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Having Faith

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Chapter One

Martha looked around her home that she shared with her friends, Kim Hyde and Rachel Armstrong. Kim and Rachel were blissfully happy, a pairing that Martha couldn’t help but feel slightly jealous of. Here she was, mourning the death of her long-time boyfriend who passed away a year ago.

Martha smiled, remembering the many happy times she’d shared with him, the ups and downs they’d had, but it had all been destroyed one day when he’d returned from holidays, happy to see his beloved girl, when, as he crossed the road, a police chase happened, and the driver, who had just robbed Noah’s Bar, ploughed straight through the innocent bystander, leaving Martha heartbroken and depressed for months. She’d grieved for months until she got a sign, a sign which she wondered if she had imagined. She saw him in a dream, he seemed happy and he told her that she needed to stop moping, and be happy, move on with her life and find love. In her dream she had refused, telling him no, she wouldn’t, begging him to come back to her, but he just repeated four things: Stop moping, cheer up, move on and finally; find love again, in a lucky man’s arms.

She sighed, slowly she felt as if she was over him, she’d always remember him, she’d never forget but she’d known from that dream on, he was watching her and he wouldn’t let her be hurt in love. She was cleaning, and suddenly she heard a friendly voice “You’re going to rip the carpet up if you keep vacuuming over that same spot.” She threw her head up, to see the smiling face of Rachel, and she smiled at her friend “Sorry, just thinking.” She said distantly, and Rachel smiled sympathetically “I know you miss him, Mac, but remember, he loved you and wouldn’t want you to be wasting your life.” She reminded her honestly, and Martha nodded “I know Rach; it doesn’t stop it from hurting though.” She said softly, as Rachel came across, turning off the vacuum cleaner as she went and put her arms around her best friend in a comforting hug “How about I finish up the cleaning whilst you go and make us some lunch?” Martha suggested to Rachel who smiled “Sounds like a plan. But it will get easier; it’s only been a year. For all you know, the perfect man for you may just, walk through the door one day.” She said softly and the door opened, Kim walking in and Rachel laughed “Except your perfect man isn’t him.” She said, fondly speaking of her boyfriend “Nobody would be silly enough to go for him.” She said with a grin and Martha laughed “Nobody except you, you mean?” She said smirking and Rachel shrugged “I guess you’re right.” She said, giving Kim a hug and a quick kiss, with Martha smiling at the pair, she wondered when she’d find the right guy, if she ever would. She realised that she’d dazed off, and that Kim and Rachel were discussing a get together that was happening at Noah’s tonight, and Martha spoke up, sounding slightly shy as she knew this would surprise them “I was thinking of going, could I go along with you guys?” She asked, almost quietly and Kim nodded “Sure, of course. It’d be fun.” He said, and then said to Rachel “So I’ll see you at Noah’s tonight? I’m going at 7:30.” Rachel smirked “You gotta be fashionably late Kimberley?” She said and Martha was left grinning “In case you’ve forgotten, it starts at 7:00. Not 6:30, not 7:30 but 7:00.” Martha said the two women often ganged up on Kim, but all knew it was in fun; Kim looked at them “Isn’t it the girl’s job to be late? You know, with all the stuff she has to do, like cook, and clean for us males?” He teased and Rachel rolled her eyes “I think you mean getting her make-up done, and wearing heels that are easy to stab your man with.” She stated defiantly, and Kim pretended to look shocked “In that case, I’d better get going. See you at the party girls!” He said, as he left as quickly as he’d come, and Martha looked at the time “He should’ve stayed, he would have gotten to see us pretty ourselves up” She said, looking at the clock, which read that it was quarter to six, and Rachel smiled “He knows that we take ages, he’ll probably come at about seven and still beat us getting ready.” She said, and both girls grinned, when suddenly there was a knock at the door, and Rachel looked at the door, and squealed with delight and raced over to open it…

NEXT UPDATE: Who is at the door? And who is joining this person? Whose romance hots up?


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Chapter Two

Rachel squealed “BRAD! What are you doing here?” Was her comment, as she threw her arms around her brother “Oh my gosh, why didn’t you tell me you were coming?” She demanded, and her brother smiled at her reaction “Well, it’s not really a surprise if you tell someone you’re coming is it?” He said, and she squealed and turned to Martha “Mac, this is my brother Brad. Brad, this is Martha Mackenzie.” She said, introducing her brother to her best friend, and Martha smiled as she stretched her hand out to Brad “Hey.” She said quietly, and got a nod and a hello in response from Brad. One thing that she hoped was that Rach wasn’t suddenly gunna play matchmaker, and when Brad’s back was turned, she noticed Rach looking her direction and Mac gave her a dark look, and Rachel sighed and rolled her eyes “I said he’d walk right through the door.” She whispered and Mac gave her a small hit on the arm, and Rachel said innocently “Brad, tonight we’re going out, soon actually, so would you like to come? It’s a get-together at Noah’s Bar; you’d be more than welcome.” She said hopefully and he laughed “I was intending on going there anyway to catch up with a mate of mine whose been staying in the bay.” He said, “So of course I’ll use your little get-together as an excuse.” Rachel grinned “Come on Martha, we’ve got to go get ready.” She said, grabbing her friends arm and leading her off, leaving Brad to use the bathroom to get ready.

By the time everyone was ready, it was 7:00. Kim had shown, and was ready and Rachel and Mac were busy teasing Kim “So, what happened to being fashionably late?” Rachel asked him, and he smirked “Well you two stopped me!” He said with a laugh. Brad was sitting in the front seat, next to Rachel, who was driving, and Brad pointed to a guy who was sitting on a bench “That’s my mate.” He said, and Rachel pulled into Noah’s car park, and they all got out and walked over to him “Hey, Jacky boy!” He said, and the guy turned around, revealing a face that Martha knew, and she gasped in shock – He was the copper who had helped her with getting over Jordan! Jack recognised Martha immediately, but Rachel and Kim took a while to remember. Jack’s family were in another town, and Jack had been here by himself for about a year and a half, but the main contact Martha had had with him, was just dealing with Jordan, and he was one of the main people involved in solving Jordan’s case. Brad looked at them all “Jack you know these guys?” He said “This is my sister, Rach!” He said, and Jack smiled “I had no idea.” He said and Rachel smiled “So why don’t we all head inside?” She asked, and they all agreed and went inside.

Inside, the party was in full swing, and Martha was sitting on the side, watching Rachel and Kim dance when she noticed someone sit beside her, she turned and saw that it was Jack, and she gave him a warm smile “Hey Jack.” She said softly, and Jack smiled at her “So how are you going?” He asked her, he’d been interested in her since the death of her boyfriend but he was smart enough not to approach her so soon after she’d lost her boyfriend “I’m alright.” She sighed and Jack looked at her “I’m glad, I know it’s hard to loose the people you love, I lost my mum at 9.” He said, softly and honestly “It gets easier. But I’m here if ever you need to talk.” He said honestly, and she smiled thankfully at him.

Rachel was watching her friend with the copper and she nudged Kim, as the songs switched “I think Martha may have a match.” She said giggling and Kim looked at his girlfriend “She might but remember not to push her. Anyway I’m happy, Jack seemed like a nice enough guy last year, with Jordan’s stuff, and he doesn’t seem to have changed.” He said, looking at his girlfriend “Alright, enough alcohol for you! You’ve turned into a giggling Gertie!” He said, trying to sound outraged but Rachel just continued laughing at him, and Kim shook his head


*Note* Tony and Lucas aren't here yet!

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Have Faith.

Chapter Three

It was the morning after the party, and Martha sighed as she lay in her bed, thinking. She and Jack had gotten along pretty well, they’d spent the whole time at the party together, and she couldn’t help but wondering why she was starting to develop feelings toward him, it was too soon… wasn’t it? She sighed as she threw off her doona, and exited her bedroom, to discover it was 8:00. She remember that Jack had her number, he said he’d wanted to keep in contact and stuff, so she’d taken his as well, and she wondered if things were going to go further, and she asked herself, did she want things to go further? That she was unsure of, and she sighed, and began preparing her breakfast…

She looked up from the fridge as she noticed Rachel enter, rubbing her eyes and Martha couldn’t not smirk at her friend “Have a nice headache?” She asked,

“Yes, it’s rather lovely, but you don’t need to rub it in.” She said, her head rather sore, indicating that she had a rather large hangover, due to the large amounts of alcohol that she consumed, and Martha grinned and let out a little laugh every time her best friend groaned, which was about every two minutes, and Rachel had enough so decided to change the subject “So, Mac, what’s going on between you and Jack?” She said softly to her friend, who looked shocked and unsure of the answer herself “I don’t know.” Said the sad, unsure response and Rachel looked sympathetically at Martha “I know its probably really hard for you at the moment, but Jordan would want you to be happy, and maybe Jack was a godsend, and maybe it’d do you some good to give him a chance, he’s a nice guy Mac. At least get to know him a bit better, that way you have an informed decision.” She said quietly to her friend, who looks a bit upset “I just feel so bad.” She said, sobbing, as her friend walked over and put her arms around her young friend “There isn’t anything to feel bad about.” She said tenderly “Jordan would have wanted you to move on, he wouldn’t want you to be sad and lonely for the rest of your life. Your only 21, you’ve got a long life ahead of you if you battle it alone.” She said and Martha nodded “I guess you’re right.” She admitted and Rach smiled “I love hearing those words.” She said, making Martha smile, which she was proud of.

Later on that day, Martha was working in Noah’s Bar when she saw Jack walk in, and she gave him a friendly smile “Hey.” She said, and he smiled back at her “Hey Martha, how are you?” He said, “Good, you?” Came the reply, and the conversation continued like that for a while, and Martha felt it, again, the feelings inside of her being stirred up, like they were when she was starting to get along really well with Jordan, and for some reason, thinking about him, she suddenly felt lightened, as thought Jordan was somewhere, telling her it was okay to move on, and that’s when she knew that she was, she was ready to move on, to find love again..

A month and a half later, their relationship was still going strong, and Martha was wondering if she’d jumped the gun, maybe Jack didn’t want to take it any further with her but little did she know that Jack was wondering if she was ready to move on, he’d heard that Martha was really serious with Jordan, and he thought that even though Jordan had been dead for over a year now, maybe she wasn’t ready for another relationship so soon, he knew some people grieved for longer than others. Martha went over to Jack’s one day, and smiled as he came to the door “Hey.” She said with a smile, and he smiled at her “Hey Martha, come in.” He said, holding open the door for her, and he looked at her nervously “I was, uh, wondering if you’d like to go out to dinner with me one time.” He said, the nerves showing in his face and she looked at him softly “As in a date?” She asked, and he looked even more nervous at that “Yeah, but if you’re not ready that’s okay.” He said quickly, and she smiled “I’ve actually been thinking about it, and I’ve realized I am ready. I’m ready to move on, and I’m ready for a boyfriend.” She said softly, and he smiled at her “We can take it slow.” He stated, and she nodded “Thanks.” She said, and one of the papers suddenly slipped out of her hands and fell between her and Jack, and they both reached to pick it up, their faces really close now, they both looked at each other, and both simultaneously leant in, and their lips joined in their first kiss…

Later on that afternoon, Martha lay on the couch with Jack, after that first kiss they’d both kissed and cuddled for a little bit longer, Martha was now laying in his arms, now officially a couple and Jack smiled “I didn’t expect us to get together before the date.” He said, smiling at her and she looked up at him “Actually neither did I, but I’m glad we did.” She said quietly, and Jack kissed the top of her head, the two of them sharing a glance, before sharing yet another kiss.


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Chapter Four


Rachel entered the hospital, smiling and happy, just full of the joys of life. She got a shock when she saw Dr. Lewis standing behind her “Hello Chester.” She greeted her friend warmly, and he smiled gently down at her “Good morning Rachel.” He said, looking hesitant. “Rachel, I know that you recently found out that you are nearly four months pregnant, and whilst I feel I must pass on my congratulations, I have some... rather unfortunate news. If you’d like to step into my office...” He said, letting the sentence slide, with Rachel starting to look scared, all sorts of things were running through her mind, was her baby okay? She was nearly four months pregnant, she shouldn’t have too many problems this time in the pregnancy, although she knew problems sometimes came up mid pregnancy. She stepped into the office, with Chester looking at her almost piteously. “Rachel, I understand you picked up your pregnancy about two weeks ago. Now the ultrasound we sent you for showed that your baby was fine. However, the scan also picked up that you have ovarian cancer.” He said

His comments left Rachel sitting there, stunned “But will the baby be okay?” She rushed “I’m four months pregnant! OMG the baby” She said, starting to panic but Chester said softly “Rachel you need to calm down. You will need to start chemotherapy as soon as possible, I’m sure you know that you will need to have a termination to have the best chance at beating this illness. Now, if you’d like your boyfriend to come here, we can talk about what’s going on-” He said but Rachel stopped him “I’m not aborting this baby.” “Rachel, you’re a doctor, you know that five months down the track is too late to start chemo” He said, and she glared at him “If you think that I’d hurt my baby then you’re out of your mind. I’m keeping this baby, and if it means a pre-mature birth then I’m all for that but I will not hurt my baby!” She said, getting louder and louder “You’re crazy if you think I’m going to hurt my baby. I know the termination is my best chance, but I’m not having it. No matter what Kim says I’m not having a termination. This is MY BABY! Probably the only baby I will ever have and I’ll be damned if I’m going to have a termination.”

She said, glaring at her friend and storming out the door, to find Kim standing there, and looking at her boyfriend she softened, and said quietly to him “Kim, there’s something I need to tell you.” She said, leading him into her office, where they sat on her couch “Kim, you know how I’m four months pregnant? Well I just found out, that I have ovarian cancer” She said, looking at her dearly beloved’s face, and the look of pain on his face said it all, and Rachel said “Kim, I’m not starting chemo until the baby is born. I’m not terminating my baby, everyone says I should but I’m not. I’m not killing our only chance at a baby, the chances I will make it are slim but I’m not killing my baby. I should have a good chance of beating it if the baby is born early-” She said but Kim looked shocked “Rach, I can’t lose you. This isn’t the only way we can have a baby – We can adopt, we can foster, we can have surrogacy, but I can’t lose you!” He said, his voice coming out choked like and Rachel looked into his eyes “I can’t hurt this baby Kim. I just can’t. I know I may leave you but this baby is our baby, a beautiful creation that both you and I made, and I don’t want to give it up. I can’t Kim, if there was something else we could do I would but I can’t. I’m sorry, Kim but that’s the way this is going to be.” She said in a final sort of way, and she walked out the door, leaving Kim in tears.

Martha smiled, completely unaware of her best friend’s current grieving. She smiled at Jack, who lay next to her. They were very serious now, no longer taking it slow, Martha adored everything there was about Jack, and she loved the fact that he had chosen her to be his girlfriend. She smiled softly, then her smile disappeared as she got out of bed and raced to the bathroom, throwing up so many times, with Jack by her side, talking to her, letting her know she’d be okay, and finally the nausea stopped, leaving Martha breathless on the wall and Jack worried “Martha, you’ve been sick for days now. I think you need to go to the hospital and get yourself checked out.” She sighed sadly “Jack, I know why I’m being sick – I’m pregnant” She said tearfully, wondering Jack’s response but instead he looked delighted “OMG Mac that’s great!” He said, thrilled. She sighed with relief “I did wonder how you’d react, I’m only about three weeks pregnant.” She said softly. She hugged Jack tight, ready to embrace motherhood and knowing that Jack would be by her side, every step of the way.

She then heard the front door open and saw Rachel enter, looking stressed “Guess what Rach!” She squealed as she raced to her friend “Rach, I’m pregnant!” She said with a huge smile on her face, and Rachel smiled warmly at her friend “Mac, that’s amazing” She said truthfully and Mac laughed “How strange is that, we’re both pregnant, you a lot further along than me but yeah. We’ll both be able to raise our kids together!” She declared laughing, but Rachel’s face fell and Martha realised that everything wasn’t sunshine and daisies for her friend “Rach, what’s wrong?” She said tenderly, putting her arms around her friend “I’ve got ovarian cancer Mac” She said, tears forming in her eyes “I’m not killing my baby either, so by the time the baby is born the chance of my survival is lower than 50%. But I’m not killing my baby Mac. I’m not” She said, her eyes full of tears and Martha herself started crying, and they were soon sitting on the couch crying, both wondering if Rachel and her baby were gunna be okay…

NEXT TIME Will Rach and the baby survive?


Author’s note: I know its weird, both pregnant but I wanted Mac to have a baby so badly. And I know a lot of time has passed but I wanted both pregnancies to be possible, with a long way into Jack and Mac’s relationship. And the date just didn't make it. Sorry guys. But I'll make them have an extra-special date now they have something to celebrate!

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Chapter Five

One Week Later

Rachel was doing her best to keep busy, but her cancer was always in her mind. She sighed as she vigorously continued scrubbing at a plate, then she realised it was the same plate she’d been cleaning for the past half an hour. She sighed as she put the plate onto the draining board, she then saw Martha walk in, and she smiled at her friend “Hey Mac! How’d the ultrasound go?” She asked she knew how special ultrasounds were and Martha laughed “Well it went perfectly, with the exception of one fact – I got my dates wrong. I’m actually nearly three months pregnant, meaning our kids won’t be that far apart in age.” She said, putting a caring hand on Rachel’s shoulder and Rachel turned “Mac, you have to promise that if I go, after my baby is born, please look after my baby Mac. Be like a mother to him or her, please.” She begged of her friend and Martha looked at her friend, with a look of sadness in her face “Like I’d do anything else.” She said softly, putting her arms around her friend when there was a knock on the door, and Rachel walked over and opened the door and squealed “Julia!”

She raced up to the door, throwing her arms around the older girl, who smiled at the younger girl “Hello Rach. Martha” She said, acknowledging the even younger girl’s presence, Martha smiled at Julia “Hello.” She greeted her friend, before returning to the job that Rachel had attempted to do and Julia looked at Rachel “I heard through Bradley that you’ve come through an illness and have also heard you’re refusing to terminate your pregnancy.” She said seriously, and Rachel looked down “Look, I know you’re gunna bug me to have it but-” “Rachel, you need to understand that if you don’t have this operation you could die” She argued, and her voice got louder until she was screaming at Julia, the event had thrown her into utmost anger at everyone and she was sick of being told that she had to have a termination, the stress was beginning to pile up on Rachel and suddenly she clutched her stomach, in utmost agony, leaving Martha and Julia looking horrified as they rushed to her, as she lay on the floor screaming in pain, then Martha saw something she didn’t want to see – Martha knew a bit about pregnancy and she knew about miscarriage, and she knew enough to get a good idea that this was what Rachel was having; a miscarriage. Julia called the ambulance and when it came, Rachel was rushed to hospital, with Julia and Martha not far behind.

A few hours later, Martha was sitting in the hospital, clinging onto Jack’s hand, who had taken the afternoon off work to be with his girlfriend and she sighed, as she prepared to do another round of pacing, she knew that Kim was having the worst of it, his long-time girlfriend was in there and he had no idea if she was going to be okay. Chester came out and Kim leapt up to meet him, and Chester sighed “Kim, I don’t have good news. The stress on her body, plus her body knowing that the cancer doesn’t belong there is hard enough. We quickly need to know if it is okay to remove the infected cells.” Kim nodded, and Chester said “Does Rachel want to save her eggs?” Kim’s nod was all he needed and he rushed in to finish the operation…

Three hours later, Chester came out “Good news, all went well with the second operation. Even though she lost the baby, it means all is well for her now, and we’ll have to do a test soon but hopefully she’ll make a full recovery. She only had ovarian cancer, it hadn’t spread very far.” They all hugged each other, even though Rachel had lost her unborn babe, she would live and that was the main thing. Suddenly Jack’s mobile phone rang, and he answered it, and the news shocked him to his core, and he looked up, a strange look on his face, before quickly rushing out…

What made Jack do that?

Please review

Rosie made me kill the cancer. She wouldnt stop bugging me. Blame her, hehe.

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Chapter Six

Martha whirled around at the sight of her long-time boyfriend dashing out of the hospital, after one phone call, leaving her immensely worried and curious and she knew something wasn’t right. Jack was normally so calm, so placid, and this was just something that was just completely out of the ordinary for Jack. He’d never have just left her there, with no way of getting home, unless she decided to use Kim’s car, which she doubted she’d do; Julia had driven her here. Especially since she was three months pregnant with his child. So she did what she knew Jack needed her to do. She ran after him. She saw him, as he was headed out, and he saw her standing there, waving him down, and he stopped beside her, just sitting in the car and Martha jumped in and looked at him, he looked upset, stressed, but more so; scared. He looked at her, tears forming in his eyes and she opened her door, went to his door, and moved him out, now he was out of his frenzy, just staring into space, she parked his car quickly, then held his hand as they began the walk, the walk where hopefully, her boyfriend would explain what had gotten him so worked up…

Jack started explaining as they got closer to the bay; they’d arrived at the Welcome sign to Summer Bay. “Five years ago, I met this girl, Jana. I thought she was the best, you know? I thought we were made for each other, we had a good relationship, we moved quickly through the relationship, it happened pretty quickly. Now, Mac, I need to make sure you won’t hate me for not telling you sooner.” He begged and she nodded. She could never hate him, and she told him so. He smiled slightly before continuing “Anyway, two months into our relationship, she fell pregnant. Nine months later, Callie came into the world, with me as her loving father and Jana not really caring much for her daughter, she wasn’t really a motherly person, you know? Well, when Callie was 5 months old, Jana met a new man, a man who she loved more than me, evidentially. And it seems that in her will, Jana stated that if anything was to happen to her and her now husband Larry, then I am to have custody.” He said, looking her in the eye. “Jana and Larry both committed suicide, leaving Callie an orphan. They died a few hours ago, and now Callie is on her way here. She knows that Larry wasn’t her real father, Jana wasn’t cruel enough to tell her child her father was someone he wasn’t, and she was cruel enough to take her away from her father but not tell her child a direct lie. But I think you need to know that she’s coming to live with me, as you guessed. Apparently Jana filled her in on me, but Jana had no idea where I was. She regretted taking Callie, I think she probably wanted to dump her daughter in my arms and tell me that it was my turn to raise her, that she wanted her life with Larry but Jana wasn’t the sort of person to just dump her only child. Anyway, I think I’ve dumped enough on you for the moment.” He said, stopping to look at his girlfriend “I can let you think about it, and if you did, decide to stay I mean, then you could take on the role as her mother, if you’d be okay with that. You could think of her as your own daughter.” He said, looking at her “I’ll leave you alone for a bit, if you’d like...” he said,

He went to move off but her hand on his arm stopped him “Jack, there isn’t anything to think about. You have a child, a daughter whose mother’s life has been tragically taken and has no mother figure. I’m a mother-to-be whose maternal instincts are kicking and fighting inside me, wanting to protect my baby. Our baby. And I know that I can be mother to Callie as well.” She said softly “I’m sure Jana would have wanted her daughter to have a woman she could talk to about anything. And I’d adore being a mother to her, if she and you will let me.” She said, her hand still resting on his arm and he smiled at her, pulling her into his arms, and giving her a soft, tender kiss. “I’d love that.”

Jack was nervously waiting at the station, Martha and he hand in hand, waiting for a girl, who was his daughter to be brought there, a four year old girl he and Martha were now to raise. He sighed, his hands sweaty and sticky and Martha smiled “It’s alright to be nervous Jack. You’re about to be reunited with Callie.” She said softly, and smiled and suddenly a young girl appeared in the doorway,

“Daddy..” She said softly, and she ran over to Jack and threw her arms around his neck, as he’d bent down to greet the young child “How’d you know I was your daddy baby girl?” He questioned her, and she grinned “Mummy showed me pictures of you. She had a picture, of you and this lady here, and she said that if anything was to happen I was to come live with you and she’d be my new mummy.” She said proudly, and Jack frowned “How did your mummy know this lady would be your new mummy?” “She saw you, she had taken photo!” She said, the answer was obvious to her but Jack now knew that Jana had intended their child to come to him and had prepared her for life with Martha as her mother, and Martha smiled at the four year old “Well then, angel, you’re free to call me mummy or Martha.” She said softly, and the four-year-old hugged her and said in a muffled tone “Hello mummy…” Jack smiled, watching them as Martha explained that Callie would be a big sister, and Callie seemed excited. Martha smiled at Jack, and they knew everything was going to be okay…

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You’ll notice I changed the style. It was a bit cluttered before, so just trying to un-clutter it. Hehe. Sorry if it seems awkward. Never done this style before so I’m really new to how it’s meant to be done.

Chapter Seven

Later on that day

Martha unlocked the door of her home, leading herself and her newfound daughter into the room. Jack had been called into work, some unknown stuff and although his boss had been sympathetic with Callie, he’d said he was desperate, and Jack had been sent on a guilt trip, so Martha had said she and Callie would be fine, and Callie agreed; she wanted to know her new mummy.

Martha was surprised to see Rachel there, not surprised she was shocked “Rach!” She said, stunned to see her friend out of hospital so soon “Shouldn’t you be in hospital?” She said; she wouldn’t have brought Callie home if she’d known Rachel would be there, it would almost be like rubbing salt in the poor girl’s wounds.

Rachel looked up dully, she was obviously extremely upset and emotional “I discharged myself, I can’t stay in there it reminds me of him.” She sobbed.

Martha looked sad, and told Callie to go and play in her new room, they’d been home once with Jack, so Callie knew her room. Martha went to her friend’s side and put her arms around her “I know it hurts now. There are other ways around this! Did you consider surrogacy?” She asked;

Her friend stopped “I actually hadn’t thought of that!” She said, starting to get slowly more excited.

Martha looked at her “I’m sure that if nobody else works out, after my baby is born, I could be a surrogate mother for you.” She said softly.

Rachel smiled “Thanks, my sister said something of the sort at the hospital I just didn’t register it. I’m sure she’d do it, she offered.” She said lightly; then she remembered the small child who had come in with Martha “Who was that girl?” She asked.

Martha smiled at Rachel “That’s Jack’s daughter, Callie. She’s gunna live here, with me and Jack, if that’s alright.” She asked “I’m going to take on the role of her mum, because her mother committed suicide not that long ago. She already calls me mum.” She said, speaking fondly of the small child she now called her own.

Rachel smiled “Any child of Jack’s is welcome, you know that. And it’s good you’re going to be mother to her; she needs you.” She said.

Martha laughed “I know. I’ve only known her one afternoon and she’s the sweetest child I could ever ask for. She’s thrilled about being a big sister!” She exclaimed.

Callie came rushing out and was surprised to see Rachel and she seemed uncertain “Mummy, whose that?” She said, indicating to Rachel.

Martha smiled as she sat on the couch “Angel, this is mummy’s friend, Rachel.”

Rachel smiled at the energetic four-year-old “Hello Callie!” She said; she felt herself beginning to get fond of the sweet child, although it hurt, just very slightly, to see that Martha was soon to be a mother-of-two; she knew that Martha deserved some happiness. Rachel may have lost her baby, but Martha lost her long-time lover. She got distracted as Callie went to get a drink and Martha moved over on the couch.

“So, what do you want her to know you as? Aunty Rach?” She said smiling at her.

Rachel grinned “I won’t say no to that! What is Kim gunna be, Uncle Kim?” She said with a laugh.

Callie came rushing back in, she was always in a rush and always full of energy “Mummy, can we go to the diner for dinner?” She nearly begged of her mother, she’d been shown the sights but hadn’t gone in. She’d met some people; Irene, Tasha, Robbie, Beth, Mattie, Kim, she’d even met her great-grandad, who she called pop, but she hadn’t met her granddad or Uncle Lucas. Her father had told her about them but she hadn’t met them yet.

Martha grinned “Of course we can sweetie! Rach, wanna come?” She asked her “My shout, c’mon you need to get out and about!” She said.

Rachel smiled “Of course!” She said, taking her bag and said “So, Callie, is it okay if Aunty Rach joins you?” She asked.

Callie giggled “Yes, Aunty Rachy!” She said.

At the diner

Martha walked in, and went to a booth, pulling Callie in beside her, with Rachel sitting on the other side, and Martha viewed the menu, and was explaining the menu to Callie when she saw a man in his mid forties and a boy in his late teens walk into the diner; they looked like the people that Jack had in a photograph; his father and brother. She noticed them sit down, and then heard them discussing it; she heard Jack and Callie mentioned and she decided she’d go over there.

She walked over to the table, asking Rach to mind Callie; she noticed them look at her “Hi” She said, slightly unsure. “Are you Tony Holden?” She asked him.

He looked surprised that she knew his name “Yes, this is my son, Lucas.” He said, shaking her hand.

“Martha. Martha Mackenzie” She said, Tony obviously trying to figure her out “Jack’s girlfriend” Martha said with a smile.

“Oh!” He said, sounding relieved “Well, welcome. Want to have a seat?” He asked, indicating to a chair near him

“I don’t know if we’ll all fit. A friend of mine, Rachel Armstrong, and I are here with Callie for dinner. She begged us to come.” She said with a smile.

Lucas seemed surprised, but pleasantly surprised all the same “Is that Callie Jones?” He asked.

Martha looked at him “Yes, but her name’s being changed to Callie Holden soon, me and Jack were going to organise it. And there’s something else you should know, before you go and meet your granddaughter and niece.” She said, smiling at the pair “You’re soon to become grandfather and uncle again, because I’m just over three months pregnant.” She said with a smile.

They both looked surprised to hear her say that; but congratulations were soon followed with.

Callie came over to her and held up her arms and Martha scooped the small child up into her arms and Callie asked “Mummy, who’s that?” She asked in a small voice, she was slightly tired and was shy; with Martha and Jack she felt like she knew them but these people were strangers

Martha said gently “Sweetie, this is your granddad and your uncle” She said, speaking softly to the small girl, who seemed surprised, she held on slightly tighter to her supportive mother.

Tony seemed surprised that Callie called Martha mother but he didn’t make a big deal of it; pleasantly surprised described it better.

Martha soon saw a familiar face enter the diner, and she smiled “Jack!” She said simply, still holding tightly onto her daughter…

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Chapter Eight

Jack smiled as he walked in, Martha was there with Callie in her arms, and then he got a shock “Dad! Luc!” He exclaimed.

“Jack!” Both Tony and Lucas called out, both coming over to them, Tony grabbing his eldest son in a bear hug, with Lucas satisfied with a simple handshake.

Tony smiled at Martha; she’d stood back to let them get reunited “So, Jack. Martha told us about you, her, Callie and the baby.” He said, looking at Jack “Well, first off, congratulations on getting Callie back.” He said sincerely.

Jack stood back, a little breathless from his dad’s tight holding hug, almost relieved that Luc hadn’t done the same. He smiled as he walked over to Martha, who handed him Callie. Even though Jack knew that Callie could walk as well as any of them, it was late; the four-year-old was tired, and also he hadn’t been able to hold her like this since Jana had taken her.

Martha smiled, she noticed Jack was a little surprised by the introduction, and as he took Callie from her arms, she was sure she could see traces of a tear in his eye and she grinned; that was something she loved about Jack, he wasn’t embarrassed to cry. She looked around “Guys, why don’t we head over here and have dinner?” She suggested, indicating to the table Rachel was sitting at.

Jack smiled “Sure.” He said eagerly, before heading over to the booth; then realising they wouldn’t all fit. And when Rachel offered to leave, he told her not to be ridiculous – He wanted her to know his family.

Irene, noticing they didn’t have enough room, put two tables together, to seat six. Irene was also rather fond of Callie already; she thought her a sweet child who deserved the parents she had, and that Jack and Martha deserved the adoring child they had.

Martha sat Callie on her lap, there was a chair there for Callie but she already had a strong maternal instinct over her, and was already horribly protective of her, which Rachel had oh-so-kindly pointed out. Martha bent her head slightly to talk to Callie “Sweetie, what do you want for dinner?” She said, wrapping her arms around Callie.

Callie grinned, looking at the menu “Mummy can I have nuggets and chips?” She asked.

Martha laughed “Of course you can sweetheart.” She said, ordering herself her dinner, and ordering Callie’s while she was at it.

After dinner, everyone lent back contently on their chairs; the meal had been amazing and Callie was even asleep in Martha’s arms, she’d had a large day.

Martha looked adoringly at the small child within her arms and looked at Jack “Sorry to break up the reunion, but I think our daughter needs her bed.” She said softly, already placing the child in her arms securely before standing up.

Jack nodded “Yeah, I’ll see you guys tomorrow.” He said, looking at Rachel “Rach, do you need a lift?” He asked.

Rachel smiled “Yeah, that’d be great, thanks guys!” She said, looking at them in relief.

Martha realised something “Jack, why don’t I drive our car home, you take Rach and I’ll take Callie.” She suggested.

“Yeah sure.”He said, heading out with Rachel

Martha was driving quietly beside a sleeping girl, driving behind, when all of a sudden it; a car drove around a corner on the wrong side, and hadn’t seen Jack’s lights. The bonnet was rammed, and Jack’s car sent slamming back into a tree, and Martha slammed on her own brakes, screaming. Martha’s scream woke Callie, and she looked fearful and Martha drove her car off the road, before ordering Callie to remain in the car.

Martha ran over to the other car, screaming out her boyfriend’s name, screaming at Rachel’s name. She stopped at the back of the car, dialled 000 and delivered her message. Suddenly she felt a hand in hers, Callie was beside her and she knew she couldn't approach the car with Callie; she couldn't make her go through that. Martha decided against lecturing the girl, she obviously knew something was wrong. Suddenly they saw a car behind them, and Tony, Lucas, Alf and Ric jumped out; they’d met at the diner, Irene had introduced them. Martha was now holding Callie in her arms, she saw Tony and Ric rush to the car, Lucas not far behind. Ric went to the car as well, they told Martha to keep Callie away, as she waited, they couldn’t take her boyfriend and best friend, she thought as she rang Kim, they couldn’t, not again….

Next time: Will either of them survive the horrific crash?


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Chapter Nine

Martha looked on at the accident scene, she hadn’t heard anything yet she’d decided to keep Callie back; the scene was probably too horrific for the young girl. She held her tightly, wondering if Jack would make it, there was a possibility and if so happened that she did lose him, she’d raise their children well and do him proud. She shook her head violently; she couldn’t think like that. She had to be optimistic. She could tell Callie was scared, she could feel her shaking in her arms, she held her even tighter; if that was even possible. She heard the wailing of the siren, and saw the ambulance come speeding toward them then she remembered; nobody had checked the other driver. She looked at the car, she couldn’t see movement but she couldn’t face going to look, just like she couldn’t face looking into Jack’s car. Suddenly, a huge scream ripped through the air…

Rachel was screaming and screaming; she was in terrible pain; she was trapped. Her legs were trapped under the dashboard; she was terrified, all she felt was immense pain from her hips under. She saw someone beside the car; Kim! He grabbed for her hand, and listened to her sobs, trying to soothe her. Jack was still unconscious, with Tony trying to rouse him but with no luck. She couldn’t remember if Martha and Callie were involved in the accident “Mac...” She managed to get out of her bleeding lips “Callie…” She said, and was quickly assured that they were fine. Suddenly Kim was pushed backwards by an ambulance officer “KIM!” She screamed out, trying to move and causing her to scream louder in pain; she knew her legs were broken. She sobbed loudly, calling out no repeatedly. She wanted Kim, and she wanted him badly. She needed him by her side. Suddenly she heard her door open and she looked out, and she said “My legs… My legs…”

Martha watched on, they were preparing to pull her boyfriend from the car; he was alive but he was in urgent need of stabilising. She was still holding tightly onto Callie, who was no longer tired and was crying, she wanted her daddy back.

Tony left the car; they’d all been told to get back and let the emergency crews do their job. They’d asked Tony, Lucas, Ric, Alf and Kim to leave, and they hadn’t given in to Rachel’s pleas that he be allowed. Jack was still unconscious, and Rachel was fading in and out of consciousness from the pain; the accident was horrific. Everywhere was shattered glass, broken off pieces of metal, they’d both been going pretty fast, Jack was within the speed limit but the other guy was far from. He’d been going around 180km. A stupid driver who everyone suspected was drunk. And now a father’s life was in jeopardy and a young woman also. Both having their lives ahead of them.

It was an hour later; Rachel had been rushed to emergency, they’d cut away at the car to free her but Jack had metal surrounding him, the car had been old. Martha remained at the accident scene; Alf had offered to take Callie to Leah’s, but the pair both glared at him; one wanting to stay with her father, the other wanting to remain with her lover. Callie was no longer in Martha’s arms, instead clinging to her hand.

Suddenly a shout was heard, and she noticed Jack being removed from the car. She grabbed Callie, putting the child in her arms and rushing off to the ambulance, before being told the news that only one of them could go, and Martha refused to let Callie out of her sight so she let Tony go, getting into her car and driving off to the hospital, going carefully. She didn’t want her baby or Callie getting hurt.

Four hours later, both Jack and Rachel were still in surgery. Callie couldn’t sleep, she’d tried twice and woke up to nightmares, remembering the accident scene; hearing her mum scream for her dad; seeing the glass and swished metal; seeing the cars intertwined. Both times she’d woken up in Martha’s arms, which had calmed her somewhat.

Martha’s eyes looked up; she saw a bed coming out – Jack! She picked Callie up again, and stood up; she’d been sitting down for the past four hours, except for her pacing. The whole time Callie hadn’t let go of her hand. She carried the child into the room, and saw Chester there, checking him over before leaving him. Martha was shocked when she saw her lover’s body; beaten and bruised; cut and bleeding. She heard Callie gasp, her daddy looked different and she cradled the small child closer to her heart. She went, and Chester said “There’s damage to Jack’s spinal cord; but we won’t know the extent till he wakes. He came out alright considering the severity of the crash.” He said, looking at her sympathetically and Martha quickly asked “Is Rachel alive?” She said, her voice choked in her throat. She didn’t want to ask but she knew she had to and Chester nodded “She’ll be in hospital until her legs have healed; two broken legs, she can’t use crutches. But she’ll live. They are both extremely lucky.” He said, before leaving the room. Martha walked quietly toward the bed; placing Callie on the bed, and immediately picking up Jack’s hand and rubbing it, the whole while she felt Callie’s hand on her arm.

Suddenly, the eyelids flickered and a groan was emitted from the battered and bruised body. Martha called out “He’s waking up!” She said, starting to get excited, and Chester came rushing in, Martha pulled Callie into her lap, and began the waiting game.

Slowly Jack became more alert, and he groggily looked at his girlfriend and daughter; giving them a smile. “Hi.” He said, his voice coming out weak, but at least he was talking.

Martha smiled, squeezing his hand “Thank god, we were so worried Jack. I didn’t know what to expect. I just saw you, driving along and an idiot coming along and swiping you out. I told Callie to stay in the car, but when I’d reached the car I felt her hand in mine.” She said, kissing the top of the girl’s raven-haired head.

Jack smiled and reached out a hand to Callie.

She took it and he pulled her into a hug, with Martha telling her to be gentle because daddy was probably sore.

Although Jack’s body ached, and Callie’s added light weight added to the pain he wouldn’t have had it any other way. He wanted to hold his daughter, and he knew he’d be able to hold Martha soon after but he knew Callie needed it most; she needed reassurance that he’d be alright. He, like Martha had been doing all night, kissed the top of the soft raven-coloured head, he adored his daughter, and when he saw her tears he wiped them away “It’s okay; daddy’s okay now sweetie. As long as you and mummy are here, everything will be okay.” He said, reassuring the child.

Martha smiled “I’m not going anywhere. Maybe Callie and I will have to set up camp tonight.” She said, and added “Me and Callie could share the couch, couldn’t we angel?” She said affectionately.

Callie nodded, and Martha noticed the bags under her eyes “Sweetie, I think it’s time you went to sleep.” She said softly.

Jack looked hesitant “Martha, could she stay here tonight?” He pleaded; he didn’t want to let her go.

Martha nodded “I’ll ask Chester.” She said, leaving and returning as quickly as she’d left “He gave the okay as long as if it gets too painful you tell me and I take her.” She said, leaning down and giving him a long kiss.

Callie smiled sleepily; she was exhausted and slowly she fell asleep in her father’s arms, with her mother’s hand on her arm. She was extremely happy.

When Martha noticed that Callie was asleep, and said softly to Jack “So how are you really?”.

Jack sighed “They don’t know if I will ever walk again.” He said seriously “I’m giving you the out, Martha. It’ll be hard having two young children and a wheelchair bound man. I understand if you want to leave. I’m giving you that option.” He said seriously.

Martha looked steadily at him “I’m not leaving you and I never will. If I left, Callie might not be able to stay with you because people would deem you incapable of caring for such a young and energetic child. Also, you have my heart, and I have yours. I’m never letting go of it. You can’t get rid of me that easily Jack; you’ll have to try harder.” She said affectionately.

Jack grinned “I can dream.” He teased, to Martha’s amusement. Jack said suddenly “Martha, can you please go and check on Rachel. I didn’t want to say anything while Callie was awake, please?” He begged.

Martha nodded, before giving him a kiss and headed out, and saw that Kim wasn’t there. Rachel must be out by now. She looked at Chester, who pointed her toward the room next to Jack’s. She knocked on the door and was greeted by a weary looking Rachel, and a tired looking Kim.

Rachel smiled wanly at her “How’s Jack?” She asked, she’d been worried about Jack for a while now but she hadn’t been told anything “At the accident; he was unconscious.” She said.

Martha looked at her friend “He’ll live. He’s got spinal damage, pretty bad he may never walk again. Callie’s sleeping in his arms; she suffered. She wouldn’t let go of me, and she gave grandad the dirtiest look you’ve ever seen when he suggested he take her home!” She said, speaking fondly of her beloved daughter.

Kim sighed “It’s been a tragic accident, but at least you’re both alive. Despite all injuries; at least you’ll live.” He said, then Chester came in.

“Rachel, how would you like to share a room with Jack?” he asked.

Rachel grinned “That’d be great!” She exclaimed. “We’d all be in the same room, and I’d have some company. From the injuries I’d say we’re going to be here for a fair while.” She said wearily.

Chester nodded “Unfortunately that’s the case. You could be here for months, weeks, anything. Depends on how fast your injuries heal.” He said, before wheeling them all into Jack’s room.

Martha took her position by Jack’s side dutifully. She held his hand again, Callie was still asleep. She didn’t know what the future held but she did know one thing; Jack, Callie and their unborn baby would always be in her life. She’d never let them go, and she knew they’d never let her go. That was how their life was meant to be. Life had thrown many things at Jack; but at least she knew she’d be there, for every step he made, as would Callie.

As long as they had each other and their beloved children; they’d be fine.


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Chapter Ten

It was late, and everyone was sleeping. Suddenly Martha heard distraught sobs in her sleep, and she realised she wasn’t dreaming. She jerked awake, and noticed Callie moving around in her sleep, sobbing, crying. Martha immediately knew she was probably remembering the accident so she hurried to the bed and lifted the small girl out of Jack’s bed; taking her into the corridor. There was where she soothed the hysterical child, calming her, rocking her backwards and forwards. When she had settled down more, Martha said softly “Angel, what was wrong?” She soothed.

Callie sniffed; her eyes still wet from her tears, she was so distraught that she couldn’t speak.

Even though Callie wasn’t saying it, Martha didn’t need words to explain “It was about daddy and the accident, wasn’t it?” She said.

Callie nodded, still crying and distraught, she found it extremely comforting, being rocked backwards and forwards by her mother; it soothed her.

Martha suddenly heard a voice calling her name; Jack. He sounded worried, she hadn’t noticed if he’d been awake when she’d taken Callie out of the room, but she realised that if Jack had been awake he’d have heard the sobs, and Callie’s distraught behaviour; no doubt he was worried about his child. She picked her up and carried her into the room; Kim and Rachel were both sound asleep, deep sleepers had all the luck. Martha moved towards Jack’s bedside.

Jack had woken to the feeling of Callie being taken from his side; he’d noticed someone lift an upset Callie from his side, and was about to panic when he realised that it was Martha. He had smiled softly at her evident dedication to his – no, their – daughter. Now, as he looked at his daughter, her eyes red from the tears. He’d turned on the light when he noticed her leave.

Martha smiled; she rocked the girl, as she sat in a comfortable hospital chair, rocking the girl to sleep.


The next morning Jack awoke and was surprised to see Kim, Martha and Callie missing. He was surprised but then noticed Rachel was talking.

“They’ve gone home to get some fresh clothes and some breakfast. You’ll notice half your breakfast is gone; Callie was hungry so she started eating your breakfast. By the time Martha realised what she was doing, it was too late. Half was gone. So Martha took her home to feed her, and then found that people had given them heaps of clothes for her, they’d found out her size from her clothes she already had. So you’ve got tons of clothes for her.” She said, looking at Jack.

Jack laughed “That’s good. She needs some good clothes; the ones she wore yesterday were like rags!” He exclaimed, Callie hadn’t been too well dressed and he knew he and Martha would spoil her; Martha especially.

Their quiet chat continued until they heard Martha’s voice “Callie! Don’t run in a hospital sweetie!”

Jack grinned to himself as Callie ran in; and laughed when he saw her outfit. She had on jeans, a top and the inevitable if Martha was your mother; boots.

Martha grinned when she saw Jack looking at the boots “I had to take her to get her a pair of boots.” She said, with Callie proudly showing her dad her boots.

Jack laughed, as Callie climbed onto the bed and sat beside him. “So, baby girl, you like your new boots then?” He asked, and Callie’s grin was enough to convince him that she adored her new boots.

Callie pulled up her jeans to show her dad her boots; she was proud of her boots “Yes, they are cool!” She squealed, ecstatic.

Martha smiled as she sat on the other side of Jack’s bed; holding his hand and she gave him a quick kiss.

He smiled at her “So, have you heard anymore about my condition?” He asked her, while Callie was preoccupied with her toys.

Martha noticed he said it quietly and she knew he didn’t want to worry Callie “Well, it’s basically that you’ll be in here, maybe for a few months, until you regain the use of your legs. Meaning that you’ll have to have rehab and you’ll need to work hard, Jack.” She said quietly.

Jack sighed, rubbing her hand “That’s the worst part; being away from you and Callie for maybe months. I can’t expect you to stay here forever, and who will mind her when you have to do shifts? And what if something happens to the baby?” He said, frustrated. Why did the idiot driver have to run into him? The station had already told him the driver was going 180km/h and had been completely smashed; and hadn’t been that badly hurt.

Martha smiled encouragingly at him “I’m sure any one of our friends or family would be happy to mind her.” She reminded him “Our friends and family both know that we’re going through a hard time, and with a kid as energetic as Callie they know that we need some help, especially with you in hospital and me three and a bit months pregnant. And don’t worry about me and the baby. Kim still lives at home, and when Rach gets out she can help.” She said softly, and then she heard a voice.

“Mac, I’d be happy to do some shifts to look after her.” Spoke up the voice belonging to Kim “Especially when Jack’s here for physio.” He offered.

Martha smiled “Thanks Kim.” She said, genuinely thankful for his offer of help. “It means a lot to me and Jack that you’re offering to mind Callie.” She said, she knew that they needed all the help they could get.


One week later

Jack was preparing for his first physio session. He’d begged Martha to stay, but was a bit reluctant about letting Callie stay; he didn’t want her to see this. But Callie had been determined to stay; she’d have turned on the waterworks to stay with her dad!

Jack was repeatedly saying that he didn’t think it was ready, but it wasn’t doing him any good. The physio, Marie, had told him that the earlier he got started, the better it would be. Jack was a bit frightful, but his dad and Luc were there so he didn’t suppose it would be that bad. Martha and Callie were in the room as well and Jack had made Martha take Callie and sit down. She was pregnant and didn’t need the strain.

He was about to sit up, and he was really unsure of it. He saw Martha giving him encouraging looks and words of encouragement. He felt Marie start to bend his knee, this was it, suddenly he felt pain and stiffness in the knee joint and he winced “That’s enough.” He said, sounding panicky, he saw Martha look worried and then leave Callie on the seat, coming over to hold his hand. He felt her squeeze his hand, and then he realised he was being turned, his father supporting his back. It felt strange, having his feet lower than him, he wasn’t sure how much he liked it, his legs felt weird; stiff and like liquids.

Martha looked at Jack; it broke her heart to see him like this; in pain. She wished she could do something more to help him but she knew she couldn’t. So she just squeezed his hand, and then when he was told to stand up, she stood by his side, not leaving him. When he grasped the piece of equipment, she gave him a kiss on the cheek, which seemed to encourage him. He started to stand but then sat back on the bed, frustrated and in pain. She rubbed his hand, looking at him lovingly. She knew it’d be hard and it would be an uphill battle, but she was prepared for it.


Three weeks later

Jack and Rachel had both improved. Rachel would be in hospital for about another 2-3 weeks, and Jack would be in hospital a little longer. Jack had the worse injury but he hadn’t had broken bones to overcome.

Martha knew Jack was excited about coming home and she was taking him out of the hospital. He was allowed out of the hospital for short little trips, and Martha and Callie would always be by his side.

Callie barely spent any time with other people, like they expected she would. Instead, she insisted on staying by Martha’s side; she didn’t want to pester her father when he was trying to overcome a serious injury.

Martha had planned to take him to the diner tonight; Jack in the wheelchair like he was when they were outside the hospital. Jack could walk only aided, and he didn’t want Martha straining herself.

Martha sighed as she stood behind the bar at Noah’s. She still worked, and she kept a watchful eye on Callie as she played away happily with her toys. Martha was nearly five months pregnant by now and definitely beginning to feel her energy sap. Then she got a surprise. She saw someone enter the room; someone she hoped she’d never have to see again.

“What are you doing here?” She snapped as she walked over to him; none other than her father. She glared coldly at him “Just leave Brett, you’re not welcome here.” She continued to glare at him. “So go now!” She snapped, before realising that Callie had come to her side “Sorry sweetie, this man was just going.” She said, holding Callie’s hand and leading her behind the bar, telling her not to touch anything.

Brett looked at her and followed her “Look, Martha I’m sorry. Please, you’ve got to understand. If I could take back what I did I would, I swear I would!” He pleaded

Martha stared coldly at her dad “No, just leave me alone! I don’t want anything to do with you!” She said loudly.

Brett sighed “Martha, please just let me explain.” He said, then noticed that Callie had approached “Is that my grandchild?” He asked

Martha smirked “I’m sorry but she’s my boyfriend’s child. Her mother died.” She said softly so that Callie wouldn’t hear. “You can also quit trying to make it up to me. You can’t. You never will!”

Brett continued pressuring her “Martha, I can see your pregnant with my grandchild, and you’ve got another child. Please let me have a chance

Brett growled; he knew he’d have to leave. But he vowed to get Martha on side, if it was the last thing he did. He needed to do it so badly…


Martha sighed as she headed back to the hospital that day. She was getting tired so she decided to tell Jack they’d stay at the hospital. She was exhausted and Brett had tired her out more than she let on, however she tried to remain upbeat – for Callie’s sake. She pushed open Jack’s door, walking in smiling “Hey Jack.” She said, giving him a kiss.

“Hey.” He said affectionately kissing her “How was your day?” He asked

Martha groaned “My father turned up. He wants me to forgive him, I think.”

Jack smiled “He can’t be that bad Martha. Just maybe you should give him a chance?”

Martha looked at him in disbelief “Jack, my father is evil; pure evil. He’s only doing this because he wants something out of it. And I don’t know what he wants out of it and chances are I never will. He’s a little sneak!” She exclaimed, before cradling Callie tight; trying to forget about her father.


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