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Love at First Sight

Guest baby gurl

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chapter 1.

Martha and Tasha were sitting on the beach in their bikini's when out of the water a tall, tanned figure came out with a surf board.

"Wow, who's that?" asked Tasha.

"I don't know. I've never seen him here before" replied Martha.

The figure was walking in their direction.

"Oh my god he's coming over" Tash sqealed.

Martha looked at her best friend. "You already have a boy friend, Tash. Remember Robbie?" she reminded her. Just as she was about to stare out to the sea, the figure was there.

"Hi, I'm Jack Holden." he replied.

:) please tell me what you think before i carry on. thank-you!! :)

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Chapter 2.

"Hi. I'm Martha McKenzie and this is my best friend Tasha Andrews" Martha replied.

"Nice to meet you. I've just moved here with my brother and dad,last night" Jack told them.

"Yh, I was just telling Tash, that I havn't seen you around here."

Jack smiled. "Um, any way i was wondering if you could show me where there's a local cafe, around?"

"Yh, sure. Me and Tash are going there now if you wanna join us? Martha replied, hoping that she didn't sound desprit.

"I'd love to, but I just have to go home and get changed, so if you could show me where it is then i'll probaly see you there."

"Yh, ok. Just go across the street and round the corner. There's a big building with an Australian flag on the roof" Martha replied a little disappointed.

"Ok, thanks, I'll see you soon" he replied and walked off.

"Wow, I think i'm in love" Martha said to herself, smiling and walking away to the diner with Tash.

:D Sorry its short, but i've been a little busy, but i promise it will get longer!! :D

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Chapter 3.

Jack walked in through the door and saw his father sitting on the couch reading a book.

Tony turned to the door. "Hey mate, how was the waves?"

"Yh, they were great" Jack replied. "I'm just going to take a shower and then i'm going to head down to the dinna" Jack told his dad.

"Yh, ok."

15 minutes later Jack was ready and was walking down to the dinna. He was wearing a pair of blue jeans with a striped blue and white collar neck top.



Jack walked through the door and saw Martha and Tasha sitting at the table, drinking some coffee.

He then saw Tasha get up and was walking towards the door. She saw Jack and said, "Hi. Sorry i gotta go, bye."

Jack ordered a coffee and worked his way towards Martha. Martha looked up and smiled.

"Hey, you mind if i sit down?" Jacked asked.

"No, course not, take a seat" she replied. Jack sat down opposite her. "So what brings you to summer bay?"

"Long story" Jack replied, smiling at her.

Martha's heart was jumping. That smile was enough to go over to him and kiss him on the lips. But of course Martha didn't do that. Instead she came out with "You're a really good surfer"

"Thanks. I love surfing. I've been doing it for years" he replied. "My dad tought me when i was 12."

"12? wow. At least you got taught. No one round here will teach me. They think that a girl surfing is a joke" Martha whined.

"Really?" Jack asked shocked. Martha nodded. "Well i'll teach you if you still want to learn?"

"Oh my gosh, yh of course i would" Martha replied excitedly. Just then Martha's recieved a message on her phone. Martha stared at it not taking her eyes off the message.

:) hope you liked it and by the way here's some things to get you thinking about the next chapter :)

*Why was Martha looking at the message like that?---all shall be reveiled.

*Martha tells Jack her secret.

*They nearly kiss at Jack's place.

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"Martha, what's wrong?" Jack asked concerned.

Martha was still staring at the message. "I..um..I gotta go..." and before Jack could say any thing Martha was out of the door.

"Martha..." Jack called. Jack quickley got out of seat and followed Martha. "Martha, what's wrong" Jack called out. Martha could hear Jack but carried on running, ignoring his calls.



Martha was crying on the beach when she saw a shadow behind her. It was Jack. Martha turned around to face him.

"Whats going on?" asked Jack. "Is everything all right?"

"No nothings right" Martha commented.

Jack was confused. "Martha tell me whats' going on maybe I can help..."

"No, how can you possibly help? Your just a guy that i've met today and all of a sudden you think you know me and are saying that you can help? You don't know anything" Martha snapped.

"Well then tell me." Jack asked.

Martha didn't say anything but simply carried on crying. Jack took Martha into his arms and didn't let her go until she had finished crying.

"So, what's going on?" asked Jack when Martha had finished crying.

"Ok, I'll tell you but you gotta promise not to tell any one." Jack nodded. "I'm being stalked. By my ex-boy friend from the city. He hit me once and..." Jack looked at her understandigly. "When i told him it was over, he couldn't handle it. He told me that no one finishes with him until, he says so. He says that he won't leave me until her's forgiven." Martha looked at Jack. He was shocked that Martha was in this situation. He had only known her for a day but already he felt somthing. But did Martha feel the same?

:unsure: sorry guys i told u all dat they nearly kiss in this chapter but it will be the next one,,, sorry!! :unsure:

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chapter 4

Martha looked up at Jack who was looking at the sea.

"So now you know everything" she told him.

Jack looked at her. "I can't believe he hit you" was all Jack could think of to say. Then he came out with, "Does anyone else know"

Martha shook her head, "thats how i want it to stay. I'm trusting you not to tell anyone."

"Sure." he replied. He was glad that Martha trusted him.

"Look why don't we go back to my place and i'll make you a coffee?" he asked.

"Are you sure you don't mind?" Martha asked.

"No course not. At least we can get to know each other more properly" he said.

"Yeah, ok." She smiled at him. "Thank-you" she wispered.



Jack and Martha were back at Jack's place sitting on the sofa, talking and getting to know one another.

"So, you live with your dad and your brother?" Martha had asked.

"Yeah, that right. I have a sister who's a year younger than Lucas, called Frankie. She's at a acting work shop, in south" Jack replied.

"Wow. It must be hard for her not having another female in the house?"

"Yeah, it is but i think she's kind of used to it. Her and Luc had become pretty close after mum had died."

"What about you?" Martha asked.

"What about me?" Jack asked confused.

"How close are you to Luc and Frankie?" she asked.

"Well, i think because i'm the oldest, we've always been close" he replied.

Martha looked at him and smiled.

"What?" Jack asked noticing that she was looking at him.

"Nothing" She replied, looking away.

"No. Come on, tell me" he asked.

"Really. Its nothing." she replied.

Martha picked up her coffee cup and was about to stand up to put it in the kitchen when Jack gently stopped her. Martha looked at him. She sat down and put her cup on the coffee table next to Jacks'. Jack slowly moved towards her. She smiled at him to let him know that she wanted the same. He gently brushed her hair away from her face and kissed her on the lips. Martha smiled and kissed him back. Soon they had their arms round each other and were kissing passionatly. Martha then stopped.

"I'm sorry." She said. "I can't do this."

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"Whats wrong?" Jack asked.

"Look, um, I'm sorry. I, I just can't. S sorry" Martha stutured. She quickley picked up her things and ran out the door.

Just then Tony and Luc came through the door. They were both looking at Jack.

"Whats going on?" asked Tony.

"Nothing. Look I gotta go." Jack told them walking out of the door.

"Jack wai..." Tony called. But Jack was already out of the door.



Jack entered the diner and searched for Martha.

"Where is she?" he thought to himself. He'd already searched the beach, at Martha's flat, the diner and the surf clu.. "The surf club thats it" Jack exclaimed.

"Hey Jack what can i get ya?" asked Irene.

"Oh, uh nothing thanks. But if you see Martha could you please tell her I'm looking for her?" Jack asked.

But before Irene could reply Jack was once again out of the door.

"Sure" Irene mumbled to herself.

Collene was walking up to the cash register when she heard Irene mumbling.

"Youn know its not good to talk to yourself" Collene commented. "Maybe you should see Dr Armstrong, i heard she's a good doctor. Or maybe Madge Wilkins knows someone."

"What are you on about woman?" asked Irene confused.

"Don't worry i'll call her up right away." Collene said walking away to the phone.

"Look i do not need to see a doctor!" Irene shouted.



Jack reached the surf club when he saw Alf taking the Garbage out. Alf turned and saw Jack approaching him.

"Hey Alf. I was wondering if Martha was in there?"

"No mate sorry. She called in sick today" he replied.

"Oh right. Thanks Alf."

"Is everything alright, mate? Anything I should know about?" Alf asked curiously.

"Oh, no. Everythings fine" he reassured him.



Later on that evening.

Jack was now getting late for work.

"I guess i'll give her a call later" he thought to himself.

He went home and got dressed for work. He then glanced at the clock. "Dam it!" he mumbled. "10-55" He exclaimed. "I'm 15 minutes late."

At the station

Jack rushed through the station gates.

"Oh so you decided to join us did ya, Holden?" McGareth asked sarcasticly.

"Sorry, boss it's just tha.." Jack began.

"No excuses Holden." He said. "Well as your here you can go and take the report of a rape case. Her names...wait its here somewhere..oh here it is Martha MacKenzie."

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hey guys im baaaaaak!! heres da next chapter...

5 minutes later Jack arrived at Rifton Lakes and was now searching for Martha. He then saw a familiar car. It was Marthas'. He ran up to the car and immidiatly saw Martha sitting against a tree. "Martha" he whispered.

"Jack" she cried, as she fell into his arms.

Martha had been crying for about 20 minutes now, and through out that 20 minutes Jack had been holding her in his arms. Eventually her tears had dried down and Martha looked up at Jack who was looking straight back at her. She then let go of Jack and stood up.

"Where are you going?" Jack asked.

"I want to go home, Jack." she told him. "I just want t o forget about all this."

"Your in no condition to drive, Martha" he told her simply.

"Jack i've been raped, i'm not pregnant" she told him.

"Look i'll take you home. I don't want you to drive back alone. Not after tonight."

"I'll be fine. And anyway, if i go with you then what about my car?" she asked stupidly.

"I'm not worried about your car. I'm worried about you, now come on."

Martha sighed and made her way to the car.

As they headed back, they were both silen, until Martha decied to break the silence. "I bet your wondering why i broke away from the kiss earlier on and what i was doing down at Rifton Lakes" she commented.

"yeah, i was but if you don't want to talk about it then you don't have to."

"Well i might as well tell you what i was doing down here. Wait what are we doing at the statio? You told me you were going to take me home"

"Yeah i know but we need to take your statement first."

"Fine, but as soon as i've finished i'm out of here,ok?"

"yeah, don't worry."

"Oh and by the way i don't want anyone to know about this." She told him sternly.

:) Next time is when you'll all find out why martha pulled away back then and what she was doing at rifton lakes.

Hoped you enjoyed it!

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hey guys...sorryi havn't updated in a while but heres what happens next....


Jack looked at Martha confused. "What do you mean you don't want anyone to know?"

"Look, I only want to keep this between, you, me and the station. I don't want anyone to know about this. I don't need people feeling sorry for me."

"But, what about Alf?" he asked.

"No. Please, i don't want grandad getting worried."

"But..." Jack began.

"No!" Martha yelled cutting in. "I'm sorry. I just don't want them to get worried. Its not like they can help."

"It's ok. Look if thats what you want, then ok. I won't tell anyone." He promised.



"Listen, Martha" McGareth began. "If you don't tell me what this guy looks like then we catch him and put him where he belongs" he tried to explain.

Martha still sat there remaining quite.

"Right, i'm going to grab a coffee" he told them and walked out.

"Martha, he's right. You need to tell us." Jack explained.

"I know" she said quietly.

"Will it help you if you spoke to Lara about it?" he asked starting to stand up but Martha stopped him.

"Please, don't go. Your the only one I can trust" She begged him tears forming.

Jack immediatly sat down. After 10 minutes, Martha broke the silence, "I'll tell you everything if you keep it quiet" she told him.

Jack hesitated. "Ok" he said.

:) sorry guys i know its short but i'm kind of busy {on msn!!} :)

there'll be more soon...

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hey guys as the last chapter wasn't that long i thought i'll give an update.... :)


previously martha told jack that she was going to to tell him everything but only if he kept it to himself...


Martha looked into Jacks' eyes and she knew that they had met today but she already felt that she could trust him. She felt like she had known him her whole life and talking to Jack felt like everything else in her life was wrong and since she'd met him her life was right. If only it was. Martha knew that even if she told Jack about everything that had happened to her from start to finish then Brian would end up in jail, but even then she knew that he would get someone else to do his dirty work. Which ever way Martha though about it she knew that her nightmare wouldn't stop, even though the person behind it all was in jail. She then snapped out of her thoughts and began to speak, "Um.." but she couldn't bring herself to do it.

"It's ok. Take your time." he reassured her.

Knowing that he was by her side it gave Martha the confidencce that she needed. "A year ago, when I was 18, i met a guy called Brian Poletski. We went out for a couple of months and thinggs were going great. But then one night when i found out that had been having an affair, i couldn't think that i could bring myself to forgive him but he oersuaded me to. He told me that things were going to change and i honestly belived that they were. A couple of months later i found out he got the same girl pregnant and thats when i told him it was over and then he hit me." Jack looked at her. He couldn't believe Martha was going through all of that and no one knew about it. "I couldn't believe he hit me. I never thought that he was like that. I told him that i was leaving the city and he begged me not to but i couldn't stay with him. Not after everything that he had done. Ever since he'd keep calling me, texting me. He evn hurt Ric once just to get the message through. Thats why I left your house earlier. I couldn't ;et him hurt you."

"I'm so sorry. But what were you doing round Rifton Lakes?" he asked.

"Brian text me, later on that day. He told me that he saw me and you at the beach. Then me going to your house. He told me that if I don't come to Rifton Lakes then either, you, Ric, or grandad would be gone and i would never see you again."

"Look, i know i told you that I wouldn't tell anyone but i really think that you should."

"No, please. You can't. I'm begging you please." she begged him.

Jack could see the fear in Martha's eyes and told her that he wouldn't if thats what she really wanted.

:) sorry guys kinda busy with h/w write more soon. :)

by the way i'm going to give you a choice in what you want to happen next... these are the 3 choices:

1-martha stays round @ jacks.

2-brian comes into it.

3-a random thig from me.

hope you decide or i'll do something that you all hate...lol

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hey guys sorry i havn't updated in a while but here's the next chapter...i've kept it short on purpos i just want 2 keep you in suspense...hehe...


It was 2-45 and Jack still couldn't get to sleep. All he could think about was Martha. He thought about the first time he saw her he knew that she was the girl that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. But he couldn't. He knew why. It wasn't fair on her. If only he had taken it at the right time then maybe he would be happy with her. The kiss, that they shared was amazing. He wanted it to go on forever. Jacck didn't know what had gotten over him. He shouldn't have kissed her. God knew what was going through his head at the time. All he knew was that he had to tell her. If he didn't then she would never know how he felt and why they could never be together. He just hoped that Martha didn't feel the same way. An hour later Jack had finally managed to get to sleep.


:) your all probaby annoyed with me...sorry!! i will update soon...maybe 2nite if your lucky...lol. :)

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