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My layout for you to use

Guest Bloom

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Okay I was bored so I made some layouts! Use them wherever you like, just be sure to link back to one of my Home and Away sites and give me credit! I will take requests in this thread and I'll be on all day so I'll have requests done in seconds! I hope you will add like them!

Isabel Lucas


Nicholas Bishop


Isabel Lucas


Tim Campbell


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Nicholas Bishop


They are great!

Would you be able to do one of Ada..Cant spell her last name :blush: The woman that plays Leah?

I'd love to :D Just tell me what pics u wantm what effects you want, and text you want, and colours too

and jack/martha - i use Paint Shop Pro 11 :D

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Thanks guys :D

Angel - the size is 750 pixels in width and about 450 in height :D

also, did u get my PM reply angel?

I didn't see it!It says I have 0 messages but when I click on it it has messages!

You can call me Jo if you like

Like the Nic one you made just now

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