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Thanks, the Librarians.

"Hi." Cassie looks up to see Zoe McCallister, looking down at her with a sympathetic smile.


"Can I get you anything?"

"No. I'm fine. Thanks."

Zoe nods and shuffles her feet on the shiny tiles. She stands for a moment silently debating with herself over what to do next. "Mind if I sit?" she asks, her empathetic side winning out.

"Sure." If she was honest, Cassie was glad for the company, even if it was coming in the form of a practical stranger.

"I'm sorry," Zoe apologizes, clarifying what she means when Cassie looks at her in confusion. "About your gran."

"Oh, thanks." They sit in silence. "You were in the bar when it happened weren't you, you helped Flynn with her?"

"I did. I'm sorry we couldn't do more for her."

"It's not your fault." It wasn't anybody's fault. Not even Colleen Smart's, Cassie knew that. It was just one of those things that you hear about happening but never think is going to happen to you. "She's not going to wake up is she-" Cassie holds up a hand when Zoe goes to protest. "Please don't, I just want to know the truth."

Zoe nodded, she could appreciate that. "Probably not." Although she was expecting it, Cassie couldn't help it when her shoulders slumped. "I know what it's like." Zoe says unexpectedly. "You're close, right? With your Nan?"

"She's practically raised me." Cassie confirms, wondering where Zoe was going with all of this.

"Mine too." Zoe says absently, staring hard at the sign on the wall. "She died when I was young, so...I know what this is like."

It was weird but Cassie felt oddly comforted by the nurse's words. If Zoe could make it through and turn out okay, then so could she. "It's scary."

"I know." Zoe pauses, biting her lip uncertainly. "I was with her on the way down to Radiology, before she had the second stroke."

"Really?" Cassie asks in surprise, her eyes going glassy with unshed tears.

"Yeah, she told me to tell you...she told me to tell you that she was proud of you." It was a lie, Joy Foxton was too out of it to even remember her own name and could barely form a sentence by then, coherent or otherwise, but it was a comforting lie and Zoe couldn't see the harm. If her grandmother had told her that she was proud of her...well, things may have been very different for her.

Cassie gives her a watery smile, tears finally falling from her eyes. "Thank you." She reaches out and takes Zoe's hand.

Zoe sighs heavily at the contact. "You're welcome." Her head whips around as she hears Nurse Julie call her name and inform her that the patient in room 7 needed their IV changed. "You going to be okay here by yourself?" she asks, giving Cassie's hand a comforting squeeze.

Cassie nods and wipes a stray tear off her tanned cheek. "I will, Sally should be back soon."

"Okay." Zoe gives her hand a final squeeze before getting up to go and do her job, one of her jobs, and she can't help taking one last look back at the broken girl folded up on the hard waiting room chair. Zoe still remembered the time when she was that girl. Cursing herself for her moment of weakness, she turned her back on Cassie and on the window into her past, and steeled her resolve. She had a job to do and she wasn't going to let a bad memory get in the way of that.



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