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My English Love Story

Guest ~Rosey~

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Topic Title – My English Love story

Topic Description – Zoe/Kim. Rating: T

Type of story: one-shot

Rating: T

Main Characters: Zoe/Kim

Genre: Drama/Romance

Warnings: None

Is Story being proof read: No.

Summary: Zoe and Kim get married

Hey Guys.

This was a piece of english homework I had to do before tomorrow...just wanted to know what you all think of it. I know its rushed but i'm only 13 and I dont think my teacher would appeciate it being to like...:unsure: to full on.

Please review and let me know if I can change any thing before tomororw.

O and Sian..I used your name :D

Note: This was before Zoe got evil (actually she always was evil but I didnt think her evilness would fit into the story)

This was the day Zoë and Kim had been wanting for 6 months. It was their wedding day. They had met 9 months ago whilst walking along the beach. It was love at first sight. 3 months later, they were engaged and living together. They had everything planned out for the big day. Zoë had her dress and 3 bridesmaids – her sisters. On the other hand, Kim didn’t want to have anyone with him.

7 am that morning, Kim woke up at his Mums place and Zoë woke up at hers. The wedding was at 11 this morning and they had a lot to organise. Her sisters were coming over at 9 and now it was 8. Zoë got ready, but not in her wedding dress. She didn’t want to spoil it by eating breakfast. She finished getting dressed and ate some breakfast. She heard a knock at the door and went to open the door and found her youngest sister waiting with a see through bag, containing her dress.

“Hey Sweetie, come inâ€

“Hey Zoë. Thanks. Sorry that I’m earlyâ€

Zoë looked at her watched

“Only by 5 minutes†she replied.

1 hour later, everyone was ready. Zoë’s Dad had arrived about 30 minutes ago as he was going to occupy her down the church isle. Back at Kim’s mums house, he was getting really nervous. It was 45 minutes before the wedding started and he was just about to leave. He went to the bathroom, checked him self over once more and left. At Zoë’s house, everyone was ready. They left in the matter of 5 minutes. When they arrived at the church, everything looked perfect. Soon the guests started arriving. After about 10 minutes, the wedding started. The vows were said, as was everything else. Before Zoë knew it, the minister was saying “You may kiss the bride†and he did. Everyone clapped and close family were crying. Hand in hand, Zoë and Kim were the first to walk out of the church. They got in the car and drove to the reception, were they met there’re family and friends. Everyone congratulated them on what a great wedding that was. They ate lunch and danced. Then about 7 pm that night, it all wrapped up. Everyone went home and the bride and groom were packing for their honeymoon to Tasmania. They finished packing and eventually fell asleep in each other’s arms.

Zoë woke up the next morning, excited about the honeymoon. She woke Kim up, as they had to leave to catch the plane. They got dressed, drove to the airport and got on the plane, and before they knew it they were in Tasmania. It was a beautiful place and they were glad to be there for a week. 2 days after they arrived, Zoë started having stomach craps and eventually cola sped. She was rushed to the closest hospital; to eventually find out she was pregnant to Kim. They were both very excited.

4 days later, they were packing to go home the next day. They were talking about the great experience they have had in Tasmania over the past week, finding out she was pregnant and all of that.

They boarded the plane and Zoë slept most of the way, when they got home, both of their parents were waiting to see them. They hadn’t been told they were about to become grandparents but when Zoë told them they were really happy for her and excited that they were becoming grandparents.

They all drove home from the airport and invited their parents over to their house. When they got back thy had lunch and the whole day seemed to be going absolutely fine until Zoë had to go to the toilet. When she went she noticed blood everywhere. She called out to her Mum, who came running saw it and immediately called an ambulance. She was rushed to hospital and the doctors confirmed the worst – Zoë has miscarried. They blamed it on the plane trip home.

Zoë and Kim left the hospital within the next 6 hours. Zoë was upset and she couldn’t bring her self to the fact she had just lost her baby. When they got home all Zoë wanted to do was sleep. And so she did. Kim stayed up into the lounge room, crying. He really wanted this baby and so did Zoë.

2 weeks later, Zoë felt sick and dizzy and decided to get a pregnancy test before she collapsed again. She got one and it came back as positive. She was so excited; she picked up the phone and called Kim at work. He was jumping for joy (in some sense) and he told Zoë that he would ring his parents, if she could ring hers.

8 months later, Zoë and Kim were sitting on the lounge together. She was watching TV and he was reading. Suddenly Zoë screamed out in pain and her water broke. She then announced that the baby was coming.

They rushed her to hospital and after around 4 hours of being in labour, the baby finally arrived. It was a little girl, who they decided to call Sian

The End.


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