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Wed 4 Oct 06 - "Caught With Your Pants Down"

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, "Caught With Your Pants Down"

(Screened in Australia on Wed 4 Oct 06 - Episode # 4288)

At the mansion, Belle is way worried about having to encounter the annoying drew when she goes back to school today. She then apologises to Amanda fro raving on about drew and his new “slag”. She then reminds Amanda that she (belle) having dentist appointment after school.

Sally seems distracted as she talks to Alf at van park house. Sally then looks V annoyed when Martha enters the room, and lies about last night (saes she got home at 2am after drinks with the girls).

At diner, Rachel talks to Leah & colleen. Rachel is way concerned for brad. The trio comment that brad & sally – and the serious amount of time they’ve been spend together. Rachel is encouraged by this interaction.

Brad comes downstairs (form the flat). He all but ignores Rachel & co.

Meanwhile, Dan is still worried about drew. Dan thinks that drew should geo with him to school, but drew insists that he’s found some new friends to go with.

When Brad (sbh) tries t9o talk to sally, she says that she is too busy too.

Belle talk to Luke about her annoyance at drew – she really wants discover who he is going out with.

Drew enters the mansion, and Amanda is annoyed that he has done so. She insists that they have to plan things (not act on instinct).

There’s a knock on front door – so drew bails out the back door. The person at front door is macca – who knows that something is up with Amanda.

Belle (SBH) has a go at Cassie, and then drew as well for their deception. Dan approaches them -= and suggests that school is NOT the time & place for such things.

At the mansion, Amanda talks the Macca about Amanda/Drew. Amanda knows its wrong, but she can’t control her feelings.

Macca insists that she must stay away from Drew as she doesn’t want to risk the bond that she’s built up with Belle.

At diner, Sally sess Martha and Brad laughing (and is annoyed).

Belle wants to follow Drew to find out with his secret woman is – but Luke suggests against it, but when he goes to bathroom, Belle follows Drew out of diner.

Near diner, Belle watches at Drew waits for someone. Amanda is approaching Drew – but from an angle that Belle can’t see her.

Luke then startles Belle, and convinces her to stop. As he does this, Amanda & Drew meet up, and head elsewhere.

At SBH, Brad tries to talk to Sally, but she is heading from home (as she has no classes this arvo).

As Sally is bailing, she sees Cassie by herself in a classroom. Cassie tells Sally of how much of a social leapher that she (Cassie) now is.

Martha (van park house) enters the room as Sally is trying to do some work, Sally blasts Martha for getting together with Brad so soon after Emily.

Martha then tells Sally the TRUTH about last night (not want to go home drunk after recent fights with Jack.) Sally apologises.

Cassie (SBH) & Drew talk about Belle’s outburst (and how people are treating her like a leapher).

Drew says that he’ll at least have a fun lunch and after school to (with Amanda).

Martha approaches Brad and tells him about Sally’s accusations.

Brad arrives at van park house and blasts Sally for thinking that way about him (especially so soon after Emily).

AT the gym, Brad is waaaay punching the punching bag. Rachel thinks that he is protesting too much about all this. She thinks that he does have feelings for Sally – and that maybe it’s what Emily might have wanted.

Brad insists that Rachel is wrong, and that he will now avoid Sally as much as possible.

Alf enters the van park house and sees that Sally is crying. Sally tells him of how she was waaaaaaaay jealous when she saw Martha exit the diner from this morn.

It’s after school now, and Drew arrives at the mansion. She insists to Amanda that he knows that Belle has a dentist appointment so they way have time. Amanda is not so keen on this – but they are soon waaaaaaay kissing.

Soon after, Amanda comes downstairs (in dressing gown) and picks up some of the clothes strewn around the lounge. She enters the kitchen, and is joined by Drew who is just in his boxer shorts.

Drew goes back into lounge and is about to put on jeans when Belle arrives home & she demands to know why he is in this state of undress !!!! (end of ep)


Belle demands answers from Drew

It's A Designer Label

GOLD – Amanda's leopard print plunging V neck halter top

SILVER – Colleen's blue tropical blouse

BRONZE – Alf's sky blue (with white check pattern) button up shirt

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