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She was one of my favourites when she first arrived and i liked Harry and Shauna as a couple. She went downhill after he left by pairing up with Jude and becoming a complete misery 24/7 then coming back just to ruin Charlotte's life and get her own way.

Yeah, that basically sums up exactly what i thought about her as well. I felt so sorry for charlotte as she was one of the nicest characters on the show at the time. And yeah, she was incredibly whiny and miserable in her last storylines. I think it was discovered that she was Ailsa's daughter or something... i can't really remember?

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She was Ailsa's long lost daughter (they were both really miserable characters). I liked the fiesty feminist Shauna as she was so different to the likes of Sally and Leah as she had a bit of backbone to her. Then she paired up with Jude and went all moany and weak and i completely went off her.

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