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Make a short summary on both icons and announce your vote at the end of the post. Please give good reasoning. Voting will close on 12th October.


princess_jessik vs. [.jessa-belle.]

Topic: Fave Celeb.

Graphic: 100x100 Icon.


princess_jessik's entry:


[.jessa-belle.]'s entry:


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First off, both are good and, in my opinion, at the same "level".

The first one's only flaw is red coloring of the skin, but at the same time I say this because I don't like the skin to be too red, and therefore I would have made it paler/more blueish. The cropping is curageous, something I'm a big fan of, and it's a nice eye catcher!

Second icon: cropping is, as the other icon, good, but not all that good. It's a good try on more "advanced cropping", but maybe not quite there yet? The colors are lovely, but the image is a bit too blurry for my liking. The brush is nice, but doesn't go with the icon - it's a little distracting, if you ask me. Maybe have it in a not-so-white color?

Princess jessik gets my vote.

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[.jessa-belle.] is my vote, because I think that the cropping, colour and brush all work well together, and the whole icon is great.

2nd: I don't like the red tones either, and i'm not a fan of the cropping or colouring used there. Personally, it's okay IMO, but a bit plain (no offence!).

So my vote goes to [.jessa-belle.]

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Not sure who to vote for..Both are really good and hard to pick which i like best.

Cant really get technical with my opinions...beacuse i dont know anything technical about paint programmes :P

princess_jessik - I like the cropping of the it and like the fact that it is just her and nothing in the background..

[.jessa-belle.] - I like the blue in and the fact that she is off to the side,leaving a background colour the other side.

As i said i dont have any idea on brushes and whatnot,so sorry i cant say more..

[.jessa-belle.] gets my vote.

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I love the cropping in the first Icon, I like the way it fills the frame and is very interesting.

I don't like the cropping as much as the first icon but I do like the blueish colouring and font/border. I'm not sure the text is necessarily appropriate though

Overall I am voting for the second icon by jessa-belle because it looks a bit more complete.

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I have to say before i start commenting that both icons are good.

First icon - I like the cropping of this icon alot, but i'm not too keen on the pinkish colour of her face i would have gone with just a lighter skin colour than the original i'f im going to be picky :P.

Second icon - I can't help but think they have tried too hard. I think this because they have blurred the image put a border around it put either a brush or some text on it it just looks a bit too busy IMO. I think the blurring of the avatar is too heavy i.e. too much maybe just a little less blurring and it will look better, in my opinion the text spoils the avatar i think it would look better without it.

Some suggestions for the second one could be to increase the contrast slightly blur the avatar less and get rid of the text. I do like the border i think it goes well with the icon, i also really like the cropping of this icon. And sorry as i feel mean :(

With that in mind, my vote goes to princess_jessik.

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Now you can vote for your two faves. Again voting closes 12th October.


-Emily- vs. aejdude

Topic: Fave TV Show

Graphic: Icon


-Emily-'s entry:


aejdude's entry:


I hope this isn't too much to ask, but is it possible that this thread can be pinned? It's alright if it shouldn't. :)

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First Challenge

Princess_Jessik - I like the icon, but it feels a bit lackluster. Like there isn't an oomph behind it. I think for me, the key lies in the colouring. It seems too dulled down. Like there should be more contrast between the background and the foreground. I do love the cropping though, its really great!

[.jessa-belle.] - The cropping is a little off for me. Maybe if it had been moved down a bit, and across a bit, I would have liked it more. The colouring is great, but the finish seems to blurred. And I don't really understand what relevance 'Diamonds' has to the picture.

Overall, I liked both entries, but felt they both lacked something too, which makes this a hard decision. So in the end, my vote goes to [.jessa-belle.] simply because I felt her's had the edge overall.


Second Challenge

-Emily- - Okay, seriously, I'm going to try and say this nicely. The cropping on the first picture doesn't fit the picture at all, the text is down too far which detracts from the top image too, and both images are far too central. And thats without saying you blaintly copied my avatar. Now, people might being a uproar saying "Well, she used Amanda and you haven't" but seriously, the cropping, the text, the colouring... its far too similar for my liking. Maybe thats me getting aggressive, but I've had it. Stop copying other peoples styles. Borrow something here or there, but do not copy exactly.

Aejdude - I like the picture, and the cropping works for me, the text is cool, and the line through gives it an overall finish. I have to say the colouring on the icon is too bright for me, the contrast should have been lowered a little to make it a tad darker, but thats really my only isssue.

Vote - Aejdude, because of all said reasons.

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Welll I am not sure about the overall feel of the graphic. I looks plain and boring. The cropping as Jess said looks really bad on the first picture, you should have shown her expression, to really get across what the text means.Sorry but it looks bad overall


Well it looks really to contrased and screened, the tetx goes well with the bar thing, but the stroke over the text is way to big for my liking.

Overall on the same level.

But aejude gets my vote

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Princess Jessik- I really like the simplicity of it. The cropping is fantastic, and I like the coloring, but, and I understand if this is confusing to anyone else, it's just a bit off in some places (the coloring). I don't know if this would help, but I think maybe some tiny text placed in the bottom left corner, faded would finish it off, but then again, maybe not.

Jessa Belle- Basically what Merc said about the cropping. It's good, but a bit..typical, if you know what I mean. I suggest trying to crop in weird/different angles. The coloring is nice, but I think she looks a bit pale. Upping the Saturation could help. I also think it needs to be sharpened. I like the placing of the text, but there's just something thats 'err' about it.

Vote: Princess Jessik

Emily- *sighs*, ok. I really like it, but when I say that, I don't think I'm really complementing you. I feel like I'm complementing sevenpuddings. The avatar is way too similar to her creations (which were made in that way). Seriously, though, same font, placing of text, 'coloring' e.t.c- which I why I don't think it's that creative, which is a let down. As Jess has already said, I know it's of Amanda and not Hessie, but that doesn't change anything. I don't mean to sound harsh, and I hope you don't take this the wrong way, but I just don't think some of your graphics are very creative, e.g. I've seen you a few times use the same bases they've used in the tutorial you used to make whatever icon. I know that's going off topic, but I really think you need to experiment with things. Play around with coloring, desaturating, cropping, text, e.t.c.

aejdude- I like this, but the contrast is way too high. That's pretty much the only thing I have against this icon, but I also think the cropping isn't the best, but it's ok. I like the bar, and the placement of the text. Overall, I really like it.

Vote: Aejdude

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