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Hey guys,

This is the first fanfic i've ever attempted writing, so i thought i'd put the first bit up and see if people thought it was worth me continuing. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.


(Irene-Lynne, Kim-Chris, Director)

"Tasha, love, are you home?" Irene called out into the empty set, "I've got some news you'll want to hear!" Irene smiled as she placed the groceries on the counter, picturing Tash's face as she told her the news.

At that moment, heavy footsteps began their rhythmic descent down the stairs, and Irene could barely contain her excitement.

"Oh, Tasha, there you are ..." Irene started. The gorgeous blonde turned the corner and Irene stopped smiling for a split second.

"Too much hairgel?" laughed Kim nervously -

"STOP!!!" yelled the director abruptly. Chris turned towards him whilst Lynne placed her hands on her hips, wondering what was wrong now.

"We need a rewrite.. quick"

Tasha would never use hairgel.


It's supposed to be a funny character/actor thing. Am i going about this the right way?

Thanks for any inputxxx

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I really like it. It's different to what we normally get and its comical. I would certainly be interested to read more.

Just a tip. At the start of each chapter it may be an idea to include the characters and actors names that are present in that chapter. That way people who are unfamiliar with the actors can have a refresh and follow the fic. You wouldn't need to do it all the way through...just the first time for each character!

Overall i love it!

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Okay cool, thank you for the comments everyone. Next bit:


(Irene-Lynne, Kim-Chris, Director and Tasha-Isabel)

"WELL, what do YOU want me to say, you ARE the director!" Chris sneered.

In return he got the dirtiest look he had ever been given. His contract was really in jeopardy now, what with this and the Ray-porridge incident last week. 'The old guy was asking for it' Chris thought to himself, indignantly.

"I just can't think" the director screamed, frustrated at how long this "five-minute" scene was taking.

"Shock" Lynne muttered under her breath. If only her character still drunk alcohol, the days went by a lot faster back then.

"What does Tasha do a lot of?" the director finally enquired exhaustedly, desperate for some useful feedback.

"Look radiant in every scene", annnounced a voice, Isabel skipped through the doorway, loving the attention, and greeted her boyfriend, "Hey, baby". He smiled. She was not having that. "Were you out with Sharni last night? Because someone told me you were"

Chris opened his mouth to answer, when he was interrupted "I know you were. I have valuable sources. That little cow. I'm going to kill her. If she thinks she can take my boyfriend ... MY PLACE AS TEEN QUEEN. I will not have it!"

'Great. The Diva is here' Lynne thought, she smiled graciously as Isabel walked past, she didn't want to get into trouble with the bosses again, and felt sorry for the attitude Sharni was bound to cop later.

"Why are you interested in her anyway? Why do you keep lying to me?" Isabel turned up her nose and crossed her arms, waiting for her soon-to-be-ex boyfriend's response.


Any comments? xxxx

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Thank you Liam!


(Lynne-Irene, Chris-Kim, Director, Isabel-Tasha, Kate-Sally)

Chris sighed, "I don't know what your source told you, but it was just a charity event ..."

"Oh, charity?!" Isabel scoffed, "It's always charity isn't it? Charity starts at home Chris, why can't you spend more time with me?" Isabel pouted.

"I'd rather spend time with the leper colonies" Chris chuckled to himself. Lynne's mouth dropped, just as Isabel's eyes widened with rage. 'He always was dim' Lynne thought to herself, shocked at how her fellow cast member could even get up in the morning, with all that fluff floated around in his brain.

"Um ... did i just say that out loud?" Chris backed off nervously, banging his head on the set cupboard. Trapped.

Salvation came in the form of Kate who burst through the doors, looking livid.

"What the hell is going on here! We were supposed to start filming forty five minutes ago. I'm going to be late to the hair appointment. IDIOTS!"

The director spoke with a booming voice, in order to be heard above the fracas that had ensued in the kitchen. "Excuse me, Kate. but i've got a bit of a situation ..." he gestured frantically in the direction of Isabel who was now hitting Chris repeatedly with a spatula she'd found.


Kate grated her teeth and let out a slightly strange hissing noise. "I run things around here. Not you. Filming will start when i say so. You had better be on the other set in five minutes." She spoke in a very low voice, so low that the director had trouble to hear her.

As she strode towards the door, she turned back for a second, "Children".

The director shut the door on the set of Irene's house, having decided to delete that scene. No one would really care what Kirsty and Kane's baby was called anyway.


What do people think so far?


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