trying to reassure him. “It definitely does not seem like it now but it will eventually, Matilda and Ric will come round soon and Belle will be okay” She whispers in his ears as she releases him.


“Belle, we are about to check for your baby’s heartbeat” The midwife tells her while getting it ready. “This may feel a little cold”

“Ow” Belle shouts before the midwife even touches her but then she suddenly smiles.

“Belle is something wrong?” The midwife asks her, before she could answer Amanda rushes in looking very worried.

“Sally told me you got rushed to hospital” She walks over to Belle’s bed and sits next to her. “Well everything is going to be okay now, you hear me?”

“Ms Vale, please can we have a moment with your daughter?” The midwife asks while giving Belle a knowing look.

“Is everything okay?” The midwife nods and opens the door for Amanda. “I’ll be right outside darling”

“I guess you have not told her yet” Belle shakes her head. “Belle you are only 16, I am sure she will understand and she cannot have been much older than that when she had you”

“She was only 14 and that is why she does not want that to happen to me” The midwife just tuts and then begins to examine Belle. “I know my baby is alive! I just felt it kick”


“What’s happening with Belle?” Lucas asks as he and Cassie enter the hospital, they then see Amanda and walk over to her.

“She’s fine” She turns to face Lucas. “What happened to you?” She asks him. “I am no doctor but you should really get that checked out”

“When I have seen Belle and made sure she and the baby are okay” Amanda then turns to face him again with her jaw almost hitting the ground.

“Excuse me?” Lucas then realised that Belle had not told Amanda and tried to laugh it off but I did not work.

“I am just going to… get a doctor” He awkwardly says. “My nose is really starting to hurt”


Preview: Is Amanda mad at Belle? Matilda releases all her anger but how?

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:o But that was 3 days ago! Please update soon!

OMG! I totally forgot about this fic. :( Sowwy xxx

I'll post 4 parts next year.....

Well tonight/tomorrow. :P

There will be at least one part written before midnight though. Promise you that as I have already written most of it. :D

Just got to sleep first, I am so tired x

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Finally... :P But it is only a few lines, sowwy x

Out In The Rain

Lucas then walks into Belle's hospital room where she was holding her stomach and talking to her baby while smiling. "Luc! Come and feel this" She smiles while pointing at her baby bump. "They did not even tell me what was wrong with me yet"

"But everything’s okay now?" Lucas asks while waiting for the baby to kick.

"With the baby, yeah" She smiles and so does he when the baby finally kicks. "But not with Matilda and Ric"

"I never thought of you being the mother type" Lucas tells her, while ignoring the comment on Ric and Matilda.


Matilda was sat in her bedroom, she had a photo album out- Photos of her and Lucas and when they were happy and a perfect couple. Cassie then open her bedroom door and sat next to Matilda on the bed.

"Belle's okay now" Cassie tells her.

"Good for her I bet Lucas is pleased" She comments and Cassie just looks shocked at her.

"How can you be so callous?" She storms out of the room and Matilda slams the door behind her, accidentally knocking off a picture of her, Lucas and Cassie which causes her to lash out on her bedroom. She threw everything off the table of knocked all the units over and then sat on her bed and cried.

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