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Artwork Request Thread


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Because of the amount of requests that have been springing up in separate threads I thought it might be a good idea to have a thread where people can request artwork. If you want artwork by anyone specific please request in their personal thread or PM them but if you don't really care and would like to see what different people come up with post your request in here!

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Would it be wrong of me to just put in a fake request? I'd love to see all the great graphics makers lunge at it, and see what they do.

I know it's only graphics making, so I don't want to go in too deep, but I bet it'd show a bit about the personality and taste of the person making it. How that person would develop the pictures into a sig or whatever.

I'd personally like to see Cat and Sevenpudd's head to head with the same pic. It'd be great to see what they'd make. :)

I rambled. *closes mouth*

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