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Fri 06 Oct 06 - "Dan gives it to Amanda"

Guest JaguarEmpress

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My attempt at doing a summary.

A very angry Dan confronts Amanda and Drew about their affair. He really lits into Amanda. Drew is 17 and her daughter's boyfriend. She knows better then to let something like this happen. She is sick and has done horrible things in her time but this is the worst, etc. She tells him she didn't mean for it to happen, she knows it was wrong. Amanda runs upstairs crying.

Drew tries to tell Dan it isn't wrong, Drew chased after Amanda, he says he loves Amanda and doesn't care who knows it. Amanda comes back downstairs and tells them Dan is right. She doesn't care for Drew the way he does for her. Drew doesn't believe her. Amanda talks to Dan alone.

Dan tells Amanda that Drew is a teenager with ragng hormones. Amanda defends herself by saying Drew did chase her. She didn't know he felt so strong, she didn't mean for it to happen. Dan tells her she was the adult and it never should have happen. She knew what this would do to Belle and did it anyway. Amanda is just as selfish and manipulative as usually. He really tells her off.

At the diner Dan and Leah talk to Drew about it. Leah is much more understanding. Dan is going on about how it is going to hurt Belle and how much she and Amanda have gone thru to have a relationship. He rubs it in how Drew was willing to run away with Belle only a few weeks ago. When just Leah and Drew he tells her hasn't felt this way before, so intense and can't stop thinking of Amanda. Leah tells him they know he didn't deliberately set out to hurt Belle. But he lied and he still has people after him, they need to know where he is, etc.

Dan tells him he is spending the day with him and the boys, Dan isn't letting Drew out of his sight.

A drunk Belle is caught by Irene, Beth and Tony who return home early. Irene isn't that pleased, Mattie and Lucas try to help. They call Amanda who comes on and Belle cries about Drew hurting her and his new girlfriend. Next morning at the diner they see Ric who is fine.

Amanda sees Dan on the beach playing ball with the boys, Dan tells Drew to stay put. She only wants to make sure he isn't going to tell Belle. Dan says he knows she is only covering her tracks and he wouldn't hurt Belle by telling her. A man in a car is taking pictures of them.

At home Belle tells Lucas she is never drinking again ever and rambles on about Drew some more. Amanda comes home and thanks Lucas for looking after Belle, he tells Amanda Belle is lucky to have her for a mum. Belle tells Amanda after Lucas leaves she is the coolest mum ever.

At the Hunter/Holden home they discuss Robbie's case. How Morag is going to deny what he did but try to fight the interpretion of the law. Landmark case. Mattie asks how long if Robbie goes to jail. 15 years. Beth and Robbie talk alone. He can't believe how his life has turned out the way it has and now there is a chance he could it can be taken away. He is scared of prison. Makes Beth promise to take care of Tasha and Ella, he didn't need to ask. ( Very sweet scene )

Alf and Ric are talking. He tells Ric he doesn't him having a beer or two because he is 18, but no beers for his underage mates. Mattie shows up upset about Robbie, and crying. She thinks their family will fall apart if he goes to jail. Ric gives her a pep talk. She is glad she could go to him since Lucas is having a tough time too. Ric tells her about an engagement party for a boke at work. He doesn't want to go because they will all have partners and he will have to explain about Cassie. Mattie offers to go and they do. Alf is happy to Ric there at Noah's for the party. Teri the groom to be congratutes Ric on his new girlfriend. Ric says Mattie is just a mate. Mattie gets hit on by another guy and Ric sends over to talk to Alf about his car. They have a good time and Ric and Mattie get invited to Teri's, but deline. Mattie goes home alone.

Tash is looking at a letter she got. She tells Robbie she wants to leave before the trial, to have control over their future. Talks about Kane and Kristy on the run. Robbie reminds her they don't have a new baby to take care of. Tash is afraid of losing him and living her life without him. She is trying to be brave. Robbie is determined to stay and face his trial and the outcome, he doesn't have the skills to get a good job, they can't out run the police for long. If he goes to jail he is taking them with him. ( Places his hand over his heart )

At the diner having dinner, Colleen asks Drew if he is hungry he didn't touch anything. She will fix him up a doggie bag. A young man like him must have a big appetite. Drew rudely tells her he isn't hungry. Dan calls him on it. Drew apoloizes to Colleen. Dan tells Drew they know Amanda didn't set out to deliberately hurt him. She lives in the moment and doesn't think of the consequences.

A man taking pictures and later viewing a computer full of pictures with Drew and other SB residents.

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GREAT ep guide, JaguarEmpress, and waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay timely as i was going to be really pushing it to prodce such a deatailed guide today - as its the weekend i LIVE for each year - that of the Bathurst 1000 touring car race !!!!!

here's just a few thigs to add (mostly my fashion segment) -


Belle demands answers from Drew

Will Robbie go to jail?

Will Amanda tell Belle about her & Drew?

Will Ric & Tilly get togther.

It's A Designer Label

GOLD – Tilly's "old school" white gold top/ermerald green skirt combo

SILVER – Leah's sky blue halter top/white singlet top combo

BRONZE – Amanda's marroon low ciut wide collar long sleeve top

HONOURABLE MENTIONS - Beth's brighy yellow crossover top;

Tasha's pink spagheetti strap top;

Terry's drak blue (with white vaertical stripes)_ button up shirt;

Tessa's purple spagheetti strap dress;

Tilly's green spagheetti strap top/blue & soft pink shorts combo;

Beth's maroon top/balack lacet bluse combo;

Irene's forrect green blouse;

Amanda's red (with green leafy motifs) spagheetti strap top/red long sleeve jacket combo;

Robbie's white (with blue swirtly pattern) button up shirt;

Tasha's white (intricate patterned) spagheetti strap top.

Colleen's red (with yellow patterned) blouse

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