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Callan Mulvey Appreciation

Guest The Cure

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Yes, here I go again....

But I felt the compulsion to start up this thread, simply because I appreciate Callan Mulvey.

I appreciate the fact that he is acting on television again, after too many years away.

I appreciate the fact that he is playing a bad boy again, because I appreciate the bad boys. :wub:

I appreciate that, even though we have thus far seen him in only one scene, his character is going to impact significantly on the show.

I appreciate his leather jacket, even though I am totally against leather. <_<

So yes, I have much appreciation. And it is not just a hangover from my pre-teen crush days. My adoration for him has prevailed. So welcome back Callan. :) Long may he remain.

The Cure


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It said in tv week they're rumoured to still be together but i'm not sure.

As for Callan Appreciation,pretty much everything the cure said....And what a sexy voice!

I also think it's great howe after a accident that almost killed him he got back up asnd is doing what he loves

Way to go Callan!

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^Right on.

I will add that I too appreciate the sexy voice. How could I have forgotten the sexiness of that voice? And don't even get me started on his eyes. They just knock me out.

I also appreciate, from personal experience, how hard it is to triumph over adversity, but dammit you just feel amazing when you do. I hope Cal feels amazing now, because he is.

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He truly is an amazing person,a real inspiration fromwhat i've heard.

I almost died when he was in it for 2 seconds on thursday and when the ep centred around him on friday you couldn't shut me up..i just kept goin ah ''he's gorgeous''*stops drooling*..do you think if i wrote to him,he'd reply?apparently he features prominently in the finale which is being filmed now.

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Can't hurt to try, can it? If you are quick, you might be able to catch him whilst he is stilll in it. I see you live in Sydney, so it wont take too long to get there. Nothing like the two weeks or whatever it would take from here in dear old Blighty!

I just watched Friday's episode....wasn't he just fantastic? I know Johnny is supposed to be "evil" and all but I can't help loving him. I can't wait to see what he does next. Mr Mulvey was on fine form, great acting from him. He is just very natural and at ease, you know?

I thoroughly enjoyed that litttle scene in the diner with Irene. He just looks so gorgeous when his eyes light up like that.......I was swooning throughout that whole episode. I haven't been so excited by this show in ages.

*Cure is in love* :wub:

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I know what you mean,i've not been so excited by the show in ages either.I'm glad someone understands my love for hime becourse somehow i think i'm going to get a lot of flak for liking the evil guy,lol,but i just love him already and am looking forward to what he gets up to next.

Those eyes....i have no words,they're magical,it's like he was teasing Irene with them...just,wow i can't explain them!

I'm not explaining myself to well but i join you in the Johnny love! :wub::wub:

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Just seen 4303....he just gets more fantastic with every episode..

I especially loved the way he was winding Brad up in his apartment. I've seen Brad in only about three episodes but already I dislike him intensely. He seems whiny and irratating.

The police interview scene was great as well. Fitzy was totally charmed by him too, you could tell. It's like all he has to do is smile and everyone around him just melts. Or maybe that is just me..... :wink:

And isn't it funny how Johnny has that exact same "attitude" that Drazic always had? And he is always having confrontations with the cops? And fighting with Nic Bishop?? It's like Callan was born to play these roles.

The only thing that slightly ruins it is his gang of mute cartoon thugs. They always seem to be standing around playing football or building sandcastles and giggling. Is that what gangs do? It all seems a bit comic to me. <_<

I swear Callan's acting gets even better with every passing scene. I mean, he was good in HBH, but I don't remember him being this good. I am running out of vocabulary to descibe just how awesome he is.......

Okay, I'll try to stop hero-worshipping for now...but I love, love, love him...I can't help it. :(

Rock on.



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No need to stop,lol.We seem to be the only ones who really like him everyone else loves Rocco who i feel is worse then Johnny.At least Johnny's honest,Rocco's playing Sally for a fool.The show would be incredibly boring if everyone was a goody goody.

I to enjoyed when he was winding Brad up,especially when he goes''you should get some of those girly magazines,their very educational'',or something along those lines.Sometimes i think he does it purely for a laugh becourse he knows Brad'll react to him.

And i laughed when he was robbing Amanda's,when Rocco said they can't just leave them in the pantry and Johnny Goes,Don't worry,it's not like they're gonna starve!Lol,he's funny sometimes.

I thought about him and Nic working together before,i wonder if they like each other,they're my 2 faves besides Drew.

Another totally irrelevent though i had during the robberry was if i was Holly Brisley i'd keep stuffing it up so they had to keep doing the scene again...He was holding her hands behind her back,which if it was me i sure wouldn't object to,lol.

who wouldn't melt with those eyes and that smile looking at them.....I'll shut up now!

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