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Thurs 12 Oct 06 - "Wrong Number !!!”

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, "Wrong Number !!!”

(Screened in Australia on Thurs 12 Oct 06 - Episode # 4294)

At mansion, Belle is horrified when Amanda tells her about Drew/Amanda. Amanda tries to stop Belle (who can’t believe that she actually liked calling Amanda mum) from bailing - but Belle backhands her across the face and escapes.

Naturally, in the middle of the night, she pounds (Belle & Amanda seem to have a habit of this) on Irene’s back door – when Irene lets her in, an in tears Belle teals her happen.

Next morn, Irene & Belle is talk when Amanda arrives. She wants to talk to Belle – but ire & Belle insists on not listening. Amanda bails.

Drew is pining over Amanda at Leah’s place. Things are made worse when Amanda arrives – she way blames him for all of this. Dan insists that that it’s all Amanda’s fault. Amanda bails, as does Drew.

Dan goes after Drew – and catches up on the beach. As they chat we see that Irene & Belle are walk towards them. Irene suggests that they go another way – but Belle confronts Drew (and of course THOSE things are watching).

At police station, Jack insists to Fitzy that Peter’s medial records could hold that key as to why Drew is being targeted.

Near beach, 1 of the things as on the phone. when off, he tells that another that boss not want them to pounce on Drew just get.

On beach, Dan tells Drew that he should try to forget bout Amanda, but Drew insists that she must be taught a lesson. Drew bails.

In diner, the likes of Colleen, Morag & Alf comment that although you need a licence to have pets, any idiot can become a parent. Dan enters; ands tells them all of latest developments.

Drew enters the mansion and confronts Amanda – she is way in tears. Naturally, Belle gets the wrong idea when Drew tries to comfort Amanda.

Bel hopes that they are happy together, and, Amanda tells Drew to go.

Jack speaks to Rachel at hospital. He is tying to access Peter’s med records. Several searches reveal that they can not be found.

Dr Green seems condescending of the whole reason why Jack wants the records – but when he is in his office, Dr Green is on the phone. When he gets off, asks Rachel to cover huis shift at hospital as he has to urgently be elsewhere. Dr Green bails.

As Belle prepares to bails for the final time from mansion, Amanda is way inters, but Belle thinks that it’s all an act, and she bails (after call Amanda pathetic).

DREW & Belle encounter each other at diner. Both agree that Amanda used both on f them.

Drew insists that he was interested in Belle before he got inteet in Amanda – whilst Belle wishes that Drew was the different guy that she thought he was.

As search for Peter’s med records continues, Dr Green is bought in by ambulance dudes. He’s had a car crash – and the ambulance officers hand Rachel some med records – she hands them to Jack, as they are Peter’s.

After Rachel agrees that he can do so, Jack speaks to Dr Green – who won’t talk to him. From when Dr Green says (eg “can you protect my family?”, Jack thinks that he is as scared of who is after Drew as Rice was !!!

At police station, Jack & Fitzy talk about the case, Fitzy goes to bail for the day, but Jack insists that he wants to try to figure this all out.

At side of road, one of the hugs is on phone. He is informed that Jack has Peter’s records – and that Do Green has car crash on the way to things.

At Leah's house, Dan tries to get Drew to realise that he will get over all this in time. Drew doesn’t think so – and was decide that he is LEAVING the bay.

Jack is still working on the case – when something comes to him. He rings Fitzy and leaves message on her answering machine, “I know who it is”.

One of the thugs “kills” the call – and says,”wrong number” (end of ep)


Jack is knocked unconscious (again) – will he survive?

Rachel announce that Jack DOESN'T have Peter’s liver !!!

Drew can’t believe it when he encounters Peter in a shed somewhere.

It's A Designer Label

GOLD – Irene's green (V leafy motifed) blouse

SILVER – Leah's black halter neck top

BRONZE – Amanda's light blue & gold hakter neck top


AManda's red singlet top (with black sports singlet top beneath)

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