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The Secrets Your Heart Tells You

Guest AngelRose

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The Secrets Your Heart Tells You

Mattie Hunter woke from a fitful sleep. For a couple of seconds, before she properly came around, everything seemed normal, but then she remembered, nothing was normal. Nothing was ever going to be normal again. She was scarred for life. Scarred by that nutcase Zoë setting fire to Martha and Jack’s wedding. As the unshed tears stung her eyes again, she turned to see her mother’s partner, Tony Holden smiling gently at her from beside the bed. He looked tired, but then she would have expected him to, he had his own troubles just now. Mattie blocked that thought out for now though; if she didn’t she’d think about her brother Robbie and the others who were missing and she knew if Robbie were here he would insist that she put herself first just now. She tried to…

“Hey Tony; where’s Mum?” she asked.

“Hi sweetheart; how are you feeling?” Tony tried to smile.

“I’m tired, to be honest. Where’s Mum?” she asked again.

Tony sighed: “Your Mum will be coming in a bit later today, you remember; we talked about this last night. There’s no news yet sweetheart, sorry.”

Mattie nodded automatically at this last piece of information, but didn’t really take it in. Her Mum coming in later meant just one thing - the bandages on her shoulders were due to be changed again today. Even the thought of the pain that would cause made her want to faint.

She made to reach for her water, but Tony handed it to her. “Here. Are you hungry?”

“No, I’m not, but I’ll have toast before my tablets. Where’s Luc?”

“He’s with Jack.”

“Tony, will you do something for me please?”

“Sure, if I can; what is it?” he asked puzzled.

“Ask Colleen to come and see me please? Tell her I need to speak to her as soon as possible; tell her I need her help please?”

Tony looked surprised: “Of course, if that’s what you want.”

“It is, please.” Mattie assured him.

“No worries.” Tony smiled a small smile. “Should I do it now?”

“Yeah please; then go tell Jack & Tasha I’ll be in to see them later, ok?”

“Sure.” he said standing up and making sure that the call button and the TV remote were in Mattie’s reach. “I’ll see you later, ok?”

“Yeah, thanks.”


Colleen Smart hurried back in from her washing-line as she heard her phone ring. Who could that be at this early hour on a Saturday morning? Of course she was usually up by now, but the rest of Summer Bay was usually a little slower on a weekend. But then these weren’t usual times were they? Maybe there was some news of the helicopter?! A little breathless now, she answered the phone on the fifth ring.


Mattie laid her head back listlessly on the pillow and prayed for her painkillers to work quickly. It wasn’t so much the actual pain she was in that was bothering her now, but rather the thought of the terrible scars that Zoë’s evil plan had left. She thought back to the happier part of the previous day. It seemed like years ago now. She couldn’t help feeling jealous of that now; as selfish as she knew that was with Martha ‘missing’, she just couldn’t help it. Martha had looked so beautiful and happy walking up the aisle and of course, even happier walking back down it as Mrs. Jack Holden. Her dress had made her look like an angel. It was Martha’s belt, and later her boots, that had caught Mattie’s eye at the time but all she could remember now, was that the dress had been off-the-shoulder. If any boy was mad enough to marry Mattie in the future (which she was almost sure would never happen now), Zoë had stolen that option from her! Hot tears of anger burned her eyes and her stomach flipped. Colleen arrived just in time to help her with a bowl.


“I’m so sorry Colleen”, Mattie gently cried after the nurse had helped to clean her up and Rachel had prescribed her anti-sickness drug.

Colleen took her hand and looking sympathetic said, “Don’t you even think of it pet; its fine. Are you feeling better now?”

“I don’t think I’ll be ill again. Thank you for coming; what did Tony tell you?” Mattie asked.

“Just that you asked for me; he said you wanted my help.” Colleen’s usually bright voice was quiet. She knew this was serious.

“Yes, if you don’t mind; it’s ok if you don’t want…”

“Shh now Matilda, don’t upset yourself. You need to try and relax; why don’t you just tell me what it is and we’ll go from there?” the older woman suggested gently.

“Well, I have this dream…”


The Caravan Park was eerily still. It was almost as though the old place was holding its breath alongside its residents. When Colleen knocked it was Sally who came to the door.

“Colleen, hello. Come in.”

“No thank you Sally. I can't stay, but I do need to speak to you, in private.”

Sally frowned & stepped outside: “What is it Colleen? Is there news? Martha?”

Colleen shook her head sadly: “No, there’s no news on the helicopter. Young Matilda sent me.”

“She did?” Sally was slightly taken aback.

“Yes well, actually it was Ric she sent me to see but I thought I’d better talk to you first.”

Now even more puzzled Sally listened carefully as Colleen went on to explain…

“Ric! Can you come out here for a second?” Sally called out to her foster-son who was in the kitchen, helping out by making Little Pippa something to eat.

“Yep?” His head emerged around the corner.

Sally beckoned him towards her so that his grandfather, Alf, who was sitting by the radio, couldn’t hear. “There’s no news on Martha or the others but Colleen has something to ask you. Whatever you decide I’ll support you, ok?”

“Hi Colleen. What’s going on?” he asked, bemused.

“Matilda sent me to ask you something on her behalf…”


Ric stood there for a second completely shocked. Did Mattie REALLY mean it? Did she understand the message she had asked Colleen to deliver, or was she confused by the pain and the drugs? Had Colleen got the message right? Could he face this?! “Yes” he thought. If Mattie could face it, what right did he have to say that he couldn’t? He turned to Sal:

“You’ll look after Granddad?”

“Of course. Ric, are you sure? It’s ok if…”

“Sal, I’ll be fine. I’ll take my phone and keep it on until we get there. See you later.”

Sal said nothing more but handed Ric his jacket and his phone and stood on tip-toe to kiss him on the cheek. This was rare and brought the closest thing to a smile she had seen from him since they were at the church the day before.

“Bye Sal”, he said quietly and he and Colleen left.

His foster-mother stood at the door, watching him go, marveling at the bravery of both kids.


The taxi journey to the hospital was almost silent. In other circumstances Ric might have found this weird considering whom his travelling companion was, but now he was too preoccupied to notice. The car radio was tuned to the local news station, but still there was nothing of the news they craved. The roads were still empty because of the early hour, which meant the journey was quite quick. Colleen paid the fare and looked up at the young man beside her:

“Ric, should I come in with you?”

“No Colleen, I’ll be fine. Thank you.” Ric put a hand on her shoulder.

“Then I should go and see that she’s ready for visitors. Wait in the lobby; I’ll be as quick as I can.” With that Colleen left.


“Mum, can you brush my hair?” Mattie asked.

“Sure. It can't be comfortable to sleep on knots; I’ll try not to pull.” Beth was trying to sound cheerful.

Mattie heard the quiver in her mother’s voice: “Don’t worry Mum, Robbie will be fine. He can't wait to be a Dad, nothing will stop that.”

Beth choked up with emotion and, unable to speak, kissed her daughter on the top of the head. Just then there was a knock on the door.

“Come in.” Mattie called. Colleen’s head appeared around the door-frame.

Beth was surprised but doubtful: “Colleen, hi. It’s nice to see you but…”

Mattie cut in: “No Mum, its fine. I asked Mrs. Smart to come.”

Colleen’s cheeks coloured at being called Mrs. Smart; so few people did that these days. Beth looked dumbstruck at Matilda, but moved back to let Mattie greet her visitor. Careful to pick up Mattie’s good hand, Colleen squeezed it.

“Hello pet. Are you feeling well enough for another visitor? Someone is anxious to see you.”

Matilda smiled: “He came?”

“Yes, of course. He’s worried about you to.”

“Who’s coming?” Beth asked, both puzzled and worried.

“Don’t worry Mum, he’s hardly a stranger. Can you ask him to come in please, Colleen?”

“I’ll be right back.” Colleen smiled and disappeared.

“Mattie?” Beth asked, clearly worried.

“Trust me Mum please; I need to do this. When he gets here, can you give us a few minutes please?”

“That depends. If I don’t think…” Beth was interrupted by another knock on the door.

“Mattie, can I come in?”

Recognizing the voice Beth went weak with relief: “Ric! It’s you!”

“Hi Beth; Mattie asked to see me, is that ok?”

“Sure; come in.” Beth said, more bemused than ever. Then she saw the look that passed between the two friends: “I’ll, erm, go and sit with Tasha and Jack for a while; Ric, if Mattie needs anything…”

“I’ll come and get you, I promise. Colleen said she’d help you get them some real food if you like; Tasha will need to keep up her strength up for the baby”, he said, very subtly steering her towards the door.

“Ok, you know where I am Mattie.” Beth looked as though she’d LOVE to pick a hole in Ric’s argument but couldn’t find one.

“I’ll be fine Mum; tell Tasha I’m thinking of her, ok? I’ll call you when the Dr. comes.”

“See you later.” And then she left.


Ric waited a couple of seconds and shut the door without being asked. “Thanks.” Mattie said, dipping her head, suddenly shy. “How’s your Granddad?”, she asked.

“Pretending he’s fine but he won’t leave the radio; Sal’s looking after him. Martha would want me here and I want to be here.”

Mattie’s eyes filled with tears: “No you don’t, nor do I. Damn Zoë!”

They sat in silence for several minutes. It was Mattie who eventually broke it: “Colleen told you?”

Ric shook his head: “No, not really. She told me you wanted me here and said you had a dream.”

“The bandages though…she told you that and you still came!” Mattie’s tone had a note of disbelief in her voice.

Ric nodded: “You’d do it for me.”

“I’m not so sure I could.” Mattie said honestly.

“The point is you’d want to help me too.” Ric replied “Now, this dream…?”


Forty minutes later they were ready. Mattie rang for the nurse: “Julie, is my Mum around? The Dr.’s almost due.”

Nurse Julie smiled gently: “I’ll see if I can track her down for you; Dr. Lee won't be able to start without her anyway.”

“Thanks. Will Ric be able to stay?” Mattie was now getting nervous.

“I can't say.” Julie’s tone made it clear she was doubtful. “You can ask though.” With that she slipped away to find Beth.

“I’ll try, I’ve promised you that, but if they really won't let me I’ll be right outside and come back the second they allow it, ok?” Ric vowed.

“But without you to remind me of the dream…!” she panicked.

“I know, I know…” he said, leaning over and gently moving a stray hair out of her eyes, “…but they do have the final say.”

“Oh Ric!” she began to cry.

“Shh, shh, Mattie! It’s ok, Zoë’s done enough harm and you’re my friend; she won't come between us now, door or not, not now I know about the dream.”

Ric’s first instinct was to hug his friend, but not yet knowing where her scar began or ended and fear of hurting her, he kissed her on the forehead instead.


“Mattie, no!” Beth went pale and shook her head. “You can't… it’s not fair to ask!”

“I’ve told Mattie I’m willing to stay if you’ll let me.” Ric was speaking to Beth, but his eyes were appealing to the doctor for empathy.

The doctor considered for a full ten seconds before answering: “Well, if Ric has agreed and Mattie thinks it’ll help her stay calm…”

“PLEASE Mum; Ric and I have a plan to help me bare it, please!” Mattie begged.

Seeing that her daughter was verging on hysterical and it would be impossible to treat her otherwise, Beth sighed heavily and nodded: “Ric, if Dr. Lee asks you to leave, you go without question”, Beth stated without asking.

“We understand.” Ric was speaking for both young people.

“Let’s get started then, shall we?” Dr. Lee said, slipping into her bedside manner.

Instinctively, Ric kissed Mattie on the forehead again and then, as Beth took her daughter’s hands, he went and stood behind Mrs. Hunter, careful to stay in Mattie’s eye-line.


“OW, NO, PLEASE!” Mattie screamed in agony.

“I’m so sorry, but they have to sweetheart, you know that. You’ll be ill if they don’t change them. You’re doing really well, good girl!” Beth’s voice shook as she fought once more to hold her daughter’s hands still.

“It won't be long now Matilda, just try and keep still for us, ok?” Dr Lee’s voice was professionally calm.

As the doctor began to clean her burns, Mattie screamed again. As hard as it was, Ric somehow swallowed the lump lodged in his throat. He kept his eyes fixed on Mattie’s face and spoke.

“Mattie? Mattie, it’s Ric; listen to me. Come on Mattie, remember the dream. You were going to tell your Mum, remember? Your Mum can help us, but you have to tell her Mattie. You start, I’ll help you, ok?”

Beth picked up what the young man was doing: “What dream Mattie? Tell me, tell Mum.”

Mattie gasped as the pain took her breath away, but she got one word out: “Travel.”

“Good Mattie, good. Now where do we want to go; do you remember?” Ric insisted.

Another cry of pain. It may have been Mattie’s voice that screamed, but Ric felt almost as though the cry had been torn from his chest. Somehow pulling himself together and blinking tears of empathy furiously out of his eyes, he tried to sound calm:

“Come on Mattie mate, help me out here; I know I wanted to go to Paris but I forget where you said. Where was it?”

“I bet I know where”, said Beth, catching the life-line that Ric offered her. “It’s London, isn’t it Mattie? You’ve always wanted to go there, ever since you were small. Is Mum right?”

Mattie hissed what sounded like a “Yes.”

“Good Mattie, you’re doing great, really great. No Mattie, don’t look down, look at me or Ric, baby. It won't be long now.” Beth soothed

Dr Lee’s voice broke through: “It’s almost clean now Mattie, then the worst will be done for now. It’s healing well, you’re doing great. So, London, huh? What do you want to do there?”

“Wheel ride.” Mattie’s teeth were gritted and the tears flooded down her cheeks.

“I promised Mattie I’d take her on the big wheel by the River Thames, but she wants her money’s worth; she made me promise to buy her dinner too!.” Ric did his best to try and sound upbeat.

“That’s my girl; you’re learning!” Beth did the same. “After your HSC, we’ll see what we can do.”

“Ric?!” Matilda’s voice was full of panic and her good hand reached out to him.

Ric was by her side in a heartbeat, giving her his hand to squeeze as the fresh gauze touched her wound.

“ARGH!” she sobbed.

“Shh, shh, Mattie.” Ric pushed the hair back from her wet forehead. “It’s done, it’s over now. Well done. Don’t tell your Mum, but you just earned yourself some champagne too!”

Beth’s eyes were wide with surprise, but all she said was: “Oh, I think she’s earned a glass, maybe even before then! Good girl Mattie.”

Ric handed both women tissues as Dr. Lee asked Beth for a quiet word outside. By the time Mrs. Hunter returned, she found an exhausted Matilda dosing, still holding Ric’s hand. Beth saw the inevitable and prayed that Mattie and Luc would work things out for the best and crept away.


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