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Tues 3 Oct 06 - "Way With The Awkwardness"

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, "Way With The Awkwardness"

(Screened in Australia on Tues 3 Oct 06 - Episode # 4287)

At the believers house, Mumma rose sings to Ella (whilst hold her in arms whilst rocking in rocking chair).

Tash (police station) is way frantic & frustrated. She bails to try to find Ella.

Mumma rose begins Ella out of the house and the ceremony of enlightment begins. All the believers (waaaaaay dressed in white) stand around a small pond of water. The believers all chant (constantly) the oracle will guide us” (oracle is Ella btw).

We hear police sirens in the back ground – before seeing 2 police cars (and Robbie’s vehicle) approach. The believers scatter during the ceremony – and Mumma rose takes Ella into the house.

Mumma rose appears at an upstairs window. She aggresses to speak to Tasha alone (in the house).

Tash enters the house and goes upstairs to the room where Mumma rose & Ella is. Tash is trying to get Mumma rose that not harm Ella, whilst Mumma rose insists that will lead her into enlightenment (still).

Jack & Fitzy (Constable Fitzgerald) enter the house – as tash tries to negotiate with Mumma rose.

Tash gets muuma rose to drop her guard a bit with some flattery about really taking some of the cult leaders’ teaching to heart. Indeed, Mumma rose (who is holding Ella) puts that bub back in the cot.

Mumma rose hears someone trying to open the door. Mumma rose thinks Tash lied to her, and a struggle ensues. Mumma rose ends up hanging on for dear life after she tumbles out the window.

Jack & Fitzy finally break the door open – and are able to pull Mumma rose back into the room (to safety).

Tash is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay so pleased that Ella is out of danger.

Sally (after a long day at SBH) suggests that she & bard should go to Noah’s. He is kinda hesitant, but agreed.

Tash & Robbie etc (police station) thanks jack &* Fitzy for all they did today and are pleased when jack says that Mumma rose is now being held in a maximum security psych prison.

Tash & co (Irene, Robbie, Martha) bail, but Martha (the last of the bunch to leave) seems to be most intrigued by the friendly way that jack & Fitzy are being to the other.

Bard & sally (Noah’s are talking about various things, when Alf tells them of what’s happened with Mumma rose & Ella.

Jack approaches Martha (who is at the Blaxland wharf). They seem to be having a nice chat, but then Martha accuses jack of being more than just friends/s/co workers with Fitzy. Jack muchly takes offence to this.

Brad & sally enters that van park house and there’s more awkwardness tween them, incl when they bump heads after brad accidentally drops some paperwork.

Brad enters the surf club, and starts talking to Martha.

Tash (beach house) way apologises to Irene for blaming her for what happened (i.e. leaving Ella with charity).

Tash, Robbie & Irene are muchly pleased that Ella is totally fine – and safe.

After Irene leaves the room, Robbie asks Tash would she would have done if jack & Fitzy hadn’t been able to get through that door and help when Mumma rose was dangling out that window.

Tash insists that she would have done ANYTHING to protect Ella.

Brad & Martha are both a “tad” under the weather after having too many drinks when sally enters the surf club.

Sally bails seconds later – but the look on her face suggests that she is disappointed in brad.

Things get worse the next morn, as sally is walk towards the diner, she sees Martha exit the diner flat. Making things more interesting is that Bras (dressed only in a towel) hands Martha her jacket – Martha hugs him (end of ep)


Sally admits to being way jealous when she saw Martha & Brad It's A Designer Label

GOLD – Martha's purple (wih a slit running the lenghth of her ack) top

SILVER – Sallly's black (with red & blue diagonal stripes) top

BRONZE – Sally's peachy top/black long sleeve jacket

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