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Tues 17 Oct 06 - "Sharp Dressed Man"

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, "Sharp Dressed Man"

(Screened in Australia on Tues 17 Oct 06 - Episode # 4292)

Note –Due to various circumstances, this guide is less detailed than usual.

The shock of Peter’s non death hits Dan more than it does Leah. Indeed, Dan goes al stony faced (like he does) whilst listening to Peter’s explanation of what happened, but that when he DOES speak, he lets fly and verbally attacks Peter for doing this.

Soon after, Leah (Leah’s place) & Drew talk to Dan – Drew tells Dan of how Peter was prepared to give her own life to save Drew, and the influence of both Drew & Leah DOES have an affect on Dan.

He goes to the police station and speaks with Peter. Dan apologises for going off at Peter, and although Peter later tells Dan, Leah & Drew that he is thinking of nailing for the bay (as it feels right – given what’s happened) but they convince him to stay bayside, to see how things feel.

AT the hospital, Martha is by Jack’s bedside when he starts to wake. Rachel enters the room and suggests that Jack shouldn’t try to sit up. Everyone (Tony, Luke, Beth and Tilly) enter – they are pleased to see that Jack is awake.

Martha uses this opportunity to bail from the room and the hospital.

In Jack’s room, he tells Tony & co that he had no time to react before being king hit by the thug. Jack announce that Peter is still alive – Tony says that they now this news now too.

At Noah's, Alf wonder why Martha is here doing her shift when should be by Jack’s side. Alf thinks that it’s because Martha is feeling the she REALLY loves Jack, after recent animosity, but Martha insists that it’s the opposite – unlike when Jack was in hospital with the fake spider thing – Martha realises that she doesn’t love Jack.

Martha is then having a quite drink by herself when a guy approaches. He says that he’s just arrived in town as friend of his is in trouble.

As they continue to talk, Martha discovers that the guy's name is Ash, which is short for Ashton (named after Ashton Kutcher maybe) and they have really good time together.

So much so that when we see them, it’s that nest morning, and they are talking of how they spend the night together !!!

At hospital, Rachel tells Jack the bad news about his spinal problems – and although Tilly & co they to tell Jack that he can get through this, Jack tells them all to get out of his room.

Later, Martha enters and Jack tells her that (despite recent problems) that they can get through them and get back together.

Martha gives all this some thought on the beach – with her adultery and all.

When she returns to the hospital, Martha is about to tell Jack that she will give their relationship another go – when Jack’s old friend Chooka (aka Ash) enters the room !!! (end of ep)


Will Martha confess ???

Has Amanda lost Belle forever ???

It's A Designer Label

GOLD – Martha's aqua low cut top

SILVER – Ash's royal blue (with yellow dragon motif) button up shirt

BRONZE – Ash's white (with bue square motifs) button up shirt

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