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Would it be wrong of me to just put in a fake request? I'd love to see all the great graphics makers lunge at it, and see what they do.

I know it's only graphics making, so I don't want to go in too deep, but I bet it'd show a bit about the personality and taste of the person making it. How that person would develop the pictures into a sig or whatever.

I'd personally like to see Cat and Sevenpudd's head to head with the same pic. It'd be great to see what they'd make. :)

I rambled. *closes mouth*

What ever happened to this request? :P

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You don't have to stop using them, I don't make the rules, I'm not a mod or admin! I just thought this would be a good idea to stop all artists having their own request thread :)

I just saw that a mod closed a request thread (but it was a random request, not a thread for people to request stuff from a specific member) and asked that all request should be posted here instead of separately, so it just made me wonder :P

It is a great idea, I just think it should be used for random requests :)

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