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Mon 2 Oct 06 - "Religious Nutcases"

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, "Religious Nutcases"

(Screened in Australia on Mon 2 Oct 06 - Episode # 4286)

At beach house, Tash is way way stressed about Ella. Robbie & Irene are trying to be rational about this but there not succeeding,

Robbie goes to the nearby park. There’s no sign of Ella – but he finds a baby’s dummy on the ground.

Sally (van park house) tries to convince Martha to stay to have dinner with her, kimmy, brad & Rachel.

Martha says she not in party mood – because of the whole jack thing. Indeed, Martha stops herself form troubling sally with her problems for too long.

As Martha bails, Rachel & co enter.

Martha enters and is bought up to speed about the frantic Ella situation. Martha suggests that charity might have taken Ella to hospital, but they discovered that she (charity) hasn’t done so.

Robbie (park) thinks he spots charity & Ella – but a closer look reveals that it isn’t. Robbie then finds another dummy on the ground.

Jack & McGrath (police station) discus the case about who is try to hurt drew when jack answers phone call. He is shocked what whoever has told him.

Robbie (beach house) give Tash the dummy – and she is sure that it IS Ella’s.

All wonder why charity has picked no to kidnap Ella – ands she can’t take her to mumma rose.

Jack enters – and tells them the Mumma rose has scaped for the psych facility, whilst Tash tells jack about charity & Ella.

At the van park house, sally, Rachel, brad & kimmy have a great evening together. Brad says that he didn’t think he could laugh again so soon after Emily’s passing.

Brad tells everyone that he has some catching up to do for everyone rtns to SBH – and sally offers to assist. Brad rejects the offer, but sally insists, so brad thanks her.

Next day, brad is already hard at it (SBH) when sally arrives. She’s bought them some lunch from diner for later.

As sally gets to work helping, brad fiddles with his wedding ring. You get the feeling that he IS way attracted to sally, but doesn’t want to act so soon after Emily’s death.

At beach house, Tash continues to really freak out about what the believers might do to Ella.

Meanwhile, at a house somewhere, Mumma rose (standing beside Ella) thank charity for her brilliant deception. The cult leader then sends charity on an errand for more baby supplies.

Martha, Irene, Robbie & Tash are keen to help police found Ella – but jack & McGrath insist that all possible police are on the came.

Tash in a moment of frustration blames Irene for leaving charity alone with Ella.

Jack gets word that charity has been spotted buying the baby supplies.

They ask Tash to fill out some forms – as she is Ella’s mum.

Tash then sees today’s date – as takes of shoes etc to reveal THAT “21006” tattoo on her foot. Tash really freak out.

Soon after, charity is captured) off screen) but when jack ^ McGrath interview her they get no answers as to where Ella is. Jack seriously looks like he wants to use some brutality to force charity to talk – but McGrath tells jack to back away form charity.

Jack tells robe & co that they’ve not got any answers for charity, so Tash, Robbie & Irene all plead to speak to charity.

Jack & McGrath not keen on idea – but let Irene (not related by blood) to do so.

Irene is brilliant as she talks to charity. She insists to charity that Mumma rose is using the fact that charity was not loved by her mother.

Irene also wonders just where Mumma rose is now – in charity’s darkest hour. Charity cries – and tells Irene where Ella is being held. (Note – loved when parts of the irene/chrity scene were heard form the point of view of the police just outside the interview room).

Outside the old style country house, Mumma rose is worried (as charity is not back yet), and tells her followers that ramp up the proceedings, as whatever they have in store for Ella (the dawn of a new enlightment) wall now take place earlier than planned (end of ep)


Sounds like Mumma Rose has got something horrific planned for Ella

It's A Designer Label

GOLD – Rachel's red plunge V neck dress

SILVER – Sally's dark blue ruffled halter top

BRONZE – Martha's bown top/white long sleeve jacket combo

HONOURABLE MENTIONS - Charity's cream (floral motif) blouse

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