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My First Fanfic

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Story Title: Give it a name, any name we can edit it later

Story description: main characters

Type of story: long fic/ short fic

Main Characters:

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does story include spoilers: yes/no

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Any warnings: Sexual content, violence, language

summary: 5 lines max

The first, but not so good.

Chapter One

She opened her eyes. It was a beautiful morning. She waked up next to the best man in the world. The one she loved more than anything in the whole world. That may seem like a perfect life. But is that as perfect as it seems to be?

She didn't want to wake up. She just lay in the bed and watched the ceiling. All of her head was full of thoughts about her pregnancy. She wanted to tell him, but she couldn't. She was so devastated. Everything around her just fell apart. Her family ignored her, because of sleeping with her sister's boyfriend. She'd like to rewind time and restore all what used to be. She wanted to be happy again, but she knew that's impossible.

"How long have you been awake?" the body next to her moved and asked.

"Not so long. You can sleep its early." she said and kissed him.

He continued sleeping. She started to think what she had and what she used to have. Now she had only Kane. She used to have her mother, father and sisters. She loved them too, but she had made a mistake. She started to cry. She cried and cried and she just couldn't stop. How can I tell him? she though to herself. It was hard for her. She could lose Kane too. That will be just too much for her. She doesn’t want the baby, but she can't just kill him. There's nothing to do. She has to live with it and sooner or later she has to tell the truth. Those thoughts were near to kill her, so she just fell asleep again.

Later she heard the alarm clock ringing. It was time to go to school. She looked aside and there was an empty space. Kane was already up. She didn't want to see him, but she had to. She got up from the bed and went to kitchen. He was there.

"Good morning, sweetie. How did you sleep?" he asked.

"Fine." she answered briefly. She didn't want to talk to him.

There was quietness during the breakfast. Then Kirsty started talking.

"Babe, I need to talk to you about something..."

The phone rang, Kane answered it.

"Yes. Yes. It's me. Yes. Okay. Yeah, that's fine. Bye."

"What is it you wanted to talk about?" Kane asked.

"Nothing. It’s nothing important." Kirsty answered with a faked smile. "Anyway, I have to go now. Bye, love."

"Bye, honey. See you later." Kane answered and kissed her on the cheek.

She decided not go to school. She really felt, that she's not ready to meet her sister. She knew, that Jade was very angry about it all. And could change it. Something severed her thoughts. That was Scott.

"Hey, Kirsty! We need to talk."

Kirsty stopped.

"Have you told Kane yet?" Scott asked.

"No, I just can't. It’s too hard." Kirsty answered.

"Kirsty, but you have to! Your family already knows and if you are not going to tell him, they will. So I think it’s best for you to tell him by yourself."

"I know, Scott. But it's not easy. By the way, how are you and Dani doing? Are you back together?"

"It's hard for us too. Dani is totally devastated and she is ignoring me. I really hate it. I wish we never did it. It’s ruining everything!"

"I wish that too." Kirsty said. "I haven't even thought about the baby. What I'm going to do with him. I can't foster him up. But it's hard to give him away after giving birth to him. Scott, you've got to help me with this decision. Promise me you will help me!"

"I’ll try,” he answered. "But first let's see how it goes with me and Dani, and you and Kane. You have to tell him"

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I'm sorry that it took so long, but here it is

Chapter Two

The situation in the Sutherland's house was complicated. Dani was depressed and everyone else was trying to comfort her. But things weren't good between her parents either. They were fighting all the time. She moved to Hayley and Noah's place. Hayley was her best friend and the only one who really understood her. Scott also lived there. He tried to clear things up, but Dani wasn't into it. They were like cat and dog.

"Dani, could we just talk?"

"No, Scott, there's nothing to talk about. I'm not here because of you. I'm here because I need Hayley next to me right now, not you. You're only hurting me and I can't stand it anymore."

"I know I made a mistake. A really big and bad mistake, but people make mistakes. We learn from our mistakes. I love you and I wish I could kiss you again. I miss that."

Dani started to cry. She wished that too. But sleeping with her sister was a unforgivable mistake. How does she know that he still loves her? Maybe he's just playing with her.

"I don't know. I can't trust you anymore." Dani said and walked away.

Scott sat alone in the kitchen. He felt, that things will never be the same. Hayley and Noah came home. They kissed and laughed. That made Scott envious. He imagined Dani and him kissing and laughing like them.

"Hey, Scott. How are you, mate?" Noah asked and sat next to him.

"Well, not very good. She still don't want to listen to what I have to say. That's so not helping us out of this."

"Listen to me now. I don't think that's gonna be same between you two ever again. Even if it feels like this, trust me, it's not. What would you think if she sleeps with your brother? You'll hate her then. So please think about it."

A the same time up the stairs, Dani and Hayley were talking.

"How are you, Dani?" Hayley asked.

"I'm depressed. I just can't understand why all guys are playing with me. Do I really look like a doll?"she answered and cryied.

"Hey, don't cry. I know there's someone for you too, who really loves you and won't play with you. You'll find that guy. That's just a matter of time."

"Don't tell me about it. I don't believe in love anymore. I'm gonna live without love. It's better than crying over all the guys I'm with. Maybe I'm gonna leave the Bay and start a new life somewhere else."

"That would be sad. I love to have you around and you are my best friend."

"Oh, Hayls. That's so hard. But I have to think. Can you leave me alone now?"

Hayley leaved the room.

She went downstairs. There was only Noah there.

"Where's Scott?" Hayley asked.

"He went walking. He's pretty messed up." Noah answered.

"Of course he is. But I can't understand why he did that. Sleeping with his girlfriend's sister. That's so sick. I still can't believe that Scott did it. That's just so not him."

"I don't know. He doesn't talk about it alot. But I think they're going to break up."

"I hope they won't. They are so perfect together."

"Yeah, they are. But let's see what future holds."

Dani went to the beach to be alone. She didn't want anyone to talk to her or comfort her. Others don't understand what she's going trough. But she didn't get any privacy there either. She saw Kirsty and she turned around and walked away.

"Dani, wait!"

"I have nothing to discuss with you." Dani screamed at her.

"Dani, please. I need to talk to you."

"What do you have to say after all this? That you are so sorry? Sorry doesn't mean nothing. You're my sister, Kirsty. Sisters doesn't do things like that to each other. We used to be a happy family, but look at us now. We're never going to be that Sutherland family again. And that's mostly because of you. You don't even think about other people’s feelings, about my feelings! You've always been so selfish. Do you understand it?"

"Yes, I do. But we never ment to go that far. We both were..."

"Drunk? No, that's no excuse!" Dani severed her. "I don't want to hear anything more. That's enough." She walked away.

"Dani, please wait." Kirsty screamed, but Dani just kept on walking and didn't look back.

I hope you like it. :)

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Chapter Three

The Sutherlands tried to live their life, but a bit different as before. Jade was furious with her twin sister. She just couldn't understand, how she did this to their sister. Now she felt like they weren't sisters anymore.

"Mom, what do you think, has Kirsty already told Kane?" She asked her mother.

"I don't know, darling, but if she won't tell him, I will do it. She can't lie to him." Shelley answered.

"Yeah, you're right. But I have to go now. I'm going to meet Nick. Bye!" Jade said and ran out.

"Rhys, I'm going to DIc. See you later." Shelley said and went out of the house.

In the Dic she saw Dani.

"Hey, love. How are you?"She asked and hugged Dani.

"Not so good. I hate being alive." She answered.

"That will go over. Maybe Scott isn't the right guy for you."

"Anyway, I wanted to ask, what would you say, if I want to leave the Bay?" Dani asked.

"Are you sure you want this? All your life is in Bay!"

"Yeah, all my life and my suffers are here. That's pointless to stay here. I'd like to move to town and find a job as a journalist. I want to start a whole new life. Do you get me?"

"I understand, but it's hard for me to let you go. It really feels like our family is falling apart."

"Yes, and that's because of one of your daughters."

"You can't blame only Kirsty. Scott was the one who did the wrong thing too."

"But he was my boyfriend. My sister means a lot more to me."

"Yet he is one to blame too."

"Yeah, yeah. I'm going home now. Bye!" Dani said and left.

On the way home she met Martha. She was lonely and seemed like she was crying.

"Hey, what's wrong?" Dani asked.

"Oh, nothing important. Just a little fight with Jack again. Actually we have done wedding plans but they are ruined now because we can't even live together anymore." she answered and looked down.

"I think I have to ask where is the love? There's only problems with the one you love."

"You and Scott have problems too?" Martha asked.

"You haven't heard? That's a miracle! Anyway, Scott slept with Kirsty when they both were drunk."

"Are you kidding? Kirsty and Scott? I thought Kirsty loved Kane."

"Maybe she does, but she’s made a mistake and nothing’s going to change it. And by the way, Kirsty is pregnant now and it's Scott's."

Martha looked at her with surprised face.

"Yes, that's true." Dani continued. "And I think our relationship is over now."

"Oh, god. Poor you."

"I will survive. But I think I'm going to leave the Bay. There's nothing left for me."

"But your family? And your friends?"

"I know, it's hard. But I want to go on and I can't do that here."

"I understand you. But that's sad. We just got along so well and now you're leaving."

"That's sad for me too, but I promise, I won't forget you and I'll keep contact with you."

They both smiled.

"Okay, I have to go now. I have to talk Scott about my desicion." Dani said.

"Well, bye then!"

"Bye!" Dani answered.

At the palace, she saw only Noah and Hayley, but not Scott.

"Where's Scott?" She asked.

"Don't know, he went out." Noah answered.

"Okay then." Dani said and made her way upstairs.

She decided to pack her suitcases right now. She took all her stuff out of the closet. Then Scott walked in.

"Noah and Hayley said you wanted to ... What are you doing?" He asked.

"I'm moving out and leaving the Bay. I can't see any future for me here."

"But where are you going? Where are you going to live?"

"I'm going to live with my grandpa, in the town."

"No, Dani. You can't do this to me."

"Oh yeah, I can. And I'm not doing this to you. I'm doing it for myself. I don't care about you anymore."

"I love you. Why don't you understand?"

"You cheated on me with my sister. That's why I don't understand! Now you're going to have a baby and you have to help and support her."

"No. I wan to be with you, not her."

"You have to. There's no option."

"Please, Dani, stay. I need you. I can't be without you."

"Now you have to live without me. So, please, would you leave me alone now, I need to pack my things!"

Scott walked out and went downstairs. After a while Dani came to downstairs too.

"I packed my necessary things and mom’s taking me to the town. I will come and take my other things another time."

"Oh, Dani. Do you have to go so quickly?" Hayley asked.

"Sorry, Hayls. I need to go. But I'm going to miss you so much. You're the best friend I've ever had."

They hugged.

"I'm going to miss you too." Hayley said.

"And you have to hold on to Hayley. Don't you ever do to her something like Scott did to me, alright?" Dani said to Noah.

"I give you my word." They hugged.

"Okay, I have to go now, I'll keep contact."

"Bye." Hayley and Noah answered.

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