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Out In The Rain

Guest ~Natasha~

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Story Title: Out in the Rain

Type of story: short fic

Main Characters: Ric, Belle, Lucas, Cassie and Matilda.

BTTB rating: G/T Recommended 12+

Genre: Romance/Drama

Does story include spoilers: No

Any warnings: SC

Summary: Typical teenage life

Basically a fic on all the younger people of Summer Bay:

Ric + Belle

Lucas + Matilda


Out In The Rain

"Happy birthday Luc!" Matilda kisses him on the cheek and walks away teasingly while smiling to herself, Lucas stood up to follow her but was forced back down by restless party guests who were turning the house upside down. He was not worried, it was his birthday after all and by the looks of it the only one sober at that point.

"Come on mate" Ric offers him a drink, though he could barely stand up right. "You are finally allowed to drink legally and..." Lucas spent the next five minutes listening to Ric tell him to enjoy his birthday and to do something he would regret in the morning, meaning to get very drunk. He stared at the table: More than half the alcohol was gone and by the looks of it, was in Ric's system.


"Do you know what this party is missing?" Matilda shouts across the room to Lucas, he guessed it would be something ridiculous because she was horrendously drunk. "Twister!"

"You can't even play that when you’re sober!" Cassie laughs, Matilda then joins in sarcastically as she pull the mat out and lays it down on the floor.


Over the next hour Lucas was very entertained by four of his closest friends falling on top of each other, Ric and Matilda tried to get Lucas to join in and after a while, the reluctant birthday boy gave in.


"I think I'm going to be sick!" Matilda threw up all over the mat, to which everyone jumped back away from her making 'Eww' sounds.

"Okay, party over!" Lucas let everyone out through the front door, which just left him with Matilda, Ric, Cassie and Belle.


"Are you feeling any better?â€

"Well I'm never drinking again" She replies adamantly while lying on the sofa clutching her head. "And I doubt we will ever get that twister out again" Everyone giggles, even Belle who was looking increasingly uncomfortable.

"I'm going to go" Belle announces to the group. "Hope you feel better soon" She tells Matilda but however nice it sounded in her head, it still came out wrong.

She tried to say goodbye to Ric but he was completely out of it on the other sofa.

"Looks like someone else is going to have a hangover tomorrow"

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Thank you


matty and luke forever






For the replies. ^_^

Out In The Rain

"WAKE UP!" Belle shouted down Ric's ear and laughed, Ric rubs his eyes and opens them. "Irene's going to be home in a minute so it's time to go home" She rolls him of the sofa and removes the blanket that she had placed on him last night after he turned up on the doorstep.

"Remind me never to drink on a work night ever again" Ric pulls himself up and rushes back to get changed for work, Belle giggles as he trips over his shoes before putting them on.


Lucas and Matilda were walking down the beach holding hands, Cassie walking down by the side of them looking very jealous. Both Lucas and Matilda notice this and keep asking Cassie which boys she likes.

"What about him?" Matilda asks pointing to Adam, a boy in their History class. "Aw come on" Cassie shakes her head. "If I wasn't with Lucas..."

"I beg you not to finish that sentence" Lucas jokes but Cassie and Matilda keep talking anyway.

"What about that new boy?" Matilda points to the new boy in the bay- Drew Baker! Cassie does not reply but instead stares at him for a few minutes before coming back to Earth.

"Cassie?" Matilda waves her hand in Cassie's face to try and get her to stop staring or Drew would begin to notice. "I take it you like him" She laughs.


After school Belle was 'studying' with Lucas at his house, where Matilda and Cassie were in Matilda's bedroom discussing girly things.

"Luc" Belle says while looking down at the floor. "Can I tell you something?" Lucas just nodded; he was playing on his PSP and not really concentrating.

"I don't love Ric anymore" Lucas immediately drops his PSP, on his foot of all places. "I'm going to break up with him"

"Why?" Lucas asked after a minute silence.

"I'm in love with someone else" Belle tells him while grabbing hold of his hand.

"Who?" Belle did not say anything. She just leant forward and kissed Lucas lightly on his lips, it took a while but Lucas finally responded.

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