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Now and For Always

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Topic Title – Now and for always

Topic Description – JM fic, G (VD)

Type of story: Oneshot

Rating: G

Main Characters: Jack and Martha

Genre: Drama

Warnings: (VD)

Is Story being proof read: Not sure

Summary: At 16 Martha gets pregnant with Jack, but dreaming about a life and a family she has no idea what the future holds for her.

okay this is my first fanfic and probably my only

Every character is younger, Jack is 18 and Martha is 16, Lucas and Ric are 14

Jack and I were together for 8 months when I found out I was pregnant. We were happy, but we realized it was a big decision. I was just 16 and still at school: Jack was 18 and just starting at the police academy. We were also living at his dad's place and we didn't have a lot of money, but we did have a lot of support. At first our relatives were shocked about the pregnancy and thought that we were going to ruin our lives. But when they realized that we were serious about staying together, our families said they'd help us as much as they could.

The baby wasn't planned but there was no way I could go through an abortion: it's not something I believe in. Jack felt the same and was really excited that we were going to be a family. We had been together on and off since year 7 and were best friends. Our hometown of Summer Bay is a small place and we had the same group of friends who all hung out together on weekends and after school. Of all the guys I knew Jack was the sweetest. He would buy me presents for o reason. He used to sing to me a lot and when he found out about the baby he'd sing songs to my stomach and kiss it goodnight every night. I would go to sleep with him signing "Hush Little Baby" to my belly.

Jack was very loyal to me, but he also loved having a good time with his mates. He was courageous and would accept any dare- which meant he was always hurting himself! He was fun and happy and his mates loved him for it. We used to away a lot with his family. His little brother Lucas 14 was like my own little brother. We used to walk to school together and hang out at lunch time. I also go on well with his dad Tony. He's a big talker and made be felt comfortable from the start.

The day before the accident, Jack and I spent the day apart. He'd gone out with his friends and I'd spent the day with mine. When he got home at about 11 pm I was asleep, but he came in and told me al about his day.

Around 2am the next morning which was Saturday December 7 2002 the phone rang. His mates wanted him to go for a drive and I begged him not to go. He'd been telling me he wanted to settle down because we were having a bay and I wanted him there with me. I was exactly 3 months pregnant that day. We had an argument about it but he went anyway. Apparently one of his mates wanted help: a car had run out of petrol and the needed help getting it started again. Jack probably didn't wan to let him down.

I woke up when my Grand Dad Alf called about 9am and said there had been an accident and three local boys had been killed. The 16-year-old driver had lost control of the car and crashed into a tree: he was the only one that survived.

I didn't think of Jack at first. Because we had had an argument when he left I thought he might have come home and slept on the lounge. But he wasn't there. I spoke to his dad and we both started to panic: not only was Jack missing but so was Lucas who must have been with him.

The police turned up and asked for photo of Jack and Lucas. They had been told the names of the boys killed but they needed to see photos to try and confirm them.

I showed them a photo of Jack and when they said "I think you better sit down" I knew it was him. But I didn't want to believe it; I didn't want to believe that Jack my Jack was dead.

The officers had also identified a photo of Lucas. Tony was really upset crying and saying that it couldn't be his two sons. Also killed was Lucas best friend and my cousin Ric, 14 who like Lucas was my best mate but also my cousin. We were now grieving for three boys were loved show much.

The funeral was a dazed. I wasn't aware what was going on, I couldn't stop crying. There were lots of people who were very supportive and Tony's house was full of people for weeks, but no flowers or words could make me feel better.

I didn't want for live, but I knew I had to try and stay strong because of the baby. I just couldn't believe what had happened and that Jack wouldn't be there when our baby was born. We talked about being together forever and he even said he was going to propose on my 18 birthday which would have been on February 24 this year. I always wonder what he would have done- he was really daring and said that he was going to do something I would never forget. Now I will never know.

At the time of the accident I had finished year 11 for the year and was considering moving for Summer Bay, but I could never have done that because even though everything around here reminds me of Jack I want Tony to be with some family.

Our son was born into this world on June 28, 2003 a day what would have been Jack's 19th birthday. Tony was in the delivery room with me and all other families were all waiting outside. I can't imagine what Tony must have been feeling.

I named our son Jack Lucas Anthony Alfred Holden after his Dad, Uncle, his Grandfather and Great Grandfather all the men in my life.

He looks like his dad when he was a baby, which makes me miss him even more. When he does cute things or learns something new I wish he could see it because he would have been so proud.

I've got millions of photos and video or Jack when he was younger, which I'll show Jack when he's a bit older. It's sad that she will only get to know him dad through photos but she'll also have all of his relatives there to tell story about his dad and remind him about what a great guy he was.

I look at Jack and look at his photo everyday. But I don't want to be reminded that he's dead, I like to think he's gone away for awhile. I'm not really moving on I'm just doing the best I can without him. Jack is helping me through because he is such a lovely happy baby. He's always smiling and a real show off just like his dad.

Now that Jack is 3 he is more and more like he Dad everyday.

Jack and I will be together Now and For Always

please tell me what you think and tell the truth if it is bad tell me...

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