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Daily Mail 'Weekend' magazine 07/10/06

Guest Jess

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Okay...I don't know if this is posted in the right place; feel free to move it if it hasn't! :D

Jaci Stephen; Waspish and witty - the ultimate insight into TV soaps

Home and Away

'I can't believe I'm in this position again,' said Rachel, as she found herself having to face the hospital board once more. You and me both. On Thursday there is better news for her when she is offered a job in New York, on the proviso that she leaves in two days. She has no hesitation in turning it down, but when Kim offers to go with her she worries about the permanency of their relationship. My worry is that he only has two vests in his wardrobe, and those New York winters can be cold.

Kim's response is to propose, and on Friday Rachel accepts both his proposal and the job, and the couple prepare to leave. Oh, no. Who is going to keep us entertained by getting down to his smalls, if Kim is off? I hate you, Rachel.

Source: Daily Mail 'Weekend' magazine - 07/10/06

I love her take on the week's soaps, she's so funny. :P

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