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Thurs 05 Oct 06 - "Don’t Go There"

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, "Don’t Go There"

(Screened in Australia on Thurs 05 Oct 06 - Episode # 4289)

At the mansion, Drew thinks on his feet. He says that he realised that it was wring to break up with Belle so he is here to hope to get back together. Belle rejects him – and tells him to levee, which Drew does.

Amanda takes advantages of the crying Belle being distracted – Amanda rushed from it the kitchen to upstarirs.

Tilly & Ric are talk in the van park house and Cassie just happens to enter the room as they are talk about her. Cassie insists that she is just here to get some of her things – and she assure Ric that she will arrange to come over in future when he is NOT there.

After Cassie bails, Ric assures Tilly that he is better off without Cassie.

At mansion, Amanda discusses her sordid relationship with Macca. Amanda tells Macca that she is going to break up with Drew – and Amanda’s opinion of heightened when Belle enters the room and lets her knows how low that she thinks the likes of Drew & Cassie are.

At diner, Leah, Dan & Drew are talking and Dan can see that Drew is V happy. Drew agrees – but won’t reveal why he is happy (for obvious reasons).

Belle (surf club) is talk to Luke when Tilly & Ric enter, she apologises to Ric for her recent lashing out at Cassie.

Ric starts to act all serious – like he really rejecting Belle‘s apology – but then Ric smiles (and they know the serious bit was just an act).

Belle offers to start tings up – by buying the others drinks.

Macca enters the beach house and sees that someone has written “scrag” on Cassie’s school folder.

Cassie is surprised when Macca offers to cook dinner for them – given that he, in past, hasn’t been the best of cooks. Macca is pleased that Cassie is laughing because of this cooking talk.

At surf club, Tilly, Belle, Luke & Ric are talking and playing pool. All agree to head to the van park house – although Tilly is clear not pleased on how close to Belle is getting to Ric.

Outside diner, Drew talks t Dan before they ho their separate ways. Amanda approaches Drew - she breaks up with him. Amanda insists that today (almost get caught) was that last straw.

Tilly (van park house) is way annoyed with Belle – especially after Belle “borrows” some of Alf’s beer.

Cassie & Macca (beach house) discuss his job prospects. Cassie jokes about Macca having his own cooking show – and giving Jamie Oliver a run for his money.

Tilly & Luke are getting bored with the way Belle is throwing herself at Ric. They call him over – on pretence that stereo not work. They tell him of what Belle is going (with the throwing) but Ric thinks that he made a big mistake dumping Belle for Cassie.

After a great meal, Cassie discovers that Macca is homeless – as his former flat mate kicked him out (as said roomie also had partner cheat on him). Cassie is annoyed that Macca is forced to sleep in his car – and that the town won’t let them be

Belle is way drunk – and wants to paly spin the bottle. Tilly insists to Ric that he shouldn’t want Ric/Belle. Belle then vomits.

After Tilly & co clean up the mess, they decide to take Beth the beach house for the night – as Tilly thinks that Beth & Robbie shouldn’t have to deal with Belle after being in town preparing for Robbie’s court case.

At beach house, Macca assures Cassie that they will be accepted in time. Tilly & co enterer, with the V dunk Belle.

Drew and Dan play pool at the surf club. The sullen Drew wants to bail, and he does so (alone) when Dan goes into Noah's.

Luke & co (beach house) thank Macca & Cassie Macca & Ric clash, whilst Luke agrees to stay with Belle (to take care of her) overnight (who picks that moment to vomit again).

Tilly & Ric enter the van park house and Ric realises that Belle WAS trying to get it on with him.

Alf enters – and Ric tells him that they’ve had an intriguing night.

After Tilly bails, Ric worries about ever finding the right girl. Alf insists that she WILL some along (we hear Alf's voice over and see Tilly walking home alone).

At diner, Dan & Leah are way worried about Drew. Dan bails to try to find.

Drew arrives at mansion and isn’t that keen on getting no for an answer from Amanda but she holds firm.

She tells him their affair in over, but when she opens the door – to see him out, Dan is there, wondering “what affair?” !!!!!!! (end of ep)


Dan wonders how Drew / Amanda could have possibly happened,

whilst Tasha suggests that she & Robbie should do a KK (and run away) !!!

It's A Designer Label

GOLD – Belle’s hot pink (with purple edging and several vertical stripes) spaghetti strap top

SILVER – Tilly’s brown top/pink woolly long sleeve jacket

BRONZE – Ric’s yellow (with orange & blue horizontal stripes) polo shirt

HONOURABLE MENTIONS – Cassie’s green & white diagonal striped tube top

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